Harold Teen (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Harold Lillums Minha Pa Lovewell Rathburn Pope Lilaes Shadow Snatcher as Ma Lovewell DOM eae anon re ee ) Parmalee McKinney ... Hal LeRoy Rochelle Hudson Patricia Ellis Guy Kibbee flugh Herbert .. Hobart Cavanaugh Rhos Chic Chandler ...... Eddie Tamblyn Douglas Dumbrille Clara Blandick Oe 2 Mea etal ..... duechard Carle Charles Wilson Director From the comic strip by —..... Screen play by ....... Music and Lyrics by Photography by Film Editor Art Director Vitaphone Orchestra conducted by fie ae EO OES Harold) Teen, an enterprising but Dlundering young reporter on the Covina— Crier —isgcoty—about——sees—itlums—or her aew—costume Lillums Lovewell, a fetching little number in the graduating class at Covina . High. And pretty goofy about Harold. Depression has hit the bank and H. Hl. Snatcher, a big-shot from Wall Street comes to town to straighten it out. With the help of Harold, with whom he becomes friendly, oa confidence-inspiring program is launched and the bank is put on its feet. But HH. H.—himself a widower and father of « grown daughter, Mimi,—hecomes goofy about Lil Hearing of this, Mimi comes to Covina to put an end to Lillums is lums too. her father’s nonsense, but instead, is herself oceupied mostly by be ing a little goofy about Harold. So Lillums is as jealous of Mimi as Harold is of HH. H. Mimi starts League and gets a Broadway pro Covina Junior ducer to stage a show for them. fle picks Mimi for the lead hecause her money is behind the Show. This makes H. H. boil because he thinks Lillums” should have the lead. Rathburn, the producer, settles it by having two leads—one for each. HH, H, discovers. that Lillums has only a home-made dress for the show so he has a costume. rushed from New York by air express, which he sends to her dressing ee with = HAL LeROY 1D % Murray Roth ike Ho cuts a Te eee Geer Carl Ed Paul Gerard Smith and Al Cohn Trving Kahal and Sammy Fain Arthur Todd ovtesiaepsatlee L OLTY< GLOrSe oo... John Hughes Series niee ua ROT EVOL. lorbstein room. with an amorous note hinting at an early marriage, Mimi and Jater finds the note her father had enclosed. She is furious. Des pite the fact that she and Lillums’ are due on stage for the big number, she rushes to the front of the theatre to find her father. Lillums does her aet and Mimi’s cue is given. Rathburn, thinking her ab sence will make the show a flop. shakes the platform With rage and. as a result, Harold, who is standing there, tumbles onto the stage. Mlabbergasted at first, he collects his wits enough to break into a dance when Rathburn yells at him to do something. The dance is Judicrous but the audience thinks it is part of the show and howls with laughter. the day—and the show. Out of a sense of duty to her father, whose promissory note to TI, TW. he eannot meet, Lillums had decided to marry Hf, H. but she forgets all about her decision in her happi Harold has saved ness over the show’s great success and goes into a clinch behind the wings with Harold, the Hero of the Hour. At this moment, Mimi and her father come back stage. She has made him see his folly and he gives Lillum’s father the note, explaining that it is a wedding pres ent for Harold and Williams. Everything is goofy-goofy and hunky-dory. “HAROLD TEEN’? 100% rom the comi¢ strip by Carl Ed 10% Rochelle Hudson—Patricia Ellis—Guy Kibbee 30% Hugh Herbert—Hobart Cavanaugh 30% Directed by Murray Roth 20% A Warner Bros. and Vitaphone Production 40% #age Two LENGTH: 5923 Feet—TIME: 66 Mins. if LUA Hal LeRoy Hal LeRoy, the famous dancer, who was taken from the Broadway stage to make “Harold Teen,” December 10, 1913. New York where he was -engaged Hofbrau, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on After graduating from high school he went to for a dancing act at Janssen’s His talent was recognized by a booking agent who sent him to Boston with “Tattle Tales,” next engagement was with the initial Broadway suecess. in which he made a speetacular hit. His “Fothies: of )10312 which marked his Later he appeared in vaudeville acts and in the musical comedies “The Gang’s. All Here”. and “Strike Me Pink.” .It was while plaving in the latter that he was seen by a Warner Bros. scout and engaged to play in “Harold Teen.” Before finishing this production, however, he was placed in one of the big specialty numbers of “Wonder Bar” in which he dances in the celestial cabaret. “Mama, Buy Me That” Isn't she the cutest thing? She’s Rochelle Hudson. who brings the Lillums of the famous comic strip to life in “Harold Teen.” Fast stepping Hal LeRoy plays the title role and Patricia Ellis is Mimi the vamp. This Warner Bros. laugh hit is coming to the Strand