Gold Diggers of 1937 (Warner Bros.) (1936)

Record Details:

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“GOLD DIGGERS OF 1937 * #& *% NATIONAL TIE-UPS MOJUD DEALERS irosett 2 , PS eauly Oe {heie f SWariee Burson & Mn OJUD Hosiery has gone all the way to town for “GOLD DIGGERS OF 1937,” and you ll miss a big chance if you fail to see your local Mojud dealer immediately and line up your campaign. Here are the details: = =—S= —— —— —— POSTER, in full color, measures 24” x 36”, designed for extra flash in dealer windows. NEWSPAPER MATS are available in two styles for co-op use. Single-column and two-column, they are free on request. HERALD is available for co-op distribution. Two hundred will be given to each dealer free. Extra large space is alloted to your plug. SPECIAL POSTER, devoted exclusively to your theatre and playdate imprints will be furnished. SPECIAL PRESSBOOK explaining dealer possibilities on this tie-up is being sent to all stores. SPECIAL TRAILER has been made available. For further information and dealer list write: NAT NEWMAN, MOCK, JUDSON VOEHRINGER CO. 385 5th Avenue, N. Y. C. = Page Nineteen a “Min ic |