Going Places (Warner Bros.) (1938)

Record Details:

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Pern CAST OF CHARACTERS Peter Mason ......--------DICK POWELL Ellen Parker -.-...--------ANITA LOUISE Droopy -.--...----------ALLEN JENKINS Jack Withering ..-.-----RONALD REAGAN Franklin Dexter ..------WALTER CATLETT Maxie ...... 6.65 es ene sss HAROLD HUBER Prank 22.2. i. cae cess LARRY WILLIAMS Col. Withering ---------THURSTON HALL Cora Withering -..------MINNA GOMBELL JOON oo eee a JOYCE COMPTON Frome: cui 44 ecee se oes ROBERT WARWICK Desk Clerk .-...-...--.---JOHN RIDGELY Night Clerk ...-.-----JOE CUNNINGHAM Groom 625. W46 sence ae <= EDDIE ANDERSON SOM ooo ies i een ee eee tae a= GEORGE REED and LOUIS {Satchelmouth}) ARMSTRONG and MAXINE [Loch Lomond) SULLIVAN oO PRODUCTION STAFF Directed by RAY ENRIGHT Screen Play by SIG HERZIG JERRY WALD MAURICE LEO Based Upon The Play "The Hottentot” by Victor Mapes and William Collier, Sr. Music and Lyrics by HARRY WARREN and JOHNNY MERCER RAY HEINDORF Arrangements by ..--.-FRANK PERKINS Musical Director --..-..-LEO F. FORBSTEIN Photography by --ARTHUR L. TODD, A.S.C. Act Director ....<.-.--. > HUGH RETICKER Dialogue Director ..-.-HUGH CUMMINGS Film Editor ..........CLARENCE KOLSTER Gowns by <2... .+.-2..-HOWARD SHOUP Sound by -. 200.2 .5.-5es-> ROBERT B. LEE A COSMOPOLITAN PRODUCTION Presented by WARNER BROS. Length—-7680 ft. ~ Running Time—84 min. f Psbl dehaited. 1 ¥ ON AL Ee R NOAA TO N G r A G & 4S Mat 201—30c THEY'RE IN THE GROOVE-—Anita Louise and Dick Powell put their heads together in the interests of romance and swing in "Going Places," Warner Bros. new comedy with music coming to the Strand Theatre on Friday. (Lead Story ) ‘‘Going Places’’ Gay, Tuneful Comedy with Dick Powell, Anita Louise, Coming to Strand “Going Places,’ Warner Bros.’ newest comedy with music, starring Dick Powell, will be the Strand Theatre’s next feature presentation, starting Friday. Powell, who has proven himself a top-notch comedian in his recent pictures “Cowboy From Brooklyn” and “Hard To Get,” rises to new heights of hilarity in “Going Places.” Playing opposite Dick in this extravaganza of the Steeplechase is the beauteous Anita Louise. The rest of the cast, is made up, primarily of comedians including such experts in that line as Allen Jenkins, Walter Catlett, Harold Huber, Thurston Hall and Minna Gombell. The one serious character in the story of any importance is played by the charming Ronald Reagan. And most of the musical entertainment burden is shared with Powell by those two great colored swingsters, Louis Armstrong, who has no peer as a hot trumpet player, and Maxine Sullivan, the velvety-voiced songstress who specializes in “swinging” folk songs. “Going Places,” incidentally, is the first motion picture in which she has ever appeared. Four new songs were written for this production by that reliable team of tunesmiths, Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer. “Say It With a Kiss” is a romantic melody sung by Powell; “Mutiny in the Nursery” is a hot novelty number in the presentation of which Armstrong and Miss Sullivan, as well as a dusky swing band and chorus, do their stuff; In this number Armstrong and his sizzling trumpet go to town with syncopated swing interpretations of nursery rhymes, and Miss Sullivan interpolated her own version of [4] swing in soft melodying of such childhood favorites as “Little BoPeep” and “Rockaby Baby,” and the whole thing develops into a big jam session with Powell and Anita Louise also taking part. “Oh What A Horse Was Charley” is a comedy number, sung by and danced to by the Messrs. Powell, Jenkins, Catlett and Huber; and “Jeepers Creepers,” theme song for a horse — yes, a horse — is sung by Powell and trumpeted by Armstrong. The fun of the piece all centers around Powell’s adventures with a horse, a very mean horse. Dick is / STORY SYNOPSIS (not for \ publication) Sent to the Maryland Steeplechase to act as a super deluxe model for the sporting goods firm he represents, Dick Powell masquerades as a famous gentleman rider from Australia, although he has never had so much as an apple -handing acquaintance with a horse. Trouble comes in bunches as soon as hé arrives. First he is nabbed by a pair of gangsters who tell him he is going to ride “Jeepers Creepers” — or else. Then he falls for Anita Louise, a de-lovely deb whose uncle owns “Jeepers.” Net result is that he finds himself astride the horse when the steeplechase begins, with Louis Armstrong and his trumpet riding alongside the track on a scooter tooting lullabies to the racing nag. They’re off—to a hilarious climax, “Going Places” with love and kisses. a salesman in a sporting goods store and it is his own idea to boost the business of the place by masquerading as a famous Australian steeplechase rider and attending the Maryland Steeplechase to drum up business for his firm’s riding gear and clothes. There he is immediately taken up by the society crowd, who lionise him. He meets and falls in love with Anita Louise, a beautiful debutante whose uncle owns the horse “Jeepers Creepers.” The uncle, incidentally, is the only one in on Dick’s secret, as he had previously bought some stuffed wild animals at the sporting goods firm. Since he had brought them home and boasted of them as trophies of an African “expedition” he is no position to expose Dick’s masquerade, Actually Dick has never ridden anything more mettlesome than an electric hobby horse, but after an uproarious combination of circumstances — and his romance with Anita Louise—has forced him to make good on his boasted ability as a steeplechase rider, he finds himself on the day of the big race the very nervous jockey of a man-killing steed named Jeepers Creepers, who is good enough to win the race if his jockey can stay abroad — and croon to him. The resulting complications are fast and furious fun with a wind-up that has seldom been equalled in the annal of screen comedy. Maurice Leo, Jerry Wald and Sig Herzig wrote the screen play and the production was directed by Ray Enright, who for a number of years has turned out many of the best Warner Bros. comedies.