Going Places (Warner Bros.) (1938)

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me | t ro te You have a title made to order to go places...and do things! Work it to the limit with a “GOING PLACES WEEK.” Proclamation by Mayor or Chamber of Commerce. Rotary, Kiwanis, civic and social clubs cooperate to boost your town. For instance: “Philadelphia is Going Places’...Stores tie-in as follows: Dealers take space in a full page co-op ad. Advertising departments of local paper may cooperate to solicit advertising. Department store headlines its ad: “If you're Going Places Shop at Stacy's First.” Transportation companies headline their ads: “If youre Going Places, Go by Train...Plane...Bus. Florist, Candy dealers: “Don't Forget To Send Her Flowers Or Candy When You're Going Places.” Beauty Shop, Clothing Stores, Jeweler: “When ‘Going Places’ Dress Your Best.” Restaurants, Hotels, Night Clubs: “Going Places? Stop Here For Relaxation And Fun.” Get out window displays, tack cards, street banners, package inserts, paper bags, and other advertising accessories to pons your going places Campaign. If You Do This wy hy You're Going Places ces Z