He Was Her Man (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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TOR JORY F AVEN PIR ECTED &Y LLOYO BACOR A WARNER BROS. VITAPHONE 24 SHEET THREE-SHEET SLIDE Sliding Scale of Prices for Accessories 1-SHEETS Jtos5Oi See 15c each Sl to 100 hs ecu: 13c each Over 100 lle each 35-SHEETS Vetoes 20-50 eee 40c each Over 255. shoe. soe 36c each 6-SHEETS Neto: LO es ee 75¢ each Disto:20s ee ee 70c each Over:20 323 65c eac 24-SHEETS Up*to. 295). $2.00 each Over:25.232 1.75 each WINDOW CARDS eto MoO awe cus oe: 7e each ST te 00 eee eras 6c each Over = 100.3833 5% each DORR Bes. ae na 25c each DLT TS | ere 22c each Sile=ton LOO! .2..cses eae 20c each Over” 100%. an 19¢ each HERALDS TMEto 5 Mig ee3. 2c: $3.00 per M Over SME wie. 2.75 per M LOBBY DISPLAYS 11 x 14 Photos............ 75e a set (8 in set—colored) 22 x 28 Photos............ Sf: a set (2 in set—colored) Sid esccr.. ae t tee: 15e each Sillsses Sse eats 10c each Midget Window Cards....4c each Merchandising Plans ........ Gratis (These prices apply to U. S. only) CS ee ea ee se ey ee ae VICTOR JORY FRANK CRAVEN | A WAGNER BROS. & VITAPHONE PRODUCTION SIX-SHEET DESCRIPTION: Illustration in full color in deep green circles. Background is white. Title is bright blue. Cast is red. ViCToR Jony ee ee ees ee REWER RARER RES REITRP ANS RM INSERT CARD WICTSR FERY EBRABEK CRAVE | RSBREES RE SROHKERERH MH VAQBER BREE KL VIBRRERE VKHONE ENGR: ONE-SHEET and WINDOW CARD PRINTED IN U.S.A.