Guns of the Pecos (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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an (2 Ws a) “Guns of Pecos” Coming to Strand '_ “Guns of the Pecos,” First ee tons new Western melo@ramatic thriller, comes to the me THnesatre-On. >. oe. ’ With Dick Foran, the Singing Gowboy, in the stellar role. Ss The picture is set in the days just after the Civil War when that part of Texas which was known as the Pecos, was infested with outlaws, guerillas and In dians. Cattle rustling and horse stealing was an every day oecurrence, with frequent lynching parties. It was this band of cut-throats that the Texas Rangers were organized to exterminate. In this story by Anthony Coldeway, the gang was headed by a Judge Blake and who passed sentence from behind his public bar upon anyone who interfered with his outlawry. A major of the United States army, who had been ecommissioned by General Grant to obtain 5,000 head of horses is murdered by Blake’s band and the horses stolen. Dick Foran in “Guns of the Pecos” at the Strand. | Mat No. 104 —10c¢ Dick Foran, a Texas Ranger, is assigned with his partner, a part played by Eddie Acuff, to round up the assassins and bring the slayers to justice. Anne Nagel plays the role of the murdered major’s daughter, with whom Foran falls in love. The picture is filled with breath taking action from fade-in to final fade-out. Joseph Crehan is the captain of the Rangers and Gaby Fay, the aunt of Miss Nagel. Others in the cast are Gordon Elliott, Milton Kibbee, Bud Osborne, Cliff Saum, Henry Otho, Bob Burns and Douglas Wood. A First Nationa HE RIDES WITH THE RANGERS WARNER BROS.’ GIS of starring with ANNE NA with _ Laas GEL Gordon Hart | 3 Joseph Crehan Eddie Acuff Directed by Noel Smith ¢ A First National Picture. (Opening Day Story) Dick Foran at Strand Today In “Guns of Pecos” Dick Foran, the Singing Cowboy,-.comes: to-the.... eas Theatre today~in First Navional’s latest thrilling Western, “Guns of the Pecos,’ The Princeton-educated cowboy sings two catchy new songs especially written for the picture by M. K. Jerome and Jack Scholl. “The Prairie Is My Home” and “When a Cowboy Takes a Wife.” The picture is said to be filled with thrills, including hard riding, gun battles, cattle rustling, the stampeding of a herd of horses and a lynching bee. It is set in the period just after the Civil War, when Southwestern Texas, known as the Pecos, was over-run by outlaw bands which the famous Texas Rangers finally broke up. There also is a glamorous romance between Foran in the role of a Ranger and Anne Nagel, who went to Hollywood from the musical comedy stage, playing the part of the daughter of a murdered army major whose death Foran has been sent to investigate. Others in the east are Gordon Hart, Joseph Crehan, Eddie Acuff, Robert Middlemass, Gaby Fay and Gordon Elliott. The picture was directed by Noel Smith from the screen play by Harold Buckley, based on an original story by Anthony Coldeway. Anne Nagel Trying To Add to Weight To drink a glass of beer, or other intoxicant, on a movie set is just like shaking a red handkerchief before a bull. But not for Anne Nagel, Dick Foran’s leading lady in “Guns of the Pecos,” the First National Western thriller which comes to the MRGALTOCOM. 5S 2s Breaking one of its orders, First National is encouraging the twenty-year-old actress to drink beer and plenty of it within reason. She weighs 109 pounds and the studio would like her to tip the seales at 115. Picture @ | (Review ) Dick Foran Makes Big Hitt In New Western Thriller “Guns of the Pecos” Filled with Intense Drama, Romance and Song Another of First National’s new type of musical West ern melodramatic thrillers, Onened site on titled “‘Guns of the Peeos,’’ Se ee Theatre yesterday, starring Dick Foran, the Singing Cowboy. “Guns of the Pecos” is filled with thrills, romance and songs. The story is set in the period just following the Civil War, when the Southwestern portion of Texas, known as the Pecos, was over-run by outlaws and the only law was the six shooter and the noose. It depicts the effort of the Texas Rangers to smash these bands of cut-throats and drive them from the country. In this particular story by Anthony Coldeway, a major of the United States Army, who is commissioned to procure horses for the government, is murdered and the horses stampeded and stolen. The same band tries to steal the deed to the ranch left to the major’s daughter, and the Rangers are sent out to break up the band and bring the killers to justice. Dick Foran does some spectacular riding as well as capable acting in the role of the Ranger heading the investigating party. Anne Nagel, who began her picture career a year ago after some time on the musical comedy stage, gives a fine performance in the leading feminine role opposite Foran, and as the daughter of the slain major. Robert Middlemass gives an excellent portrayal of the outlaw, Judge Blake, as also does Monte Montague, as his chief cut-throat lieutenant. Others in the cast who deserve special mention are Gordon Hart, Joseph Crehan, Eddie Acuff, Gaby Fay and Gordon Elliott. Two eatchy new airs are sung by Foran, “The Prairie Is My Home” and “When a Cowboy Takes a Wife.” They were written by M. K. Jerome and Jack Scholl. Noel Smith has done an exceellent job of directing, maintaining the suspense to the end. The screen play was written by Harold Buekley. Film Lovers Dick Foran and Anne Nagel WHO COME 16. thE> Theatre on __......____in First National’s new type Western film with music, “Guns of the Pecos.” Mat No. 101—10c Dick Foran Feels Sorry for Cows Dick Foran, star of the First National Western melodrama, “Guns of the Pecos,” now showLipo tts Stereo 0s Pate .. Theatre, has perfected an entirely painless way of branding cows from an acid chemical to. take the place of searing with a branding iron. He is using it on his own livestock on his Saugus ranch. Dick Foran Sings Two Catchy Airs In New Western The golden singing voice of Dick Foran which helped finance his education at Princeton will be heard in two original and catchy songs in the Western ster’s latest First National piecture, “Guns of the Pecos,” which comes to the Theatre Ot were. Foran, a concert artist before he signed a Hollywood acting contract, will accompany himself on the guitar and sing “The Prairie Is My Home,” a cowboy ballad written in a semi-operatic vein, and “When A Cowboy Takes a Wife,” a novelty number. The songs are by M. K. Jerome, First National contract composer whose greatest hit was Anne Nagel in “Guns of the Pecos” at the Strand. Mat No. 1038 —10e “Just a Baby’s Prayer at Twilight,” and Jacek Scholl who has written the words for all the numbers in the Foran Westerns. “Guns of the Pecos” is a thrilling romance of the West. Beside Foran the east includes Anne Nagel, Gordon Hart, Joseph Crehan, Eddie Acuff, Robert Middlemass, Gaby Fay and Gordon Elliott. Noel Smith directed the picture from the screen play by Harold Buekley, based on the story by Anthony Coldeway. Half Day’s Work Nets Actor $75,000 For a half day’s work Robert Middlemass, character actor appearing in “Guns of the Pecos,” a First National Western thriller which stars'Dick Foran and comes to the atre on. 25.1: ..;dade more than John Nance Garner has since taking over the. Vice, Presidency. Middlemass .wrote, the famous prison play, “The Valiant,” in one afternoon. To date he has collected more than $75,000 in royalties from the one-act play. Country of origin U. S. A. Copyright 1936 Vitagraph, Inc. All rights reserved. ‘Copyright is waived to magazines and newspapers.