Going Places (Warner Bros.) (1938)

Record Details:

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GOING PLACES WITH... Here's your complete music exploitation set-up for the three Warren and Mercer tunes in this picture. Promotional campaign conducted by Witmark includes Free Title Pages and Window Streamers. Music dealers have been contacted by letters and circulars urging them to cash in on this promotion and to tie up with play-dates with window and counter space. Songs are regulars on radio networks played by name bands and singers. Recordings have been made by Gene Krupa, Larry Clinton, Sammy Kaye, Ruby Newman, George Hall, Al Donahue, Dick Todd and Teddy Wilson. Contact Miss Etta Shore, M. Witmark & Sons, 1250 Sixth Avenue, New York City, or nearest Witmark representatives: Art Schwartz, 6425 Hollywood Blyd., Hollywood, Calif. Frank Rice, 131 Arlington St., Boston, Mass. Joey Stool, 54 West Randolph St., Chicago, Ill. Harry Bernie, Hotel St. James Annex, 1216 Walnut St., Phila., Pa. Whip Up the Killer-Dillers! Shuffle Over to Page 14 3 DAY SONG-TITLE CONTEST: Order Mat 201-B — 30c from Campaign Plan Editor. (Correct answers: Ist Day — "Say It With A Kiss"; 2nd Day — "Mutiny In The Nursery"; 3rd Day — "Jeepers Creepers." ) His back legs go forward, and his rider goes backward, and he loves hot music — he's called Anita Louise can see the love-bug biting Dick Powell, so she tells him to When Dick Powell gave this youngster a trumpet he seems to have started (Ist DAY) (2nd DAY) (3rd DAY) “ : fo the Jitterbug Contest pase ine C71 Swing Righ