Harold Teen (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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SIX BIG-TIME TIE-UPS ARE WA Pacific Knitting Mills Photos on sides available from manufacturer and (below) model window showing of display mate rial. Pacific Knitting Mills, makers of Catalina sweaters and bathing suits, have prepared both ‘‘Hal LeRoy”’ and ‘‘ Patricia Ellis’ sweaters. These are the garments worn by both stars in the film; illustrations show you what they are. WHAT YOU GET: Life-size cutout of Hal LeRoy, still displays, window trims, cards, newspaper mats. Should you want sweaters for prizes, factory will furnish them at wholesale prices. Information and display material are available from the Pacific Mills representatives. Here they are: Harry A. Leyrer, 1302 W. Woodlawn, San Antonio, Texas. Bryce B. Smith, 1655 Cornell Rd. N. E., Atlanta, Ga. J. B. Brennan, P. O. Box 559, Wheeling, W. Va. S. L. Finke, 325 S. Market St., Chicago, IIl. L. J. Closman, 325 S. Market St., Chicago, Ill. W. O. Oram, 325 S. Market St., Chicago, Ill. J. E. Watte, 325 S. Market St., Chicago, Ill. E. Schneider, 325 S. Market St., Chicago, Il. J. B. Trice, 839 Kayton Avenue, San Antonio, Texas. L. J. Cahn, Muehlbach Hotel, Kansas City, Missouri. A. F. Driscoll, 529 Charles Bldg., Denver, Colorado. Carl Rosene, 1118 S. Sheridan, Tacoma, Washington. L. O. Wilfong, 8372 Outlook Avenue, Oakland, California. Dave Bergeson, 530 Brussel, San Francisco, California. Harry Twitchell, 443 §. San Pedro St., Los Angeles, California. Max Basker, P. O. Box 182, Honolulu, T. H. Hugo May Company, Teniente Rey 55, Havana, Cuba. Boyd Bros., P. O. Box 5032, Ancon, C. Z. S. R. Charlton, 443 §. San Pedro St., Los Angeles, California. O. J. Olms, 443 S. San Pedro Street, Los Angeles, California. Hal Le Roy Shirt See See Arrangements have been made for window displays in stores throughout the country. Cutouts-and_ colored enlargements of LeRoy are waiting for shipment as soon as manufacturer is notified. . Here’s all you have to do: As soon as your playdate is set, send it to manufacturer listed below. He will inform dealers and arrange for displays. All accessories will be supplied free to dealers, who will include your playdates in all displays. Send inquiries and playdates to: MR. JACK RICHARDS Care of F. Jacobson & Sons 1115 Broadway New York City and Postal Telegraph The Florist 6,000 members of the Florists Telegraph Delivery Association are in on this one with a ‘‘Hal LeRoy Sweetheart Bouquet.’’ All members have been advised to create special displays. Members of the Florists Telegraph Delivery are recognized by the Mercury Emblem on their windows. This tie-up can supplement almost every contest outlined in this merchandising plan, with cooperating stores sending bouquets to winners. NOTE: The 14 x 22, two-color easel-backed window display piece above is available at 25c each, Order direct from ECONOMY NOVELTY COMPANY, Art Display Department, 239 West 39th Street, New York City. Page Hight Florist Tie-Up Postal Telly A Postal Telegram will give theatre window stills together with a reproduction on standard blanks of the following wires: HOLLYWOOD CAL (Date) I AM VERY PROUD OF THE HAL LE ROY SWEETHEART BOUQUET AS FEATURED IN HAROLD TEEN CREATED ESPECIALLY FOR ME BY BERT SCHILLER McDONALD NOTED STYLIST OF FLORIST TELEGRAPH DELIVERY STOP I KNOW YOU WILL GET HUGE KICK OUT OF SEEING HOW FLOWERS SAVE THE DAY IN MY LATEST FILM STOP WARNER BROS LAUGH HIT HAROLD TEEN NOW PLAYING AT THE STRAND THEATRE HAL LE ROY HOLLYWOOD CAL (Date) EVERY GIRL APPRECIATES THE GIFT OF FLOWERS ESPECIALLY WHEN SENT BY TELEGRAPH THROUGH FLORIST TELEGRAPH DELIVERY MEMBERS AND THE COOPERATION OF POSTAL TELEGRAPH STOP EVERY GIRL WILL FURTHER APPRECIATE A CHANCE TO SEE HAROLD TEEN AT THE STRAND THEATRE STOP ONE OF THE MERRIEST PICTURES EVER PRODUCED PATRICIA ELLIS Postal managers have been notified of this tie-up...See them!