Guns of the Pecos (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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“GUNS OF THE PECOS” ADVERTISING 2 SEE Smoky’s thrilling ‘Leap for Life’! 198 Lines Mat No. 301—30c HE BRAVED A THOUSAND BULLETS TO PROTECT A FRIENDLESS GIRL! There’re new thrills for you as gallant Dick Foran rides to battle with the Lone Star Rangers, on ‘Smoky’, the horse with the human mind! > WHEN DANGER LURKS IN EVERY STEP AND ) » ONE FALSE MOVE MEANS DEATH! em ...You’ll find Dick Foran, fighting, riding, singing, loving! That’s why all gy America is cheering him Gee as ‘the best of the West’! daa = ae IN = i Af © : ee >) iH ee fof with ANNE NAGEL + Gordon Hart Joseph Crehan + Eddie Acuff , Directed by Noel Smith 7” & A First National Picture THEATRE x cs : THEATRE 114 Lines Mat No. 208—20c 142 Lines = Mat No. 206—20c Page Four