He Was Her Man (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Puzzle Your Way In To View “He Was Her Man” Use the following as newspaper tie-up or throwaway. Offer guest tickets to the first ten to send in correct answers. Puzzle is self explanatory. It consists of building on each word of the title. HE— Add 2 letters and get a pile of anything ......0.0..000. HEap eee 2 Oe ging < of 2. SD O8OR 3c HErod eee S e 2 vk PHASE “A OCtIING = ac: cae ae HEresy <3 3 Riva reg 2 RD | oo Bee eee ee HEarsay WAS— Add 2 letters and get stinging insects .........0.0clccesstecserees WASps ae. b See as Y ANOS “AWAY |. Sauce oe WAStes oe Boe 72.7. gaeiont drink 22h Ses asain WASsail SD se 22 3 WAVINGS ...:.:..c cee ee WAShings HER— s Add 2*letters..and get. flocks :..>.......2acgg es oa HERds of eee » ” messenger of the gods ................ HERmes ie ee: n° 3) = $OvOxvUMRCYS . Saaieeue rn ee HERALDS ee Fa? Bee le geney *..... i. eeeeeastaaea a eee HERitage pe Add 2 2 letters and get ministers’s home ........0.ccccccccccceeeee. MANse 3 eae te 78 RE css ee elev cee MANner a. eee BCs ares aereer: MANacle site * ec ps Oaeee. GIG oc ee MANdarin Newspaper Ad ‘Tie-up These stills can get you free co-op space in your papers. Adaptable for use with want ads, apartments, jobs, or any type of classifieds specialized in by your paper. Line to follow is: Jimmy Cagney (or Joan Blondell) is looking over the news after finishing his picture “He Was Her Man.” There’s no doubt that if he were in (town) he’d have the (paper) in his hand. Still numbers WH Pub. A and WH Pub. C. WHEN YOU PLAY PENNER Irv Blumberg of Philly is the latest to register standup Saturday business with a Joe Penner imitation contest for the kids. Announcment of the contest brought a stampede of youngsters anxious to do the “Nasty Man” gag.. Same stunt was done out West with a morning radio broadcast. Another idea which got plenty of attention at the Trans-Lux on New York’s main stem was an animated display of Penner holding a duck. Motor, hidden behind the display, had the duck opening his mouth accompanied by a synchronized quacking. The one-sheet at your exchange fits the display perfectly. Page Four 28x42 Blow-Ups This one-sheet blow-up and another are available in full colors at $3.50 each; in black and white at $2.25 each. F.O.B. New York City. National Studios, Ine. 226 WEST 56th ST. NEW YORK CITY Lobby Idea Let the customers know you’re playing a favorite star team. Plug the previous JimmyJoan pictures. Make a display in your lobby along these lines: You laughed and cried with them in “Sinner’s Holi day.’ You thrilled with them. in “<The Crowd Roars.’ You sang and danced with them in “‘Footlight Parade.’ And now romance with them... the two most lovable actors on the screen... James Cagney and Joan Blondell in “‘He Was Her Man.’ Use blowups. Ships That Pass .. Still WH 64 is a lovely scene of fishing smacks sailing into the harbor. Illustrate this and run a contest for the best photo or paint ing of a harbor scene. Exhibit all entries in lobby with name of entrant. Number each one and have patrons write their choice on ballot provided. Ballot box should be adorned with blow-up of still and copy explaining contest. Propose This One The New York Daily News runs a_ contest daily on ‘“‘How He pro _posed.’’ Along this line, have your paper plan a contest on ‘‘How I Got My Man.’’ Award prizes or passes to the best let ters.’ Be sure to mention that only initials of contestants will be published. Snap The Crowds Have your paper send a photographer out to snap street crowds which include couples. White out face of the male sweetheart. Say, ‘‘He was her Mawn...=. . is it you?’’ Award passes to the man who can identify himself as the person in the picture. Snap crowds in a different section of town each day. If the paper can’t go for it, work the stunt right from theatre. Post the snaps on a board in front of theatre with explanatory copy. Coop. Idea How They Love! No doubt, you’ll play: es this. picture during the summer shoppers are scarce. Neighborhood stores will be in the proper frame of mind to go for ideas that will spur bus iness. Sell this coop idea for windows or ads! ‘ young man_ looking adoringly at a young woman. Lead copy is.. “HE WAS HER MAN . because .... She used”’... Articles should include women’s wear, as dresses, coats, hoslery, cosmetics, soaps, shoes ete. At bottom of advertisement get your playdate plug. Cooperative Stills Hats—WH_ 6. Shows Cagney wearing new hat just removed from hat box visible in background. Baggage — WH _ 55. Cagney carrying new valise getting into automobile. Buses — WH 39. Cagney and _ Blondell about to get into bus, carrying bags. Full shot of bus is shown. Stills are 10c¢ each. Order directly from Editor Merchandising Plan, Warner Bros. 321 West 44th Street, New York City. Reminders 1. Light colors make a cool front. Watch the holidays! 3. Get busy on ideas for contacting kids when school closes. 4. Soft drink tieups. 5. Ditto ice-cream. months when — Get a picture of a> Cagney gets his women ina rough and readv fashion. His love technique includes slapping, wisecracking and a. certain take-it-or-leave-it attitude. Cashing in on this, Jules Curley, ex ‘ploitation head of War ner’s New Jersey circuit, ran a contest asking for letters from men on their love technique and netted six days of stories and scene mats. The cooperating paper need only publishinitials of contestants. Any type of love technique goes, be it funny or romantic. Fishing Windows Stil WH 76 illustrates an exciting fishing scene from this picture. Tie this in with all stores selling fishing equipment. Arrange for display of reels, rods, fishing outfits and the still with copy and playdates. Roles For Cagney Fans have seen Cagney as a fast-talking, wise-cracking character. In this picture, he plays a romantic young burglar. Run a contest to find out how the fans in your town would like to see Cagney. Ask them ‘‘Would you prefer to see Cagney in comedies aS a _ wiseeracking character, or in really dramatic roles?’’?’ Run it as a newspaper contest or with the inquiring reporter.