Gold Diggers of 1937 (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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TCC nnn = 4 == = == => = = = = SS y S ® ta & < “GOLD 4 DIGGERS OF 1937" ARNER BROS. have given ‘‘Gold Diggers of 1937” the biggest and most sensational advance promotion campaign in the history of film musicals. In addition to the spectacular personal appearance of 12 of Hollywood’s most beautiful dancing girls, hand picked by Busby Berkeley from the Gold Diggers chorus, the American Airlines flagship on which they travelled to America’s key cities had as passengers Jeanne Madden, singing star of “Stage Struck,’’ Rosalind Marquis, featured player in ‘“‘Gold Diggers,’’ and Fred Lawrence, a young Warner Bros. star, who acted as master of ceremonies. Resulting from this one promotion alone have been feature stories in every important newspaper in the country, news breaks carried over national news service wires, radio broadcasts from all important stations, a big Scripps Howard newspaper chain contest, and best of all, millions of movie fans eagerly awaiting your opening date through addresses by governors, mayors, and civic organization officials who have sponsored the visits of the ‘Gold Diggers’” and who have appeared with them at banquets, receptions and on the stages of local theatres. CASH IN ON THIS PUBLICITY The excitement created by the plane load of beauty will continue right up to the opening day. All American Airline ports are placarded, Buick FLYING CARAVAN OF CHARM HERALDS OPENING OF EXPLOITATION zk wk k& * ro] PRE-PLAYDATE BUILD-UP IN UT THE HISTORY OF SHOW BUSINESS © HOW has taken 1000 line copy to welcome the plane and all show room windows carry cards. The trail has been blazed. Carry it on with YOUR BIGGEST LOCAL CAMPAIGN THE KEY CITIES VISITED IN THE GOLD DIGGERS GOOD WILL TOUR Los Angeles Cleveland Syracuse EI Paso Pittsburgh Buffalo Fort Worth Washington Columbus Dallas Philadelphia Cincinnati Memphis Boston Indianapolis Milwaukee Providence Kansas City Chicago New York Denver Detroit Albany San Francisco Salt Lake City