Gold Diggers of 1937 (Warner Bros.) (1936)

Record Details:

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+ ~ am = aaa Illustration above shows the attractiveness of this film’s music title page. Done in two standout colors — gold and black — it should make a swell attention-getter. They're FREE while they last and sure to go fast, so send your order in now. GUESSING TUNES Ever try a listening contest on the air? Co-operating radio station announces that it will broadcast ten recordings from past “Gold Diggers” films without mentioning the songs, or which of the series each one is from. It’s up to the fans to identify the tunes with the film. Best ten sets of answers nab ducats for those with best memories. If you have no radio tie-up, the plan can be adapted to a lobby contest. Also good with moving sound truck with appropriate banners telling the complete story. YOUR SONG TITLES The following are the songs from the picture: “Gold Digger’s Lullaby,” “Let’s Put Our Heads Together,” “All’s Fair In Love And War,” and “Speaking of the Weather.” Swell ‘air’ plugs. BALLY RECORD Regular 10 inch disc plugs film’s songs in grand style. Allowance of | minute is made on each side for spieling. It gives you a swell chance to tell the folks about your show via P.A. system out front, on bally truck and over air. Yours for only 75c each. Send your order in now for advance plugging. “GOLD OF 1937’: x’ o& & & EXPLOITATION Hop on the bandwagon, you exhibs, and swing along to the sweet rhythm of the Harms music campaign. Everything you'll need for that music shop tie-up is included. And we’ve added several simple stunts on the music angle, so get going immediately. Title pages, window streamers, counter cards and bally records will be shipped on receipt of your order by: SAM SERWER, Harms, Inc. 1260 6th Avenue, New York City 4 CONTEST FOR CROONERS Tie up with local radio station for an amateur crooner contest. Singers can be notified through publicity stories and entry blanks in paper, lobby placards, ad underliners and throwaways. Contest can be held either in broadcasting studios, or, if you can arrange it, from your stage. Of course, contestants must sing songs from film, while announcer mentions your show. Film’s songs are so varied that you'll find a song for every type of voice. So contest can be a continual plug for “Gold Digger” songs. K HARMS REPRESENTATIVES If you’re anywhere near the Harms Representatives listed below, it'll be well worth your while to contact them. They’ll be only too glad to cooperate with you in getting across your music ballys on the film. FRANK MACHADO 131 Arlington St. Boston, Mass. JOEY STOOL 54 W. Randolph St. Chicago, II. LUCKY WILBER 5808 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, Calif. MERRELL SCHWARZ 1208 Central P’kway Cincinnati, Ohio WINDOW STREAMER wis VICTOR MOORE « : BELGOS PERKIRE x BOSAL IAG These brilliant gold and black window streamers will make a nice flash in music store windows. They measure 6 x 18 inches and are offered to you FREE in limited quantities. So we advise you to get set on them now. Simply write in and yours will be mailed right to you. Measuring 9 x 12 inches, this counter card is easel-backed and printed in black and red on 6-ply board. You can obtain any amount at 5c each, postage collect, by writing to your nearest Harms office. DIGGERS’ ANTHEM That smash hit tune ‘““We’re In The Money” from “Gold Diggers of 1933” made the entire nation “‘Gold Digger” conscious. You'll create new interest by plugging that number over your P.A. system out front. The melody will bring back memories, meanwhile letting folks know . you're playing the latest and great est “Gold Diggers.” BAND PLUGGING Your orchestra leader friends might go to town for you, devoting an entire program to hit tunes from past “Gold Diggers” productions. As a special, they can wind up their programs with a medley of the numbers of this film, dedicated to your showing. Of course they mention the songs and films in their spiels. It shouldn’t be too tough an assignment for you. RADIO SKETCH Twelve minutes of delightful comedy, music and romance of the picture are incorporated in this radio sketch, leaving three minutes at beginning and end for your plug. A letter to the Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th Street, New York City, will bring you a mimeographed copy for each member of the cast — at NO cost. Page Nine