Harold Teen (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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In addition to general tie-up stills listed elsewhere in this section, here’s a still which is unique! It gives you a tie-up with any store in town, to advertise any article you want, in any words you choose. Blow it up, pick your merchant, and you’re all set for another big “Harold Teen” display! Order Still H Pub Al7 from Still Dept., Warner Bros. Pictures, 321 West 44th Street, N. Y. Schoolboy P. A.’s For School Notice Aimed particularly at the young ’uns, ‘‘Harold Teen’’ publicity should be handled by a youngster. Local professor of journalism can suggest a high-rating student who would be willing to handle the ‘‘Teen’’ campaign im the schools. This should consist of arranging for ads, reviews, breaks, general publicity, and exploitation for all school sheets in your vicinity. Reward for his efforts may be the experience, ducats, or a couple of bucks. Suit yourself. But his viewpoint and handling of the details will be sufficiently valuable to repay you. Plant Stories On Successful Locals Hal LeRoy is one of the current outstanding ‘boys who made good.’ With that in mind get a list of local celebs who made good. Anybody who is famous who came from your town. is good for a story. Some people have made their home towns famous, as for example, O. O. McIntyre who spread the fame of Gallipolis, Ohio far and wide. Head your story with ‘‘(name of town) boys who made good’’ and give it to your editor for a big news break. Don’t forget to mention that you were prompted to do this by the fact that Hal LeRoy is a lad who made good without any pull or outside influences. This attractive blow-up is in two vivid colors ready for fram ing in your lobby and front. It ran as an ad in all the leading fan mags and gives you a chance for a smart local follow-up. Especially priced at 50c. each. Ask to see a sample at your exchange. Here’s How To Work Your Underliner Slug: — > Mou CAN'T PARK IN TH STREET! PUSH HARDERWE'RE COMING To ALITTLE GOL! Ain'T WE AIN'T! OUR ENGINE BROKE -AND ovR Tow CAR IS ALL IN! See Warner Bros.’ exciting motion picture “Harold Teen” wit As bait for the bonefish we used] lest other anglers exhaust this hermit crabs, which we found by |lush preserve. I can say only that They climb | it is near.one of the Bahama group the hundreds ashore. trees and live on mall along | of islands. mainlang tcc Movies of Birds. shed our fill, we moe of, thes In exchange for a trailer in your theatre get local paper handling Harold Teen strip to give you an underliner similar to the one illusThis is best possible way to reach Teen readers insuring almost 100% coverage. If paper nixes tie-up of this type, offer to buy trated above. SPOOF ME INTO GNING Nou & =E3 | thet is not checked or striped with a clashing color such as. red. A brown suit with light blue shizt and yellow tie, or yellew shir and brown tie which bese -with Sm suit colg = SS SEG ea TICKET! a | h Hal LeRoy now playing at the Strand Theatre tailed, looks. good in the sixth and DRURY, if not scratched, will be well suited by the conditions in the seventh. ¥oréign Lady (Meade). .$8:10 $4.50 2.70 P. Hundred (P. Walls) — 4.60. .3.00 Ever True (R. Jones). . —_— — 2.40 none ae ; ne ies S ee ot obson, ance avor, Polly Rita, Pa: All, Gobet. Distragtine J . .. FOURTH three-vea ,and up* : iid Se trig the space as it will prove extremely valuable for this picture. Your trailer and feature can carry a tag reading like this: Follow the adventures of Harold Teen and his gang daily in the ....................0......... (name of newspaper). Page Five