He Was Her Man (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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They Remember the Hits These Teams Turned Out! Keeler and Powell, Powell and Francis, Cagney and Blondell—all top-notch pairs! Can you name the pictures they’ve appeared in together? Get the fans to put on their thinking caps early, reviewing the hits scored by each of these couples. Stunt is adaptable primarily to newspapers, although house organ can use for three week period in advance of the show. Three mats available as a unit. Order Mat No. 3—50c. (First Story) Do You Know In Which Pictures He Was Her Man? Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler, two of the most popular film lovers. In what films have they appeared together? Prizes for best answers. Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell! Gorgeous girl and smiling tenor! Both act even better than they look, and sing even better than they act. Cast in juvenile leads in their first production, they flamed through the Hollywood firmament of stars like blazing meteors, and by public acclaim were linked together as the season’s most popular romantic team. In the film, Dick Powell was Ruby Keeler’s MAN. In what pictures was he her man? Five pairs of tickets to the « Theatre, where the remarkable Warner Bros. drama “He Was Her Man,” starring James Cagney and Joan Blondell will open Ci) Neate see » will be awarded for the five correct lists which are accompanied by the five best letters of not more than 100 words on “Who Are My Favorite Sereen Lovers—and Why?” Grand prizes will be awarded for the most complete list of the entire series, and a special prize will be given for the best letter. Send all contributions to the Screen Lovers Contest Editor. before noon of the day after which each picture appears. Another pair of lovers will be shown tomorrow. The contest ends ........... (Note to Editor—Footlight Parade; Gold Diggers of 1933; 42nd Street.) (Second Story) He Was Her Man—And You WinPrizeBy Knowing When William Powell and Kay Francis, who are often cast as screen lovers to the intense satisfaction of the public. Neither William Powell nor Kay Francis can be imagined as singing that ribald ballad which ends in the famous line that furnished the title for. the Warner Bros. unique love thriller “He Was Her Man,” which, with James Cagney and Joan Blondell in the stellar roles, opens at the Beate eee ae TROStIO OR 12. But Powell and Miss Francis are two of the screen’s most famous lovers, and for those whose picture memories are sufficiently developed to remember in which pictures he was her man, valuable prizes are waiting. Send in a correct list of pictures in which this pair were lovers and accompany the list by a letter of not more than 100 words, telling who are your favorite screen lovers and why. For the best five correct lists and letters, a pair of tickets to the Se ES cE will be awarded. Grand prizes will be given for (Third Story) Last Chance to Win Prizes In He Was Her Man Contest Jaw punching, hair pulling, grapefruit hurling Jimmy Cagney, and wise cracking, googley eyed, beautiful Joan Blondell, are a pair of screen lovers no one ever forgets. They’ve fought each other, loved each other, and laughed with each other in miles of camera films, all over acres of Hollywood lots. Now they’re together again in the spectacular drama “He Was Her Man,” and there are five pairs of tickets to the .........000.. Theatre, where they will appear, for the best five letters telling “Who Are My Favorite Screen Lovers and Why?” which are accompanied by the five most correct lists of the pictures in which Cagney was Blondell’s man. There are grand prizes for the most correct lists in the entire series which ends today, and a special prize for the best letter. All replies must be sent to the Screen Lovers Contest Editor of theses before noon tomorrow, when the contest officially closes. Winners of yesterday’s contest were: (list names) Today’s winners will be announced tomorrow. (Note to Editor — Sinner’s Holiday; Public Enemy; The Crowd Roars; Footlight Parade; He Was Her Man). the best lists submitted during the entire series, and a special prize will be given for the best letter. Lists. should be sent to the Sereen Lovers Contest Editor of thee before noon of the day following the appearance of the picture. The final photograph in the series will be published tomorrow. Winners yesterday were: (Publish list). (Note to Editor—Jewel Robbery, One Way Passage, Street of Chance, Behind the Make-up, For the Defense, Ladies Man.) Famous Lovers Use the following list as the basis of a newspaper contest. Question is ‘‘He Was Her Man .... Who?” Publish list of women, contestants to fill in names of men alongside. HE WAS HER MAN ... WHO? Heloise o.55 66 ee (Abelard) Cleopatra .............. .(Anthony) Old ec SS (Tristram) Nell Gwyn... (Charles II) Dubarry ...... ......... (Louis XVI) George Sand ....... ... (Chopin) Ann Hathaway ....... (Shakespere) Anne Morrow .................0....0000c00 (Charles Lindbergh) Ruby Keeler ............ (Al Jolson) James Cagney and Joan Blondell, as they appear in “He Was Her Man” at the ........ es Theatre. Contest forWomen Run a_ contest on women’s page for best letter on ‘‘My Daily Routine.’’ Idea is for women to send in their usual daily program, from the time they arise in the morning until their bedtime. Tie in with the picture by using Joan Blondell’s daily routine as an illustration. Here it is. MY DAILY ROUTINE By Joan Blondell I always get up bright and early. Wash my teeth with the kind of toothpaste that Amos ’n’ Andy sell. And once a week they’re washed with peroxide. Then into the ice cold shower where I spend about twenty minutes ...no fooling. Then in to breakfast, where I eat to my heart’s content. No dieting for me. Out of the house at 8.30 and down to the studio, where I work all day, taking a halfhour off for lunch. Eat anything but beets. Usually home for dinner with my husband, George Barnes. Like having friends over evenings or else we go out dancing. We both hate the typical Hollywood parties and prefer going to the Ambassador to dance, where we can mingle with the crowds. Home for a light snack in the kitchen. I don’t use any creams or lotions before retiring. Just honest-to-goodness soap and water. Wash my hair once a week with kerosene. Give my hair a good brushing, don silk pajamas, without which I can’t sleep, and s............ Dierctee ie. . Some Last Lines Contest to work with cooperating newspaper. Readers must provide last line to ‘‘He was her man.’’ Can be run one, two, three or as many days as paper will go for. Here’s your publicity story: He Was Her Man! Write A Last Line And Win A Pass Sometime, somewhere, everyone has waited until the tenor singing that old classic “Frankie and Johnny” ended with “He was her man...” and everyone chorused, “But he done her wrong.” Thorstein: newspaper, in conjunction with the Strand Theatre is looking for a new ending for the line. “He Was Her Man” is the new Warner picture coming to the Strand, so they’d like something else instead of “But he done her wrong.” All you have to do is start with “He was her man”.... and add a clever line to end it. Easy? Well, start sending your entries in now. The more the better. The ten cleverest last lines sent in to the Contest Editor of LAO Re ieee areca paper before tomorrow night, will each receive two passes to see the picture at the Strand. “He Was Her Man” is an intense drama about a crook, @ street walker and an _ honest, hearty fisherman. Most of the action in the story takes place in a fishing village on the Pacific coast. Besides James Cagney and Joan Blondell, the cast includes Victor Jory, as Miss Blondell’s seagoing sweetheart, Sarah Padden as his adoring mother, Frank Craven, Ralfe Harolde and Harold Huber. Page Three