Gold Diggers of 1937 (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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“GOLD DIGGERS EXPLOITATION zk wk k x AMUSING 5-DAY CONTEST BASED We think newspaper editors—and movie fans — will go for this interesting contest. Scenes and copy give hints, and entrants guess names of previous Blondell-Farrell pictures. Not too easy, not too hard — but a swell medium for getting across another plug for your big show. Five illustrations are available on Mat No. 501 —50c. Order directly from Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th Street, New York City. (Lead Off Story) Film Memories To Bring Rewards To (ist Day Contest) In What Film Did These Two Gold Diggers Appear? (2nd Day Publicity) Free Tickets To Theatre For Best Movie Memories Gold Digger Fans Here’s your chance, Film Fans, to cash in on your movie memories. Beginning tomorrow, and continuing for five days, the ......00000.0.. (newspaper) will test the ability of its readers to place two and two together and make them add up correctly. : The ‘‘two’’ involved are Joan Blondell and Glenda Farrell, who have played ‘‘gimme girls’’ together so often that they have become known as_ Hollywood’s ‘“Gold-diggers Nos. 1 and 2.’’ Each day for five days a scene from one of the pictures in which this pair of dough extractors have worked successfully will be shown, and every day ten for wAngico ee (newspaper ) readers will each receive two guest tickets to the ..........000.000... Theatre where ‘‘Gold Diggers of 1937’? will open OM .............0c00e08 There are only a few simple rules to be observed. The prizes will be awarded daily, so all answers must be sent to the ‘‘Gold Diggers’’ Contest. Editor of the .......00..0... (newspaper) before six o’clock of the day following the appearance of the particular scene. Of course, trying for one prize does not bar a contestant from trying for another, but only one prize will be awarded to a single individual during the contest. However, anyone may submit as many answers as he or she pleases. Joan Blondell is co-starred with Dick Powell in ‘‘Gold Diggers of 1937.’’ Joan was also the star of the 1933 edition, at which time Dick was a comparatively unknown singing leading man. Now they are Mr. and Mrs., the wedding having taken place immediately after the present film was finished. Incidentally, ‘‘Gold Diggers of 1937’? is the fifth and best of the series. It’s full of romance, melody, laughter and dancing. The songs were written by two famous teams of hit writers, Warren & Dubin and Arlen & MHarburg. Busby Berkeley originated and directed the sensational ensembles in which more than 200 of Hollywood’s most beautiful girls participate. | The stars, Dick Powell and Joan Blondell are supported by Glenda Farrell, Rosalind Marquis, Osgood Perkins, Lee Dixon, the eccentric dancer; and _ Victor Moore — Broadway’s funniest funny man. While the gold diggers are at their giddiest, the story is a new one, rushing, riotous, and altogether exhilarating. It begins in Atlantic City when a crowd of more or less piflicated salesmen — returning by train from their convention, are waylaid, and laid away, by a troupe of stranded musical comedy show girls, Norma, Sally, Irene and Genevieve. What happens when the boys and girls get really into action results in one of the most Page Ten Here is the screen’s most famous gold-digging team, Joan Blondell and Glenda Farrell, as they appeared in one of their most noted pictures. If your memory of films you have seen is good enough, you may win a pair of guests tickets to the ........................ Theatre to see “Gold Diggers of 1937.” Start right now, Film Fans, and try to win a pair of tickets to see the picture for which you’ve waited two years. It’s “‘Gold Diggers of 1937,’’ and it has more laffs, more romance, more thrills, more sensational dancing, more catchy music, more beautiful girls than any of the others in the Gold Diggers series. Two free tickets may be your’s if you know the name of the film from which the above scene was taken. It should be easy — so easy in fact, that the Contest Editor may have to imerease his quota of prizes. But to be sure of getting your guest tickets, make certain that your answer is one of the first ten correct replies sent to the **Gold Diggers’’ Contest Editor Of thea: ates (newspaper) before six o’clock tomorrow evening. While this picture is easy to identify, just to fan the embers a bit, to start the ball rolling, we’ll let you in on a little secret. Hugh Herbert appeared with the girls in this one. Hugh played a half-baked inventor who had an uproarious comedies of this or any other season. The contest begins in tomorTow 's -ssue of. the 2:63 o.8 ke (newspaper) and the sooner you give the daily illustration the once over, the better will be your chance to get in with the correct names of the films from which the five scenes are taken. important role in settling a sales fight between two rival drug chains. If you think your recollection of things moving picture is good, here’s your grand chance to prove it and at the same time get yourself some passes for as grand an evening’s entertainment as you’ve ever had. Glenda and Joan as their Gold Digger selves are enough fun for any one picture, but when you add Dick Powell, Victor Moore, the famous Throttlebottom of the stage; Lee Dixon Osgood Perkins and Rosalind Marquis, then you have screen history. Among the features of ‘‘Gold Diggers of 1937’? are intricate and beautiful dances executed by hundreds of Hollywood’s most beautiful girls, directed by the famous Busby Berkeley. Among the sure fire song hits are ‘‘Gold Diggers Lullaby,’’ ‘‘All’s Fair in Love and War,’’ ‘‘Let’s Put Our Heads Together’’ and ‘‘Speaking of the Weather.’’ The gold diggers appear «xt their giddiest — but the story is new — rushing, riotous and altogether uproarious. So now for the first title! Put on the old thinking cap! Then rush in your answer before 6 P. M. tomorrow. Some contest, folks! With hundreds of replies received before half the specified time had elapsed, the judges select ing winners for guest tickets to the Pore Lean AGT oe Theatre to-see: “Gold. Diggers of 1937" oni 2... , will surely have their hands full. No one yet knows how many of the replies were correct. But one thing is certain, more than the ten pair of tickets originally offered will have to be awarded. Now you have another chance. Today, in the second of the five tests which will appear in the steig eee eee (newspaper), you will see a scene from a picture that appeared so recently even the youngest fan should remember it. The scene itself is a dead give away, so no one should have any trouble guessing the picture in which Joan Blondell and Glenda Farrell appeared, as shown, running a cane rack game in a seaboard amusement park. We can’t tell you any more or there wouldn’t be any contest but this much we can say: The first ten contestants who submit the correct title of the picture in which this scene appeared, to the Gold Diggers ConGesb swaiborsOL the scs-scescicgeossncede (newspaper) before six o’clock tomorrow night, will each receive two. tickets to the ................u8 Theatre. The luck winners will see Joan and Glenda at their old pranks but in a new story. Dick Powell — lately married to Joan Blondell — has been given a number of sure fire song hits to sing — among them being “Gold Diggers Lullaby,” “Let’s Put Our Heads Together,” “All’s Fair in Love and War” and “Speaking of the Weather.” Featured in support of the stars are the inimitable Glenda Farrell — Victor Moore, the ludicrous Alexander Throttlebottom of “Of Thee I Sing” — Lee Dixon, Broadway’s favorite eccentric dancer — Rosalind Marquis and many others. Hundreds of ~beautiful girls execute the intricate and dazzling dances created and directed by Busby Berkeley. (2nd Day Contest) Your Movie Memory May Win Free Theatre Tickets Well, look who’s here! Joan Blondell and Glenda Farrell running a cane rack and defying all readers Of BO 43: pa ee (newspaper) to name the film in which they appeared as above. Only one throw allowed and if you make the grade, you win two tickets to the. fase Theatre to see “Gold Diggers of 1937” on