Here Comes Carter (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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HERE COMES CARTER! PRODUCTION DATA N ¢ : . § s gv A. [F772 Vp NN SO Gy NS S Qw) f & KALIL NF NS Below is the official billing for ““Here Comes Carter!” It is important that this be followed without change or variation. “HERE COMES CARTER!” ROSS GLENDA ALEXANDER FARRELL «« Anne Nagel Craig Reynolds Hobart Cavanaugh 40% George E. Stone—John Sheehan Joseph Crehan—Dennis Moore 20% Directed by William Clemens 25% A FIRST NATIONAL PRODUCTIONS CORPORATION 10% PICTURE Y % Yn, 3 & § § s gS § § § §§ & 426 oe ABNGAELS POMC CMIOI foe hake Fr RE ae ake Ross Alexander Wares Rennie ee 2 Oe Pe Ae ea Glenda Farrell Rien. wearer es RS ee SALA SE eae Anne Nagel Ce CROONER Cn et eee Me ke tae Craig Reynolds Beets 2 osc an ROR ea eo a arene George E. Stone BR we RC ht ae Sere a et Se a eS Ee ae Hobart Cavanaugh UE ei Sh. cnc: Set om os ah cae a John Sheehan a | a Mars A le em eae Ria enna eDiets Joseph Crehan SOMONE ROOR ks RE a ee a Dennis Moore en Ee Pe ee ee Er ee ieee OEE Norman Willis RE ee i ee ee John T. Murray Cee LSS Re it Be cy ia etl be mama) thar Charles Foy COR a UO EAS, OR EA Ss Seen Ne RG Ed Chandler Reema Cael. OT Sees DT hr eee Fe eS Davison Clarke GLUES Re Nats SS RSE ACES. 53 try a eee ea eer SR Wayne Morris BED GA EL PLE | RI. MRS UR Effie Afton EPMNOE OO Pe ae i oc ee Te Ce eee William Clemens eee Pi Oy Ss ee, OS ae. oe ae aad Roy Chanslor NO oe me ei he an eae ag i eee, tk ee M. Jacoby Meusie and Lyrics by. ES M. K. Jerome and Jack Scholl Photograpny by... 2... Ate Sache eM ia e Arthur Todd, A.S.C. MRR IM Nek, ee a ee aS Ge ee re ... Louis Hesse ENR es eee ta hose eee nike Cert, came: CS Oat eee, -.. Ted Smith ike eA eat eA Sl MaRS GF) i din eae der ab oe GSC a tis lee ok Orry-Kelly LENGE eee. ee RUNNING TIME ...... Re eae 5,364 FEET Se Soe eT 60 MINUTES Kent Carter (Ross Alexander), publicity director of a moving picture studio, refuses to promote his secretary and sweetheart, Linda Warren (Anne Nagel), because he fears she would be a success— which would take her away from him. Rex Marchbanks (Craig Reynolds), the studio’s pet star demands that Kent do something to pacify the movie actor’s wife who has a warrant for his arrest on a charge of desertion. Kent, who hates the actor, calls the police instead, and is fired. Unable to land a better job, Kent becomes a leg man for Mel Winter (Hobart Cavanaugh), radio commentator on Hollywood subjects. When Mel is too drunk to go on the air, Kent substitutes with such sensational success that he replaces Mel permanently. Linda is disgusted with Kent because he plays up scandal in his broadcasts, being especially vindicative toward Rex. But Kent’s new secretary, Verna Kennedy (Glenda Farrell), is for him no matter what he does. Kent uses his influence to make Linda a radio starlet, but hides from her the fact that he got her the job. Kent continues his attacks on Rex, with the result that the star engages gangster Steve Moran (Norman Willis) to intimidate the “lowdowner.” Steve assigns Slugs (John Sheehan) to the job. «(" meer * yy puff ROSS ALEXANDER—Was born in New York City twenty-nine years ago... Attended Brooklyn Model School and Erasmus Hall . . . Preferred baseball and swimming to the Three Rs ... Says he was kicked out of school at sixteen ... Had been something of a mimic from babyhood . .. The only thing he’s earnest about is acting ... Declares that if he failed at that he’d starve ... His gift for drama was first recognized by Blanche Yurka ... The Broadway stage has seen him in “Let Use Be Gay,” “That’s Gratitude,’ “After Tomorrow,” “The Stork Is Dead,” “Party’s Over” and others... He toured in stock then was called to Hollywood by Warner Bros... . Has an interesting home in Hollywood with a farm barnyard with ducks, chickens and, believe it or not, goats . . . Employs