Guns of the Pecos (Warner Bros.) (1937)

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“GUNS OF THE PECOS”’ | PL CESS ORAS 3-SHEET 1=to 9... Ss 40c ea. 25 to 49......32e ea. 10 to 24. _. .36¢ ea. 50 and Over... 50c ea. SELECTED VITAPHONE SHORTS “THAT’S PICTURES” (Broadway “THE HOLLANDERS” (Colortour Brevity Series). Novel and ingenAdventure Series). An interesting trip to the land of the windmill and the dike, filmed in natural color (10 minutes—No. 2306) ious musical short starring Col. Jay C. Flippen of radio amateur hour fame. (21 minutes—No. 2015) JOE PALOOKA in “THE BLONDE “JIMMY LUNCEFORD AND HIS BOMBER” (Broadway Brevity Se 1-SHEET ane ae ORCHESTRA” (Melody Masters ries). With Robert Norton and WINDOW CARD 10 to 24... ‘13 ea. Series). A ‘Swingy’ bit of syncopaShemp Howard. Continuing the ad 25 to 49... IIe ea. , ventures of Joe Palooka in another 1 to 49... Te ea. tion by this master of hot rhythm. Sina b6 3 ees 50 & Over. 7 9c ea. comedy knockout. 100 & Over 5 2c ea. (Note: This window card can be used on all Foran westerns. Space under circle is reserved for title 10 minutes—No. 2506) 5 = ( S (20 minutes—No. 2016) “HE WAS HER MAN” (Merrie Melody Cartoon in Technicolor). “THE VILLAGE SMITHY” (Looney Cartoon Series). Porky Pig turns imprint. which. tan be i (25 . ’ . . se a eee | op. ineag r blacksmith’s helper in this fast and done locally. ) less ballad, ‘Frankie and Johnny. furious comedy riot. (7 minutes—No. 2204) (7 minutes—No. 2803) LOBBY DISPLAYS 11x14 Photos.75c a set (8 in set—colored) INSERT CARD Stills... _10¢ each 1 24 3 325 ; 25 ‘ 49... 22¢ a 22 x 28 PHOTOS Mats. 10c per col. 1g Oicr Tee PM-SET-COLGRED =... ee, ... .80¢ a set pRINTE, IN U.S. Po