Here Comes Carter (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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HERE COMES CARTER! PUBLICITY Ross Alexander Gets Frightened Before Camera Ross Alexander is still fighting that inferiority complex which he acquired the first day he arrived in Hollywood and stood before the camera for a make-up test. This interesting bit of information was garnered from Ross himself on the set of “Here Comes Carter!”, the First National production now showing Sb Gts a enncnt cassia theatre. “Tt makes me feel just like a seven-year-old schoolboy reciting ‘Gunga Din’ before the ParentTeacher Association,” the actor said. To combat this mental nervousness, Ross has just worked out a set of resolutions which he followed, while working on “Here Comes Carter!” Accosting strangers on the street and asking them for directions gave him self-assurance. Listening to talking phonograph records for hours and hours without appearing bored was another resolution which built-up his confidence. Thirdly, he tried addressing public gatherings. “T didn’t get any invitation to talk before a club, so I formed one of my own,” he says. Alexander has the role of a movie press agent and later a gossipy radio broadcaster in “Here Comes Carter!” which combines hilarious comedy with dynamic thrills. Others in the cast include Glenda Farrell, Anne Nagel, Craig Reynolds, Hobart Cavanaugh, George E. Stone, Joseph Crehan and Dennis Moore. Actor Is Worn Out From Lying In Bed Ross Alexander had to spend a whole week in a hospital bed for the First National picture, “Here Comes Carter!”, which comes to the theatre on : “Tf you think it isn’t hard to spend day after day in bed,” says Ross, “try it yourself, especially when you feel perfectly well. “The fact is, I’m so tired out after a day’s work in bed that I have to go right home and go to bed.” Mr. and Mrs. Ross Alexander and Anne Nagel don’t mind telling the whole world that they’re in love in this scene from their new pic ture, “Here Comes Carter!” which comes to the... Theatre on Mat No. 104—10c Page Twelve Coming Events Forecast Ross Alexander and Anne Nagel were “reel” lovers while they were making the new First National comedy, “Here Comes Carter! which is now showing at the__--.--..-------.------. Theatre. Then, when the picture was made, Ross popped the question to Anne, and now they’re man and wife. Mat No. 204—20c Ross Alexander Gives A Dissertation On Goats It’s the Female Goats that Give Milk Says Star of “Here Comes Carter!”’ By ROSS ALEXANDER (Star of the First National picture, “Here Comes Carter which comes to the____---------------. theatre on. 22 4) po? Understand, I am not a final authority on this subject. I am just a guy who bought two goats to add the rural touch to my domain in the hills of Hollywood. I also heard that goat’s milk was good for one. First a few notes about the animals. In the matter of smell, the female of the species is less deadly than the male. I advise Sheer Persistence Wins Movie Job For Anne Nagel Ambitious Starlet Now Has Featured Lead in *““Here Comes Carter!”’’ It’s fun to be ambitious, in the opinion of Anne Nagel. Not yet twenty-one, ambitious Anne is portraying for the sereen the role of a girl with aspiration to sing on the radio in ‘‘Here Comes Carter!’’ the Warner Bros. picture which comes to the......... Neate ON 1. er, oe GG Anne early made up her mind that she wanted to be an actress. Studying at Notre Dame Academy, she was temporarily sidetracked into nursing. “Then one day I watched a girl friend rehearse with a theatrical company in Boston,” Anne says, “ and I knew right then that I could never be a nurse or anything else but an actress. “So I did what I contend everyone should do about his ambition. I went into action. I applied for a job and with that company, and kept on applying till they gave me a trial in order to get rid of me. Later I did bits in other stage plays. “Early in 1935 I went to Hollywood, where by following my policy of persistence, I landed small parts in a half-dozen pictures. “Ambition without planning leads merely to discontent. And there has to be observation back of planning. Well, I noticed that a new actress would have her best chance at an important role in a Western. So I went after the job of being Dick Foran’s leading lady in ‘Guns of the Pecos.’ I got the role.” Blue-eyed Anne’s work in the Western led to the important assignment in “Here Comes Carter!” In that comedy-drama of radio and pictures, Miss Nagel is the sweetheart of Ross Alexander. The action in the picture is divided between a radio station and a motion picture studio, and reveals many things going on behind the scenes. It packs a punch in every line—a combination of laughs and thrills. Besides those already mentioned, the cast in cludes Craig Reynolds, Hobart Cavanaugh, George E. Stone, Joseph Crehan and Dennis Moore. Ross Alexander Buys Many Tropical Birds Ross Alexander, who has the featured role in the First National picture, “Here Comes Carter!”, which comes to the....... theatresonic. ...24)..5 , has purchased several tropical birds which he has added to his fast-increasing collection of ornithological specimens. On his ranch at Encino, Alex ander built an elaborate aviary in which he keeps his feathered friends. Some of the specimens inelude Cardinals, Cutthroats, Parrakeets, Cockatoos, South American Doves, Love _ Birds, Butterfly Finches and Java Rice Birds. George E. Stone Now Life Scoutmaster George E. Stone, playing an important role in the First National picture, “Here Comes Carter!”’, which comes to the....... : THeaeren ON... rae , has received an unusual parchment = scroll from Paterson, N. J., written in Hebraic characters. Translated, it was disclosed as no less than a commission as life honorary scoutmaster of the Jewish Boy Scout Troop No. 1 in Paterson which Stone founded 16 years ago. getting females. Especially if you want milk. They are temperamental beasties, more temperamental than any actor. They’re phlegmatic, they’re stubborn. They respond to argument, persuasion, threats and curses very calmly in that they do what they please anyway. The rumor that they diet on empty tomato soap cans is a canard. My goats turned their expressive noses up at this rugged diet when I tried it. I don’t advise leaving them near the wash line where the undies are hung. Not that they like pink unmentionables as a steady diet. It’s just for a change when they are bored. They have the mistaken idea that new pastures are the greenest. Habitual experimenters, they have more ways of leaving the grounds to explore new territory than Dillinger had. The last straw occurred the day they vanished and we scoured the neighborhood for two hours only to find them in the back seat of the car in the garage looking meditatively at the upholstery. You’ve seen goats pulling carts at some time or other. Perhaps you saw a picture of one of mine transporting me about the grounds. Don’t believe it. She finally consented to pose but I felt all along that the whole affair had wounded her deeply. A moment after it was taken, she reclined on the spot and fretfully gnawed the harness in two. So you still want to know how to milk a goat? Step one. Find the goat. This is no easy matter as you can see from above. Step two. Get the milking stool. It’s usually in the kitchen where the maid has used it to reach the top shelf where the preserves are. Step three. Persuade the goat to be milked. This, of course, depends upon her. Step four. Sit in traditional position and proceed as with cow except for slight variations which you will no doubt discover for yourself. The tail won’t bother you so you won’t have to tie it down with a brick. This makes them nervous besides. Although obviously an expert on goat-milking, Ross is not called upon to exhibit his favorite chore in his latest picture, “Here Comes Carter!” Others in the cast include Glenda Farrell, Anne Nagel, Craig Reynolds, Hobart Cavanaugh, George E. Stone, Joseph Crehan and Dennis Moore. Music and lyries are by M. K. Jerome and Jack Scholl. William Clemens directed the picture from the screen. play by Roy Chanslor, based on a story by M. Jacoby. Tip For Movie Fans Ross Alexander and Glenda Farrell don’t seem to be in a particularly receptive mood in this bit from “Here Comes Carter!” which GOUCG WO: NING oie in rain een sod Theatre 0a ee es And no wonder, for John Sheehan, the man with the more stylish headdress, is a member of a gang out to get Ross—but he is terribly polite about it all. Mat No. 203—20c