Harold Teen (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Dresses For Misses Get going now on the spring fashion angle for ‘Harold Teen.’’ Your department store can probably be interested in building up ‘junior misses’ business by plugging the fashions from this picture. In the publicity section, four of the new style dresses are illustrated. Others are available among the dealer tie-up stills. With these as a nucleus, you can be instrumental in booming a big ‘‘Lillums Dress’’ or ‘*Mimi Dress’’ campaign. Newspaper ads, window displays, and other valuable material ean be obtained via this route. A contest for school gals only asking for dress designs | they consider best for school wear, will hit them where it counts. Cartoonist’s Party You can crash the news pages of your papers with a ‘‘Harold Teen’? party for newspaper ecartoonists in your vicinity. Specify that it is a testimonial to Carl Ed, who draws the ‘‘Teen’’ strip. His brothers-in-the-profession will want to join the celebration which your theatre is sponsoring. A dinner, advance publicity, photographs, and speeches will insure breaks for you. Affair can be of the buffet variety and promoted from a swank local restaurant anxious for notice. New York did a similar stunt recently for Jolson and Robinson’s ‘Dark Hazard’—all on the euff. Your Local ‘Teen’ ‘“Harold Teen’’ is a typieal character of adolescence in any community. Your local high school undoubtedly ean boast of a ‘Harold Teen’ and even a ‘Lillums.’ Start the school searching for their cartoon namesake. A voting contest is probably the best way, conducted either by ballot in the school or under newspaper sponsorship. Merchandise prizes may be promoted for the winners. For Tap-Dancers There’s bound to be a flock of embryonic Hal LeRoys in town who have yearned for an opportunity to display their tap-dancing ability in a theatre. Stage a Hal LeRoy Dance Contest inviting these people to participate. Stunt can be made big if plugged strongly and handled properly. Canvass all Dancing Schools, High Schools and Colleges for entrants, all merchants for prizes, largest paper in town for support. Invite a few notable and well publicized townspeople to act as judges and to endorse this contest. This is to take the stunt out of the ordinary dance hall class. If there are an unusual number of entries, break the judging into three nights; half of the group dancing on one night, the other half on the following night and the finals to take place the third night. [f there is a normal turnout it’s possible to judge the entire group within one night. Page Four Actual Strip As Throwaway To Beat The Band Get in touch with circulation manager of newspaper handling the Teen cartoon. Buy or promote from him back number copies of Sunday cartoon sections which include the Carl Ed feature. Get as many of these as are needed and print over the Teen drawings in open face type as shown, copy on your play need here. Colortone Effect Make your screen presentation more colorful with this atmospheric effect, elaborately colored, beautifully created. It added depth to your film. gives 4.x 5 Colored positive only $2.00 —Set (pos. & neg.) ...... $3.00 3144 x 4 Colored pos. only $1.50 —Set (pos. & neg.) ...... $2.25 Order by number N-796 NATIONAL STUDIOS, INC. 226 West 56th St., New York date. Get these around to news dealers, stores and have them placed in mail boxes in residential section of town. Idea can be adapted to papers carrying the daily strip cartoon imprint across the page on which ‘Teen’ is carried. Back numbers lying around are all you Get all the high school bands to practice the music from ‘‘Harold ‘Teen’’ and then have them all come down to your theatre at the same time, preferably just before an afternoon show. In the lobby, put them into competition to play the musie. A free admission for the whole band goes to those who can play the music best. You might get them all into a parade as an added ballyhoo. Get the Glee Club Directors of the schools to have a few individuals sing a chorus or two. School Contests High schools are your meat with ‘‘Harold Teen.’’ All you have to do is provide the spark and the kids will do the rest for you. Get ’em interested in selecting their most popular boy or girl, or the best-looking of each— anything as long as they’re with you. As prizes, you have Harold Teen sweaters, hats, and other tie-up merehandise. Get the school paper, and the town sheet to cooperate with yousPlug_ your opening, trying to get the whole school down, with bands, cheerleaders, et al. Color and enthusiasm—can’t be beat! Class Photographs From your leading photographer or even from the school itself you can obtain a collection of high school Senior Class pictures for many years back. These will make a fascinating display in your lobby. Many’s the person who will come merely to pick out some of the familiar faces on the relics. Scattered here and there through the display should be some of the ‘‘Harold Teen’’ stills. Prominent locals in the photos should be tagged with arrows. Cover All The Cars This attractive tire cover is on heavy durable cardboard with a rubberoid slip cover. Background is a vivid orange and title is green with a_ black shadow. / FAVORITE @ COMIC! with X SONGS and Shoe. Prices on this item: Up to ten —45c. each 10 to 49 —40c. each 50 or over—35c. each If imprinting is desired, add $2.50 to all orders up to 100. Over 100, imprinting is free. Covers sent €.O.D. Order directly from: CLUFF FABRIC PRODUCTS 655 WEST 55th STREET NEW YORK CITY