Going Places (Warner Bros.) (1938)

Record Details:

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~~ 3 2 r x a x ry re t ‘ 4 be “, ~ ce hy si s yy, ee , eee » es xe ae “ct, agate my LN i b A s at. “ Wn * es id 4 5 4 7: a ‘A Pe hae head eetren ee * ee Se wna Matt = Mas a ‘ne ” ~ ¢ se tflres Pas 1 . ) Sor: PHOTO IDENTIFICATION: This stunt met with success in the New York "Boy Meets Girl" campaign and is worth repeating. Large chain of restaurants placed cards in windows showing photos of patrons seated at tables or entering store. Head of one person on each picture is circled. Copy: "When you're 'Going Places’ be sure to stop at Child's for the best in food. If your picture is one of those circled above you have been chosen to see ‘Going Places’ at the Strand Theatre. Step inside and identify yourself and receive two guest tickets with our compliments." HOP INTO THE SADDLE ANO STAQT 2 : GOING PLACES | rseesm ron | | Dick POWELL TRAINED ies THE STEEPLECHASE ON a ous THIS Horse !! Mane A oaTé ow To SEE ,\R | 4 | GOING PLACE Fon THE HEANTIEST 3 HonsE LAUGH oF rE YEAR! \E ELECTRIC HOBBY HORSE set up in lobby gives patrons loads of fun besides providing advance selling. SET UP A DATE BUREAU: Set up in lobby, week before picture opens. Copy: "If You're Going Places, You'll Want a Date.” Boys and girls register, fill out cards giving their addresses, ages, telephone number, hobbies, preferences, etc., and deposit in separate boxes. List from cards in girls’ box is mailed to addresses on boys’ cards who make their own appointments. Copy at bottom of each card suggests—''Make a date to see "Going Places’ at the Strand.” LOCALIZE TITLE: Thru high school and college papers hold a vote on student most likely to be "Going Places" after leaving school. This can be turned into local news breaks in the dailies with photos of winners. FOR CANDID CAMERA FANS: Amateur photographers submit photos giving the best pictorial interpretation of the title—'Going Places." Camera dealer cooperates with prizes. Yeah Man, Now You're Going Places EW] ~¢ wR S aan x Mend ¢ : ; ioe rts wate oe gh poy oo Fig, we ers a OES, SE y WES " GOING PLAC ES DICK POWELL ANITA LourS€ » RONALD REAGAN ALLEN SENIUNS WALTER CATLETT HAMOLO HUBER_ — TREY SS E NE, AE CK AND NECK CHE Quanren .... 0 Tueyne NECK ANY AT THE HALE «°° U REVOLVING CYLINDER shows two scenes from the big race and Powell and Louise in a clinch. THEY'RE NECICIN' AT THE FIN« Sy FOR THE SPORTS SECTION: Film should appeal to those who follow horse racing. Place teaser ads near racing results in local paper: "You're in for the best bet of the year—'Going Places'— with a stableful of favorites at the Strand.” COLUMNISTS PLUG TITLE: Local columnists can cooperate by listing people seen together at local night spots under heading, ‘Going Places." i Ge Pig ~ aNS “6 as a GOING 3 PLACES — STRAND THEATRE ee \, hd GIRLS GO PLACES all over town carrying suitcases inscribed with picture plug and playdate. They tour busy sectors and pass out heralds. next jump— page 14