Here Comes Carter (Warner Bros.) (1936)

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WATCH HIS SMOKE AS HE BURNS UP THE AIRWAVES! His radio chatter shattered the love secrets of Hollywood’s high hatters ... every girl he met! EXTRA-PRIVATE SECRETARY GORGEOUS GLENDA plays Rapid-Fire Ross’ smart-cracking ‘Secretary! She wouldn’t take dic tation from any man... except her breezy boss! and his million dollar personality battered the heart of Kent Carter, King of role he’s ever had! gossip reporter and the resulting difficulties he gets in because of his unwillingness to. withhold some scandalous items on a certain screen star. Incidentally, while viewing “Here Comes Carter!” one gathers quite a lot of information on movie studios and radio broadcasting activities. The picture is enlivened by catchy airs written by the famous team of M. K. Jerome and Jack Scholl and sung by Anne Nagel in very good voice, we must say, while Ross Alexander listens-in. Alexander has never appeared to better advantage than as the movie ex-press agent, who is fired from his job because he refuses to resort to blackmail to square the company’s star, who has got into a disgraceful scandal. Turning to the radio to dish out gossip about the players he knows so. well, he gives a fine portrayal of a fast-talking broadcaster who doesn’t care whose toes he steps on. HERE COMES CARTER! with ROSS ALEXANDER GLENDA FARRELL ANNE NAGEL + CRAIG REYNOLDS Hobart CAVANAUGH: Dennis MOORE GEORGE E. STONE + JOHN SHEEHAN JOSEPH CREHAN Directed by WILLIAM CLEMENS A FIRST NATIONAL PICTURE Keyhole Peepers ! The laugh-loaded lowdown on Hollywood’s high-hatters is to be found in this fun-flooded film—with Ross Alexander burning up the airwaves in the gayest, breeziest, livewire The picture concerns the activities of a Hollywood Others who do work worthy of comment are Craig Reynolds, Norman Willis, George E. Stone, John Sheehan and Charles Foy. . The direction was well handled by William Clemens, as also was the screen play by Roy Chanslor. The original story is by M. Jacoby. Glenda Farrell gives her usual fine performance as a smartcracking secretary who knows all the answers before they are asked, but who, unfortunately, can’t help falling in love with her boss although she knows her chances are practically nil. Miss Nagel is the other girl who ditches her lover only to take him back when his violent attacks prove justifiable. A comparative newcomer to the screen, having entered pictures by way of stage musical comedy, she not only has a pleasing voice and magnetic manner, but proves herself to be a capable screen actress. into knots . CHE GOMES CARTER New Radio Film Combines Romance, Thrills, Laughs ! Ross Alexander Goes To Town As JUST WAIT’LL YOU HEAR Ross Alexander and Anne Nagel sing these two new swell hittunes that are topping the songhit parade! Tune in your ears for: “You On My Mind” and “Thru The Courtesy Of Love” by M. K. Jerome and Jack Scholl. HE’S THE HOTTEST THING——IN RADIO but this sweetie pie’s love knocked him cold! His breezy chatter tied the airwaves .. but he was tongue-tied when his sweetie tied his tie!