Here Comes Carter (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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WATCH HIS SMOKE AS HE His radio chatter scatt of Hollywood’s highdollar personality batt girl he met! No wonder * have made him the BURNS UP THE AIR WAVES! ered the love secrets ; hatters...and his milliony ered the heart of every his gags, gats, and gals mirth of the nation! ADVERTISING WITH A SWEETIE ON EACH AR HERE COMES CARTER! ~ ROSS ALEXANDER GLENDA FARRELL Anne Nagel-Craig Reynolds » Hobart ee MAND A MILLION DOLLAR CHARM... here comes Ross Alexander! Hitch your fun-wagon to this’ star and see him go to town in... Cavanaugh + George E. Stone John Sheehan + Dennis Moore Directed. by Wm. Clemens < THEATRE 90 Lines Mat No. 209—20c It's the show that made song hits out of: “YOU ON MY MIND”, “THRU THE COURTESY OF LOVE" by M. K. Jerome and Jack Scholl AT LAST!..THE MAN WHO GETS IN | THE LAST WORD WITH A WOMAN! ..-But he has to be the smoothest talker on the air...and the fastest worker in Hollywood to do it! Come on along and meet’re going to see alot of him from now on! Bi eee oo ROSS ALEXANDER. GLENDA FARRELL ANNE NAGEL* HOBART CAVANAUGH CRAIG REYNOLDS + GEORGE E. STONE JOHN SHEEHAN JOSEPH CREHAN DENNIS MOORE Directed by WILLIAM CLEMENS « A First National Picture sepia | eR TE TT TSMR eT NY 218 Lines Mat No. 210—20c 170 Lines Mat No. 211—20c Page Nine