Here Comes Carter (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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INSERT CARD SLIDE 6-SHEET “THE CHOKE’S ON YOU” (Broadway Brevities Series) . Another ‘“‘Joe Palooka’’ hit with all of the famous cartoon strip characters. (20 minutes—No. 2008) “HARRY RESER AND ESKIMOS”’ (Melody Master Series). Sizzling rhythm in a beautiful northland setting. (9 minutes—No. 2502) “SAY IT WITH CANDY” (Broadway Brevities Series). Huge cast of star names including Virginia Verrill, John Fogarty, Muriel Martin, and The Buccaneers make this a swell musical short. (20 minutes—No. 2011) 6-SHEETS DSTO Oia: sta, sedapscens Pipe tetenssss estes 75¢e each TOROS WAS Rs Cos ee oe 70¢ each 20 and over ee Beas aE ORT PR 65¢c each NOR AOA cccteceee i eerees, tawicedacseihimeneed 40¢ each TEBOW AGI Tons oc ereraenecec os stteas cettaeese 15¢ each FOPREO: NGO. Res vss-c dostonreme yer athe csbossie 13¢ each MOO 4 FANG OVER: discs ictascecdecececssseobaseee lle each Vt yA QR Os ee a clave lasastauen sas os each 50° £0..199 testscncae ‘ each 100 and over each PRICES (These prices apply to the U. S. only ) HERE COMES CARTER! ACCESSORIES: # SELECTED VITAPHONE SHORTS “AN OUNCE OF INVEN-. TION” (Vitaphone Novelties Series). These unusual and sometimes practical inventions of Ray Gross will make any audience laugh. (10 minutes—No. 2702) “THE SUNDAY ROUNDUP” (Broadway Brevities Series). Dick Foran, the popular singing cowboy, is starred with Linda Perry and Jane Wyman providing the love interest. (20 minutes—No. 2001) ‘‘MILK AND MONEY’’ (Looney Tunes Series) . Continuing the adventures of Porky Pig, this time as a milk man. (7 minutes—No. 2801) LOBBY DISPLAYS Teh GP TA SP ROLOB Ss hasdas vas oats cekacaecss 75¢ a set (8 in set—colored) SITES o.oo ss al acme Stills. avi aeieiilsLceseeere eens 10¢ each Midget Window Cards...........00: 4c each INSERT CARDS PND DER oss, cease sovacnacbeenanees tee adacs 25¢ each QD! CO AD ei accthdavsdascabaneucans tice otessnn 22¢ each 5Of HG QOF oie as avelisenests casa eed 20¢e each LOO ARAUVOVERUMAILWE cas sass.deormeaees TABLOID HERALDS BGA Be oc Ser. i, Rae fe mere $2.00 per M 5M: And: NONCI Me iiseccodeaes $1.75 per M 1-SHEET WINDOW CARD ~