Going Places (Warner Bros.) (1938)

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24a * F et Foe « ay 3% : ¥ ee ee DS abet ete Bae ON ui SOON ESP IA Siew twiple ar te Ab Q.3 vs . b eae ee i a « i SES Oe ~ Ts ; . < s b = BA en ge om eu, « v ra type Y= Neign rat: + -$ oy aa re HOLD A JITTERBUG JAMBOREE Exhibitors throughout the country are having phenomenal success and getting big space in local papers with “Jitterbug contests. Swing Music in “Going Places” makes it a perfect exploitation stunt for your showing of the picture in three easy steps: 1. Contest is sponsored by theatre and local newspaper which prints entry blanks, daily publicity stories and pictures of winners. 2. Contestants are corralled by screen announcements, newspaper stories and program announcements. 3. Preliminaries and finals are held nightly on stage or in lobby after regular performances. Audiences in vited to stay after the show and watch. (Advance Reader ) Enter the Jitterbug Dance Contest and Start ““Going Places”’ Get into the groove you jitterbugs ‘cause here’s great news. Starting Friday the Century Theatre, in conjunction with the Times-Union, will conduct a “Jitterbug Dance Contest” to find Rochester’s champion swing team, All amateur dance teams 18 years of age or over are qualified to enter. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime! It is a dance for (list prizes) and no holds barred! Here’s how to enter: Fill out the coupon on this page and mail it to the Times-Union Jitterbug Contest Editor. Do it today, then start brushing up on your new jittersteps, ’cause you'll be dancing towards fame and fortune. Perhaps movie moguls, talent scouts, and booking agents will have their representatives at the finals to find new eandidates for stardom. Finals will be held at the Century on Friday in conjunction with the opening of “Going Places,” the musical comedy picture starring Dick Powell, Anita Louise, Allen Jenkins, Walter Catlett, and Harold Huber and Louis (Satchelmouth) Armstrong and Maxine (Loch Lomond) Sullivan. CONTEST RULES 1. The contest is open to all dancers who are amateurs and are 18 years of age or over, Professionals are barred. Nor will employees of theatre and newspaper or their relatives be al lowed to compete. 2. The contest is being sponsored by theatre and Preliminaries will theatre. newspaper, place in the 3. The "Jitterbug Dance Contest'' is open fo all fag, Lindy Hep, Skrontch, Big Apple, Tap-Fox Trot and other new dance crazes. 4 Winners of the preliminaries will com theatre on (date) for the Grand Prize. 5. In order to enter the contest, all participents must fill out the coupon printed in this newspaper and mail to the Jitterbug Contest Editor. 6. Failure to comply with any of the rules of the contest involves disqualification, and the dance committee reserves the right to .disqualify any contestant for reasons for which it considers good and sufficient. The right to reject any entry also is reserved. 7. The decision of the dance committee on all matters concerning this contest must be accepted as final and legally binding in all respects. Acceptance of the rules is. an express condition of pete on the stage of the JITTERBUG DANCE CONTEST Sponsored by (theatre and newspaper ) ENTRY BLANK We, the undersigned couple, desire to enter the (theatre and newspaper) Jitterbug Dance Contest as a team. We want to compete in the following dance or dances. (Indicate by placing an X in box.) 1. O Tango 2. 0) Waltz 3. (1 Lindy Hop 4. (| Fox Trot 5. (] Rumba 6. (1) Collegiate Shag We are amateur dancers and are 18 years of age or over. We agree to abide by the rules of the committee and shall accept its decisions as final. (Please read the rules carefully.) Print names and addresses. Lady’s Name Oem meee meee eer e eee ee eee eH O SESE EEE H HEHE SEES DEES SEE HE SEED EEHH EEE ESSE E HEHE DESESEE DESEO SEE SES ES SERS Occupation Coe e meee eee eee eee eee eee e eee EROS SSDS HED EHE SESE EEE E SESE SESE EE DESEO SEES SSO EE EES EE ESE EE DES EE SES EE EEE bEnE Street Address OOee ee eee CeCe eee eee er ere re rere errr rer ee rrr terre errr errr rer re rerr ree errr rere Ter rere ee rere yy Oem eee meee meee meee eee Heese EOE eee EH EE EEE EESEOS OE EEE DEES SESE OES SEEESSE OEE OED E BEDE SeEEeD COR were eee eee ee eee ree see ees sO EEE OEE OEE SESEESEESE SEDER HESS EEO SE SEESESEES ESSE SEES DESEE OHSS HEED OE EEE EEet eee eee reer neers sree esses eee HESS EOE SOE He EOE SEED EE EHE ESSE SESE SEES ESOS SEES SESE TOE EE SEES EEG Put X in box in front of name of ONE team member to whom all notices regarding preliminaries, etc., are to be sent. Unless one name is checked such notices will be sent to the male member of the team. After you have filled out this entry blank, mail it to the (theatre and newspaper) headquarters at (address). ‘. 2 More Live Contests On Next Spread [9]