Here Comes Carter (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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HERE COMES CARTER ADVERTISING HIS LOWDOWN ON HI-DE-HO IS THE HOTTEST THING IN RADIO! oe es Watch his smoke as he burns up the air-waves!..and watch him go to town in the gay, breezy, livewire role you’ve always wanted to see him play! . ZZ Tow EA. TR 45 Lines Mat No. 111—10Oc with ROSS ALEXANDER | ML, GLENDA FARRELL Anne Nagel + Craig Reynolds Hobart Cavanaugh ° George E. Stone LU John Sheehan « Joseph Crehan song hits out of: f F Me = TNT ATT liga Dennis Moore « Directed by William UCLA aniaiayam Clemens « A First National Picture “OF LOVE” by M. K. Jerome & Jack T H E A Scholl HIS LOWDOWN ON HI-DE-HO IS~x y —— THE HOTTEST THING IN RADIO! Y 1 HERE COMES CARTER! ROSS ALEXANDER GLENDA FARRELL 114 Lines Mat No. 202—20c > ANNE NAGEL: HOBART CAVANAUGH CRAIG REYNOLDS GEORGE E. STONE JOHN SHEEHAN JOSEPH CREHAN DENNIS MOORE © Directed by WILLIAM CLEMENS + A First National Picture 27 Lines Mat No. 113—10c = WATCH HIS SMOKE AS HE BURNS UP THE AIR WAVES! Anne Nagel. Craig Reynolds, Hobart Cavanaugh George E. Stone, John Sheehan, Joseph Crehan, Dennis Moore, Directed by Wiliam Clemens A First National Picture 15 Lines Mat No. 109—10c HE’S RIDING HIGH . WHEN HE PICKS avo SITTING PRET UP THE MIKE, ff Alexander make HolYOU'LL KNOW. : lywood’s face turn why all the worl red in this merry tale of gags, gats, and gals of the air-waves! 79 Lines Mat No. 112—10c Page Ten went haywire when he spilled his stuff! 66 Lines Mat No. 110—10c THE TRAILER Copy below will give you a good idea of the ‘lightness’ and gaiety of the trailer as a selling medium. Clips are on the humorous side . . . but there’s only one way to find out all this. The next time you’re at the EXCHANGE ask the boys to show it to you . . . BECAUSE IT MUST BE SEEN TO BE APPRECIATED! Hot Off The Airwaves Comes The Story of The Hollywood Radio Gossiper, Who Cashed In On Other People's Secrets! He's The Bad Boy of Radioland! But Wait Till You Get The Inside Story Of His Private Life In "HERE COMES CARTER !" Songs to Keep You Humming! Stars to Keep You Laughing! "HERE COMES CARTER !" The Season's Gayest Comedy! "HERE COMES CARTER !" Ross Alexander Tops His Grand Performance in "China Clipper"! Glenda Farrell! Anne Nagel Craig Reynolds "HERE COMES CARTER !" A Keyhole Portrait of Radio's Keyhole Gossiper !