Going Places (Warner Bros.) (1938)

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24-SHEET CUT-OUT put to use as shown will give you a head start on your front selling. Heads are approximately three and a half feet high. Add a little action to the display by making the hands move back and forth. SALES CONTESTS: Dick Powell in the picture is a sporting goods super salesman. He is the ambitious and persistent type, bound to go places. Your cue to conduct a contest among concerns employing large number of salesmen who submit EMBARRASSING MOMENTS CONTEST: Because Dick Powell poses as a famous gentleman rider in the picture when in reality he can ride only an electric hobby horse, you can conduct a "Most Embarrassing Moment" contest in cooperation their best-selling stunts. Best ones are awarded prizes. Apply this idea to have department store award tickets for highest number of sales handed in by their employees during run of picture. Supply store with scene stills and display posters on employees’ bulletin boards. with local radio station or newspaper. Contestants are invited to send in letters relating their embarrassing moments. DON’T at ‘DARN!’ “EEPERS <¢ CREEPERS’ SEE “GOING PLACES AT THE & ya STRAND THEATRE awnpd ai YOu'LL KNOW THE REASON WHY TEASER CARDS like this cost little and arouse a great deal of advance interest. Ushers pass ‘em out in lobby week in advance of showing; place in parked cars; giveaway at schools, playgrounds, etc. STREET BALLY sure to get a laugh and puhlenty of attention. Car stops on busy corners and the "bride and groom" pass out heralds to interested onlookers. LUX DAY-AND-DATE ADVERTISING IN 31 KEY CITY NEWSPAPERS Large space display ads featuring Anita Louise, timed to break with opening dates of "Going Places." Cash-in on this extra space with spot ad on same page or opposite page; also with dealer tie-ups thru local Lux distributor. For details contact:—S. Cadwell Swanson, J. Walter Thompson, 420 Lexington Ave., N. Y. C. next: 3 pages It's Post Time © All Over Town! : [16]