Gold Diggers of 1937 (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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a & w& w& EXPLOITATION ba es 2 GOLD SELLING WITH GIRL BALLYS GIRL GOLD RUSH Goto pigcERS \\ ae \ sen \ For your opening day, dress up a couple of pretty girls in some short trunks and shirts. Have them lead a couple of mules, donkeys, or old pack horses, with picks and shovels slung across the saddles. ‘They go through the main streets, girl in the lead, or mules, carrying a banner reading “We're the ‘Gold Diggers of 1937’ prospecting at the ........ Theatre this week. NO GOLD DIGGER Station a pretty girl on a busy street corner, handing out fake money to all passersby. Sign on her back reads: “I’m no Gold Digger. They're all over at the Strand.” 'A9-ers TRUCK Hire the biggest delivery truck you can find in town, and send it around the streets carrying a load of girls dressed in “49-er” costumes. Banners on the truck carry your plug; There’s gold in that TY Eee Co, ETT ERE Theatre.” BEAUTY CONTEST Here’s your golden opportunity for a “Gold Diggers” beauty contest that will show results at the box-office. A vote for the town’s prettiest girl goes with each ticket pur chased. Publish results every © day, and of-course, a prize for the winner. FIND TOWN'S GOLD DIGGER IN NEW TYPE OF CONTEST Bring every woman in town into your show with this search for your town’s ideal Gold Digger type girl. _ Idea is to find girl who measures up to the “Gold Dig ger of 1937” standards, which are: Height—) 7", Hips—35’, Waist—26’, Bust 34’, Ankles—7’. Here’s the complete set-up: MEASURING UP Have a woman stationed in the lobby to measure each feminine patron as she comes in, keeping a record of all measurements along with patron’s name. THE GRAND PRIZE Tie up with one of the department stores to provide a week’s job as a model to the Town Gold Digger. If this isn’t feasible, give her a credit slip at ine~sterz.for about twenty-five dollars plus as many personal appearances as you Can get. A WINNER EVERY NIGHT Promote some small prizes, and at the end of each performance announce the winner for the evening, asking her to step up on the stage and receive her prize. If she’s willing—have her do a song and dance for the audience. Stores should be glad to co SHOW OUTSIDE Bring in passersby with a “side show.” A small stage erected outside of your theatre (you can work it in as part of your front) and a couple of dancing girls will do the trick. Your head usher can act as spieler, and you run a two or three minute show every half hour, just as they’re handled at carnivals. ) operate on the prizes, if you mention their names in making the award. LAST NIGHT AWARD Keep your final showing up to opening night business by announcing through stores and ads that the Town’s Gold Digger will be selected then. Invite all the previous prize winners to come again as your guests, so that the winner you select will be sure to be at the theatre. —.WINNING FINALE After hotuicg the final per ' formance, ask all the ginners to step up on the stage. With the aid of a good master-ofceremonies you can build this up into a swell act. The girls perform, and as a finale, you name the Town’s Gold Digger — the girl who comes nearest to measuring up to the Gold Digger standards. Or you might let audience applause select the winner. GIRLS ON STRIKE Have your theatre picketed by some girl strikers. Their signs read: “We are picketing the ‘Gold Diggers of 1937’ They struck gold and started a gold rush to the Strand Theatre Ofcourse: they don’t have to confine their picketing to front of theatre, and they can hand out heralds up and down Main Street. 1898 TO 1937 Stir up Main Street by having a couple of girls dressed in crinoline costumes drive a horse and buggy around town. Some more girls dressed in scanty costumes follow them in a brand-new roadster. Signs read respectively, “Gold Diggers of 1898” and “Gold Diggers of 1937.” CROONING TRIO A week or so before your show opens, hire three harmonizing girl-crooners, call them ‘The Three Gold Diggers,” and have them plug the songs from the show. Music “scores, hotel lobbies, restaur ants, and départment stores will be happy to have them drop in and entertain. GIRL PARADE Take the town by storm with a parade of feminine beauty. Assemble a crowd of girls, dress them in military costume, and send them out to parade the streets carrying appropriate signs. CANDIDCAMERA Tie-up with local newspaper’s roving photographer. He goes around to the social gatherings, and takes pictures of any girls he sees who look like the Gold Digger type. Girls who get their pictures published can claim ducats upon presentation of photo. MAKE MOVIES ON STREET Give your townspeople the MEET ME AT THE STRAND On opening day, turn about five \\, thrill of seeing movies made! ‘Gold Diggers” loose in one or \e Equip a truck with a movie more department stores. An camera and an operator, some girls dressed in overalls, and a pile of sand. When the crowd collects, your cameraman starts “orinding” the scene as the girls dig into the pile of sand. Banners on the truck plug the show, of course, and you can get ad‘\ \ ditional plugs by having the girls sing the show’s songs and hand out heralds. Showing the reel at the theatre will bring in a flock of patrons to see themselves on the screen. nounce in your ad that first ten men who identify the gold diggers will receive ducats. If they approach a girl and say “Meet me at the Strand’—and don’t receive a haughty snub, they will be rewarded with a sweet smile, and a pair of tickets for any performance that they care to attend. If the stunt goes over, you can, of course, continue it every day during the run of the show, changing girls every day, so that they won’t be “spotted.” ker aU Page Seven