a cook, a valet and a gardener . . . His pets are an alley cat named Itchy and an English bull dog named Watson ... He is six feet tall, weighs 150 pounds and has brown hair and blue eyes . . Recently middleaisled with the lovely Anne Nagel who is in the cast of “Here Comes Carter!” i. d \ CRAIG REYNOLDS — Another hometown boy who made good in the movies—was born near Hollywood in Anheim, California .. . Attended grammar school in Los Angeles where he was a member of the football, baseball and tennis teams ... After he was graduated from high school he made his stage debut in the Drama Art Shop, a little theatre of Los Angeles .. . His talent was quickly recognized and after success on the stage he was called to Hollywood . . His picture career started with Evalyn Knapp in a serial, “Perils of Pauline” .. . His most recent pictures are “Guns of the Pecos,” “The Golden Arrow” and “Times Square Playboy.” [gy Wy Kent gets some secrets out of Slugs, a movie fan, and reveals them on the air. The gangsters then give Kent a_ beating-up which sends him to the hospital. Nonetheless, he broadcasts from his bed, naming his assailants. Slugs “calls” again, this time to kill the broadcaster, but once more Kent gives him the runaround. In fact, he succeeds in getting the tough to admit that Steve killed a bank teller. Steve finally decides to attend to Kent personally. The ex-publicity man makes advance arrangements for the gangster’s visit by planting a secret microphone. The result is that Steve, in the course of threatening him, admits various crimes over the air. ‘The gangster is about to kill Kent when the police, who have been planted on the scene, appear. In an attempt to escape, Steve is shot and falls from the fire escape. Kent has learned from Marchbank’s wife that the actor is a brother of Steve’s and is himself an ex-gangster with a _ prison record. ‘This ends Marchbanks’ career as a movie idol which satisfies Kent’s thirst for revenge. He tells Linda he now is willing to quit his dirt-throwing and apply himself to constructive news about the film colony. She has learned from her rival, Verna, that Kent is responsible for her success and rushes into his arms. AANA OM sian \ f f (" «\ : Ye W GLENDA FARRELL—Was born in Enid, Oklahoma . . . The only child of an Irish father and a German mother which, she declares, make her Irish . . . Stage debut was as Little Eva in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” in stock . . . Says she has spent most of her life in a trunk Toured the country and then made a Broadway hit in “Love, Honor and Betray” ... Her screen debut was in “Little Caesar” while vacationing in Hollywood ; Likes to paint in water colors... Plays the piano a little .. . Hates any form of strenuous exercise . also bridge and golf ... Adores motoring when somebody else is "ed 4 (\ 0" wi ‘ \ at the wheel .. . Declares her one hobby is her eight-year-old son, Tommy ... Glenda is five feet three and one-half inches tall, weighs one hundred and sixteen pounds and has gray eyes and blonde hair . . . Among her pictures are “Go Into Your Dance,” “Traveling Saleslady,’ “We’re In the Money,” ‘Miss Pacific Fleet” and “Snowed Under” . . . Usually identified with ‘wise cracking roles’ .. . She has a _ distinctly different part in ‘“Here Comes Carter!” ANNE NAGEL—In real life Mrs. Ross Alexander—was_ born Anne Dolan in Boston, Mass., in 1915... Her adopted name is that of her stepfather, a. well-known producer of technicolor featurettes. She changed the “a” in her first name to an “e” on the advice of a numerologist . After she was graduated from Notre Dame Academy in Boston she joined the Shubert players and appeared in musical comedies .. . Went to Hollywood in 1935 and appeared in a number of films under her father’s direction Her more recent pictures are “Hot Money,” “China Clipper,’ and her current film, “Here Comes Carter!” Page Three