Gold Diggers of 1935 (Warner Bros.) (1935)

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EXPLOITATION "What'’sWrong Here?’ Test Ties Powell (2nd_Day Contest) To stills from past Powell pictures, we’ve added stars who did not appear in those films. Wrong information in five of the captions increases the “contest” element and further interest. Daily publicity stories provided in clude plug for theatre’s engagement. Illustrations available in one unit. Order Mat No. 15—50c. (Lead-off Story) Contest Editor Has Novel Game For Movie Fans By the Contest Editor Help, Movie Fans! H-e--l---p! Rally round, you folks whose motion picture memories are developed and give a troubled fellow a hand. I need you now, and I’m offering a reward to everyone who can help me out of my predicament. I was all set to write a special story about Dick Powell, the kid who came out of the West a few years ago to become a singing master of ceremonies in motion picture theatres, and jumped to fame as the star of some of the greatest screen musicals produced in recent years. Dick is the star of the new First National musical spectacle ‘‘Gold Diggers of 1935’’ which opens at the |... Sona Theatre on .............. : and the editor of the ............0...... (newspaper) believed that a human interest article about this astonishing film personality would interest you. So I wrote for photographs to illustrate scenes in some of the musicals of which he has been the star. Yesterday I got them. As soon as I opened the package and looked at the pictures I knew something was wrong. I wasn’t exactly sure what the trouble was. The photographs were messed up, that was sure, but I didn’t know whether I was the victim of an office boy’s ‘‘gag’’ or whether the photographer had gone ‘‘blah-ba’’ from lens-gazing at the stars. Suddenly I realized what had happened. The name of each musical was correct, but in every case there was a mix-up either in the picture itself, or in the caption describing it. While I was trying to figure out what was wrong with the photographs, other members of the . .. (newspaper) staff joined in, and for an hour we had the time of our lives playing a@ game invented on the spot. I can’t use the pictures for the purpose. intended, but right as they are they make a_ swell contest. And that’s really my job. So I pass the idea to you. You help me.solve my problem. If you do it, I’ll treat you to an evening of more fun than you’ve had ‘in coon’s age, all packed into one long evening of riotous laughter, song and wonderment. ' Beginning tomorrow, [’ll print one of the pictures I received every day for six days. There’s something wrong about each one. It may be incorrectly described or it may be that there are people in the photograph who weren’t even in the movie itself. That’s what you are to find out for me. Page Eight (1st Day Contest) Find Photographer’s Error And Win Theatre Tickets These screen players were in “Flirtation Walk,” the First National picture which had as one of its settings the Philippine Islands. Songs featured in this film were “Mr. and Mrs, is the Name,” “Flirtation Walk” and “Pop Goes Your Heart.” By the Contest Editor Here’s the picture that started it all. What’s wrong with it? As I told you yesterday, when I sent for photographs to illustrate a special story on Dick Powell, whose. latest picture, “Gold Diggers of 1935” will open AGS EHO Fee ese csredacos Theatre on Be ae ete ) every one was messed up. Either the picture itself was wrong, or there were misstatements in the descriptive matter used as captions. The names of the musicals from which the scenes were taken were correct in each ease. When you have completed the entire set, mail it to me at the Ree (newspaper) office before Pere ee reer rere | Everyone whose solutions are correct will receive two tickets to theses Theater where Dick Powell will open in First National’s mammoth laugh musical ‘‘ Gold Diggers of 1935’? on ....02...........5 With Powell, are Adolphe Menjou, Gloria Stuart, Alice Brady, Glenda Farrell, Frank McHugh, Hugh Herbert, Joseph Cawthorn, Grant Mitchell, Dorothy Dare, Winifred Shaw and scores of other . film players. That’s the picture in which pianos dance, and in which ‘‘Lullaby of Broadway,’’ the song which has swept the nation, is introduced. It didn’t take long, though, to see that the mistakes were deliberate. It was those very mistakes — either in the picture, in the caption, or both — that suggested this new contest. The scene above, from “Flirtation Walk,” is typical. It represents just what happened in most of the pictures. In everyone, there was something that required correction. In this particular photograph I quickly saw what had happened. You'll see it too, for it’s easy. Tomorrow I’l] run another illustration and caption of a scene I received, and one will appear daily until six have been published. Study each one of them, and when you determine what is wrong with them, send the corrections to me before ................... (date). If you're right, I have two tickets to the .............5.5 Thea tre for you. You'll see this astonishing young screen star Dick Powell in the musical success “Gold Diggers of 1935,” supported by an all star cast including Adolphe Menjou, Gloria Stuart, Alice Brady, Glenda Farrell, Frank McHugh, Hugh Herbert and a score of other film favorites. There is no limit to the number of prizes. Every movie fan is invited to participate. The only rule is to send in the answers. before .................03. when the contest closes. What IsWrong Here? If You Know, You May Win Prize By the Contest Editor ANVIL HMHHNATANSN Photo shows some of the players in “Gold Diggers of 1933.’’ That picture introduced the songs: “The Shadow Waltz,” “I’ve Got to Sing a Torch Song” and ““Remember My Forgotten Man.” No wonder this first of the *“Gold Diggers’? was the outstanding success of the year. Just look at the quartette of comedians shown above in just one scene. The only trouble is, the picture isn’t true to fact. Something has happened — for something is definitely wrong with this photograph. Can you tell what it is? Remember, the fault may lie in the picture itself, in the caption, or both. If you can, you’ll probably be one of the Movie Fans who will win two tickets to the ................0 ‘Theatre: Ol,;.aniees » to see the SCS eee (newspaper) before If your answers are correct, you’ll see Dick Powell, and an all star cast in Warner Bros. latest musical hit, ‘‘Gold Diggers of 1935."” musical spectacle you’ve waited two years for, ‘‘Gold Diggers of 1935.7? Four more pictures remain to be published; the first was printed yesterday. When the entire set of six photographs has been published, determine what is wrong about each of them and send your solutions to the Contest Editor of the Here’s a contest that will appeal to every fan, and the best part of it is that everyone who solves the problems wins a prize. This is the film directed by Busby Berkeley which introduced the famous ‘‘Lullaby of Broadway’’ song, and the dance of the pianos and which features more than 300 beautiful dancing girls. Supporting Dick Powell are Adolphe Menjou, Gloria Stuart, Alice Brady, Glenda Farrell, Frank MeHugh, Hugh Herbert, Joseph Cawthorn, Grant Mitchell, Dorothy Dare and Winfred Shaw. (3rd Day Contest) Look Who’s Here! Illustrated above is a scene from the “Shuffle Off to Buffalo” number, one of the ensemble spectacles from “Footlight Parade.” This was the film directed by Max Reinhardt. (3rd Day Publicity Story top of next page)