Here Comes Carter (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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HERE COMES CARTERS EXPLOITATION VARIETY OF TIE-UP STILLS RAIN CAPE G. F. 408 GLOVES A. N. 23 TOY ENGINES R. A. Pub. A 5 Our order books show us that more and more exhibitors are going in strongly for store window displays, using tie-up stills as part of their show’s exploitation campaign. For “Here comes Carter!”, we suggest this new line-up of seventeen specially-posed stills, each featuring a different merchandisable item. Although stills feature one item prominently, most of them can be used just as well for several articles. Merchants understand the sales value of illustrating their merchandise offers with pictures of outstanding screen personalities who mean so much to the film fans. $1.50 buys the entire set of seventeen. Individu ally they are 10c apiece. Order directly from the Campaign Plan Editor, 321 W. 44th Street, New York City. PERFUME G. F. Pub. A 97 * MB? ING ha et = Seales, 6 ERED Miss Be NOS fs POLO SHIRT R. A. 128 EVENING FORMALR.A.132. AFTERN’'N FORMAL R.A.119. SPORTS COAT R. A. 47 TOBACCO SHOP TOBACCO SHOP CASE AND LIGHTER R.A. 103 eae pS SPrEHN BOLERO, 59 BEAUTY SHOP TYPEWRITER SHOP 2 £ HAIRDRESS A. N. 9 SUEDE SHOES A. N. 35 PERSIAN LAMB G. F. 600 PORTABLE TYPEW’R G.F. Pub. A128 <qssvuiossiaesonniomenaenaliceadsienmases onenvannecumeeenenectnanatsisisenamasainteensiiaianmnssaneemasesseae ss eee nen esses pestle sss ssn essen sp scissors scree sku essen sins abcsinmssinmasione A aR EP SR AP ESI TS DoCS SSS SSP, ae ptm ETAT Te ESTER ELS TELE ASTI IE LE RE LIE EE ADEE TELE SEITE EI TEETER AEE TCO ES TL Se re errr ere eneeeg eee eeneesisintsasinsstonanatsbe sees esis assioaasotnsnaasonseanuaa asus aasenaassonamesaspasuees aaeunininmeaameaosonemementammaanen aeaeeraeeaen, Page Seven