Harold Teen (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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FOR FIRST DAY FOR SECOND DAY FOR THIRD DAY Three illustrations available in one unit. Order Mat No. 27—560ce. Write the Winning *“‘Gag”’ Are you a natural born ‘‘Gagman,’’? or woman? i Some people have found fame and fortune through their sense of humor. They furnish the ‘‘gags’’ for comic strip artists, for scenario writers, for cartoonists. They supply ideas for humorous publications. There’s always a market for good humor—and right now this newspaper is seeking original, Announce It With This Story: and Win Valuable Prizes funny ‘‘gags’’ to fit three comic strips suggested by Warner Bros., comedy feature picture ‘‘ Harold Teen’’ which will open at the FT eee. TPheatre:on Gs... aisvics. ou ; Here’s a chance to try your skill. The pictures above form a typieal eartoon strip. The artist has done his work. Now you must make the characters talk. There will be a series of three strips to be published daily starting tomorrow. See what kind of ‘“gags’’? you can write. For the best individual ‘‘ gags’’ for each set of the series, a pair of tickets to ‘‘Harold Teen’? will be presented by the .............c ee Theatre. For the best ‘‘gags’’ submitted for the entire series a grand prize=0f 7..4n.;0c aa will be awarded. funny This can also be run as a one-day contest If you are found to be the best ‘*gag?? writer in the contest, you may find a ready market for your future products. There are no rules — simply write your gags—limiting them to the space designated within the comic strips and send them to the Gag Contest Editor of the ............ sar tees (name of newspaper) befate: 57. at we (closing date.) Easy Contest for Local Gag-Men! Page Three