Theatre, starting on Thursday next. Mat No. 9—20¢ Hobart Cavanaugh Hobart Cavanaugh was born in Virginia City, Nevada, but went to California with his parents at an early age. He attended school in San Fravcisco and the Uni versity of California, after which he went on the stage. ; We road showed all up and down the West Coast in “Cheek ers” which Jimmy Gleason had bequeathed him from the season before. Then he went to New York and was soon on Broadway in such plays as “Irene,” “Tan“The Nervous Wreck,” “WKRibitzer,”’ Control” and “Tomorrow and To verine,” “Danger,” “Remote morrow.” Then he returned to California Where he plaved in “ srondway” und “The Show Off.” At this time he was given a contract by Warner Bros. His pictures in clude “Jimmy the Gent,’ “lve Got Your Number,” “Mandalay,” “Convention City,” “Hi, Nellie!” “Easy To Love,” “Havana Widows,” “Dark Hazard,” Headquarters” and “The Kennel Murder Cuse.” “From Clara Blandick Clara Blandick, the daughter of uw sea captain, was born aboard ship in the harbor at Hong Kong, Chinn, and spent her first two years aboard her father’s boat. She was then taken to Boston where she was privately tutored until ready for high school. After she was engaged in the chorus of “The Walking Delegate.” Her first speaking part was in “The Christian,” in which she plaved in both New York and Boston. She rose rapidly to leading roles and has appeared in the success ful stage productions of “The Shore,” in which she appeared in both New York and London, in “The Enchanted Cottage,” “Sky Rocket,” “Paid in Full,” “Mme. Butterfly” and many others. Miss Blandick was the first finishing high sehool woman to play a dual personality in pictures by means of the dou ble exposure. This was in “The Maiden’s Double.’ Her recent pictures include “As The Earth Turns,” “Ever In My . Heart,” “CGroing Hollywood,” “Beloved,” “Turn sick =o the “Charlie Chan’s Greatest Cuse.” Clock.” and “important roles in Bathe wi Mn HATTA Patricia Ellis Patricia Ellis was born in New York, the daughter of Alexander Leftwich, one of that city’s most noted stage directors and pro ducers. She has been on the stage since the time she was old enough to walk and has appeared in the last few years in such Broadway productions as “The Roval Family,” “Once In a Lite time” and “Elizabeth the Queen.” ‘Signed to a contract a few Warner Miss Ellis has made remarkable months ago by Bros., strides toward stardom, playing “Easy “To Love,” “Convention City,” “The World Changes,” “Elmer the Great,” “Picture Snatcher,” “The King’s Vacation,” “Central Park,” “Three on a Mateh” and “The Narrow Corner.” Rochelle Hudson Rochelle Tudsonu was born in Claremore, Oklahoma, on Muareh 6, 1914, of non-professional par ents. She attended high schoo! at Claremore and at Oklahomn City, then was privately tutored. She entered pictures in Mareh of 1930, her first uppearance be ing in “Fanny Foley Herself.” Other pictures in which she had important roles inelude “Dr. soys of the Road,” “Mr. Skitch,” “Walls-of Gold,” “Are These Our Children,” “Beyond the Rockies,’ “Wells Highway, “Lhe Pengtin Pool Murder” and “The Savage Girl.’ Miss Hudson is five feet three inches tall and weighs 107 pounds. She has black hair and grey eyes. She uses the same name on the sereen with whieh she was christened and her fay orite hobby is eollecting corsage ribbons. Hugh Herbert Hugh Herbert is a native New Yorker, having been born and educated within the shadow of Times Square, Herbert's natural theatrieal talent lead: him = directly to the stage, and after serving an apprenticeship in road: stock com panies, the Warner Bros. player tried his luck on Broadway. His success was instantaneous and he earned a reputation as one of the town’s ablest comedians. Brought to Hollywood for pic tures, Herbert proved as funny on the screen as he had been om the stage. Numbered among his screen hits .are “Fashions of 1954," “College Coach,” “Conven tion City,” “Bureau of Missing Persons,” “Footlight Parade,” “From Headquarters,” “Good-bye Again” and “She Had To Say Yes,” Guy Kibbee Guy WKibbee was born in i Paso, Texas, on Mareh 6, JS86_. Launched upon a stage career at an early age, he toured the coun try innumerable times with vari ous stock companies and won at tention as one of America’s most His performance production, capable actors, in the Broadway “The Torch Song,” was so outstanding that Tollywood sum moned him for important sereer roles, und sinee his introduction to movie amassed a huge following among nudiences he has the fans. His most recent pictures include “Gold Diggers of 1933,” “Kasy To Love,” “Havana Widows,” “Convention “The World Changes,” light Parade.’ “Wnion and “Wonder Bar.’ ed Curis “Root Depot”