Here Comes Carter (Warner Bros.) (1936)

Record Details:

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HERE COMES CARTERS EXPLOITATION BALLYING WITH THE SONGS AMATEUR WINNERS ON STAGE Hlere’s Your Title Page No need telling you what to do with these title pages, because you’ve all used them successfully in the past. It’s enough to tell you that they’re brilliantly colored—and FREE in limited quantities. Order them directly from: SAM SERWER, R96; A; BUILDING, 1250. 6th: AVE:'.NEW YORK GEIY. CONTEST OF LOVE SONGS Radio band, when playing “Through the Courtesy of Love,” runs contest testing listeners-in ability to recognize old songs which have the word ‘love’ in title. About 10 ‘love’ songs are played—first five with correct answers getting the ducats. And speaking of titles —don’t forget to have pic’s mentioned, too. GIRL PLAYS ror patto ms beneht “truck-in” that small piano and see if you can get that same pretty girl to tap keys, playing pic’s songs. If she sings, so much the better. TRICK VIC Portable victrola hidden behind radio cabinet set up in lobby. Sign tells folks to turn dial and hear songs from pic. Contraption behind dial sets vic in action. Page Six TITLE CONTEST Annie Oakleys for most song titles with word ‘love.’ Contest can be run thru newspapers or contestants can fill in names on slips of paper supplied in theatre lobby. PLUG ON P. A. No need for our telling you to have P. A. system going at all times plugging songs out front and in auditorium. Also get after local bands to play songs and plug picture. A swell tie-up with local radio station would be to invite winner and runner-up of amateur hour song-fest to sing pic’s songs on stage of your theatre. Conductor announces this added feature with proper mention of pic and playdates. Anne Nagel’s extra-girl to star rise would make interesting comment here. A little extra persuasion might get ork to play or talent to sing “Through the Courtesy of Love” and “You On My Mind.” Don’t pull your punches on this one—make theatre affair something to see and then read all about it in the newspapers. . .. If you want to run the affair without help from radio station, go right ahead! Just announce the fact that you’re having an amateur night, promote a few prizes—and let nature take its course. ANNOUNCERS’ LINE “Through the Courtesy of Love” is a natural for radio announcers who like to give their plugs with a little different twist to ’em. F’r instance: “We are now going to play ‘Through the Courtesy of Love’ — through the courtesy of the Strand Theatre which 1s now showing “Here Gomes Carter!” in which the song is featured.” ORGANIST PLAYS If your organist is still around have him play picture’s songs while lyrics are flashed on screen. Naturally, he gives film big plug in spiel that accompanies his playing of the songs. GIRL IN CLUBS Might be worth your while to hire good-looking girl to make rounds of taverns and nite clubs or any other place where customers inquire about cover charges to sing “Courtesy” song through courtesy of your theatre. Wouldn’t be too expensive, would it? FLORIST TIE-UP Local florist might use ‘“‘Courtesy” song title as catch line in window display. Like — “Through the Courtesy of Love we are offering this plant, etc., at a special price.” Free—Big Window Streamer «HOSS ALEXANDER « AN GEL» GLENDA FARR You see what a swell plug film gets on this window streamer, so you'll probably want to get after music dealers immediately to make certain they'll all use it. They’re FREE in limited quantities, so be sure to see local dealers right away. They’re generally glad to cooperate with you, so don’t overlook this tie-up possibility. Streamers on order from: SAM SERWER, R.C.A. BUILDING, 1250 6th AVE., N. Y. C.