Gold Diggers of 1937 (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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“GOLD DIGGERS OF 1937" EXPLOITATION k kk * “GOLD DIGGER” DEALER STILLS ELECTRICAL SHOP ee TYPEWRITER SHOP MIXMASTER _ of nineteen specially PORTABLE GF. Pub. A143 posed tieup stills has been GF. Pub. A129 selected for seasonal merchandis ing and should be welcomed by every store manager to whom they are shown. They also make fine illustrations for co-op ads. Set of nineteen may be had at the low price of $1.75, or, if bought individually — 10 cents each, by writing to the Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44th JEWELRY SHOP (2 rh dre et NO ENDORSEMENTS. JEWELS BL. 1163 «omeee _ — 7 @ FLOWER SHOP CORSAGE BL.1286 FUR SHOP DEPARTMENT STORE SILVER FOX BL. 1319 PERSIAN LAMB GF. 600 HANDBAG BL. 1313 RAINCAPE GF. 408 CRUISE OUTET BEAUTY S$ HO P see cumemmehele! se HAIRDRESS RM. 4 | NAILS GF. 631 HAIRDRESS BL. 1340 SUEDE SHOES GF. 609 SHOES BL. 1115 RADIO SHOP MN FE N'$ §(0.0eoer_—=—=—————————— PHILCO DP. P ub. A 65 — LOUNGING ROBE DP. Pub. A186 SCARF DP. 132 Page Fourteen