Going Places (Warner Bros.) (1938)

Record Details:

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CR RNR CT a mae Oe eS HORSEY KEEP YOUR WITS UP YOU'RE IN A CONTEST The way Dick Powell rides Jeepers Creepers, it's no wonder he gets back-talk. What Jeepers Creepers says is anybody's guess. But it must be a nifty. That's the idea of this contest. Add caption for each cut giving star names, picture title, theatre and playdates. Order mats GP-502-B, 75c from Campaign Plan Editor. { JEEPERS CREEPERS ) AREN'T YOU GOING \ THE WRONG WAY? Make Him Howl At 'Wrong Way’ Powell | Start Playing "What's He Saying?" | MUSICAL NOTE, IT WILL BE TIME TO GET GOING PLACES. Write An Answer For The Prancer WHAT WOULD You DO IF A GIRL GOT You ON A BRIDAL PATH | Write A Gag For The Nag | | One More Day—Tomorrow We Pay! | TAKE IT EASY, PAL. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I'VE EVER BEEN ON A HORSE. [10] LET'S GO, JEEPERS, } I'VE GOT A DATE WITH AN ANGEL