Gold Diggers of 1935 (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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EXPLOITATION All Set For A New Campaign Record! 3 SPOT ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR RADIO CAMPAIGN _ If you can afford to buy radio time for short spot announcements a few times daily, you can use the prepared plugs below. New York’s Strand did it on ‘‘ Bordertown,”’ spotting six announcements daily for a week—and despite bad weather and tough opposition pictures, they did record business. On the suggestion of Gene Curtis of Famous Players Canadian, we’re providing copy—and will continue to do so in the future. (50 WORD ANNOUNCEMENT) (100 WORD ANNOUNCEMENT) If you like music — and who doesn’t . . . if you like dancing — and who doesn’t . . . if you like to laugh — and who doesn’t . . . then betake yourselves to the ...................... Theatre any time this week, and have the time of your life seeing “Gold Diggers of 1935.” After seeing a preview last night, I tip my old and battered hat to the stars of this mighty production — Dick Powell, Gloria Stuart, Adolphe Menjou, Alice Brady, Glenda Farrell, Frank McHugh, Hugh Herbert — I could go on for hours just naming the all-star cast. Busby Berkeley has those beautiful gals of his go into the trickiest spectacles it?s ever been my pleasure to witness. If I were you I'd be sure to see it. ich @ (100 WORD ANNOUNCEMENT) It’s here! Ive been sitting on the edge of my seat for the past few weeks, breathlessly waiting for “Gold Diggers of 1935” ‘to hit town—hoping it would be as good as they said it was. Well, yesterday I saw it at the .................... Theatre, and believe you me it was all I expected it would be—and a little more. Dick Powell sings the songs everybody will be singing from now on—Alice Brady, Adolphe Menjou, Glenda Farrell, Frank McHugh and Hugh Herbert will keep ~you rolling in the well known aisles, the lovely Gloria Stuart for love interest—and the 100’s of _~Busby Berkeley gals in dances and spectacles such as only Busby could produce. So remember, any time this week, “Gold Diggers of 1935,” at the ...................... Theatre. ‘GOLD DIGGER’ LOBBY TESTER As a freak lobby BROADCAST LAUGH RECORD; CALL IT AUDIENCE REACTION 10 FAST ONES... ALL USED BEFORE Some of these stunts may be old stuff to you—many of ’em we guarantee are new; they’ve all to do with the ‘gold’ and ‘Gold Diggers’ angles. Look ’em over carefully — you’re almost sure to find something for yourself! TREASURE HUNTS Illustration shows how a sand box can be set up in lobby. Inexpensive imitation gold novelties may be promoted and concealed in the sand. Ticket of admission entitles patron to take one scoop at the sand — in quest of gold. One exhib got wide newspaper space with his ‘‘Gold Diggers Treasure Hunt’’ when he played ‘Gold Diggers of 1933.’ He buried articles of gold in a vacant lot and invited folks to dig for ’em on the day before opening. Same stunt can be pulled in lobby with a sand-box. Another slant is to work it on the grab-bag basis. stunt for the gals, If you ean get hold of a laugh record (which shouldn’t be too hard)—and can get the cooperation of radio station (which can be arranged)— suggest that they relay broadeast of the audience reaction to the picture. The relay is only a gag— and the station lets listeners hear the laugh record, supposed to be your audience. This is a change from the usual P.A. plug at the Theatre, to be worked with your spot broadcasts. you might get hold of a set of weighing scales — and letter under heading .. . “ARE YOU A GOLD DIGGER? STEP ON THE SCALES AND FIND OUT?” Weight on the scales is black. ed out — and instead im various degrees the following are insert. ed: “SWEET AND SIMPLE”. . .“DANC. I oG LADY”... “MOVIES AND MON HOME” a “MOVIES AND OUT FOR A SODA" “NIGHT CLUB TYPE’ . “PER STOCKING LOVER” $ lemzorn sae ie FUME AND SILK and at 200 pounds, “GOLD DIGGER.” ARE YOUA GOLD DIGGER ? step on the scale and find out. SPECIAL REASON FOR A CHARITY PERFORMANCE There’s a big charity show in the picture. If you think it’ll work, it’s an added reason for running a benefit for your Milk Fund or other pet charity. All receipts over b.o. price are theirs. GOLD-BUYING ADS CAN BE TIED-IN On ‘Treasure Island,’’ (with due doffing to our contemporaries), many exhibitors went big on tieups with Gold Buying Companies. Even in old New York, one company took big ads on theatrical page, with plenty of picture plug. That’s your cue to step in with this picture, saying: ‘‘BE ONE OF THE “GOLD DIGGERS OF 1935”? ...§ AND START DIGGING FOR THAT OLD GOLD AROUND YOUR HOUSE.”’’ MENJOU MEN'S SHOP TIEUPS Don’t forget that Menjou is still the best-dressed man in Hollywood + Which should help with any men’s shop tie-ups and window displays you may have in mind. sss... PATRONS’ LAUGH PHOTOS FOR LOBBY DISPLAY AND CONTEST With a coop photographer, you could arrange a lobby contest this way: _ _ First, photographer invites patrons to step up and have their picture snapped in laughing poses—with the understanding that best laughing photos are awarded passes or prizes. Secondly, after contest angle is finished, display photos in lobby under heading —“A PICTURE SAYS MORE THAN 10,000 WORDS”’.... __ Thirdly, over each photo, you insert a caption like .... ‘‘Mr. Jackson, what did you think of ‘‘Gold Diggers of 1935’’?—or ‘‘Miss Louise, did you enjoy ‘‘Gold Diggers’? The laughing head, of course, is the answer. Get the idea? LUCKY 1935TH ENTERS FREE Advertise that 1,935th person after opening who enters theatre will be admitted free. Blackboard announcement of number of admissions ‘Thus far’ will pep up interest. GOLD SPOONS FOR BABES If you were to present every child born in your city during the run of the picture with a gold spoon and a ecard: ‘‘Compliments of ‘‘Gold Diggers of 1935,’’ newspapers might give you a play. “WRONG NUMBER” STUNT Telephone reminder might be worked differently this time by having your phonegirls call a list of numbers and say ‘‘ Will you please tell me how long ‘Gold Diggers of 1935’ is playing at the Strand?’’ Her ‘‘out,’’ of course, is ‘‘Sorry, wrong number. ”’ GOLD DEALER DISPLAYS The picture’s run might be just the excuse your jewelry and department stores have been looking for to trot out their expensive gold articles and put. them on display—with a still from the picture and tieup line. STILL DISPLAY Still frame using a shot of ‘The Shadow Waltz’ in ‘‘Gold Diggers of 1935’’ and spectacles in this show can be linked with line: ‘‘Remember THESE in ‘GOLD DIGGERS of 1933’? — wait ’til you see THESE in ‘GOLD DIGGERS OF 1935’.”’ NEWSBOYS BALLY ‘GOLD ACT” You might capitalize on the interest in monetary legislation with newsboys circulating during rush hours shouting ‘‘READ ALL ABOUT THE NEW GOLD ACT,’’ and distributing heralds. “BEWARE OF ‘GOLD DIGGERS’ ” SIGN OVER CHECK ROOM This sign placed over your check room would attract attention weeks in advance: ‘‘DUE TO THE FACT THAT ‘‘GOLD DIGGERS OF 1935’? ARE EXPECTED IN TOWN SHORTLY, THE MANAGEMENT SUGGESTS THAT PATRONS CHECK THEIR VALUABLES HERE.”’ Page Three