Here Comes the Navy (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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ALL THE THRILLS AND GLORY OF THE US. FLEET. W with GLORIA STUARTFRANK McHUGH Directed by LLOYD BACON A WARNER BROS.-First National Picture Story by Ben Markson + Screen Play by Ben Markson and Earl Baldwin Mat 203—8!2 inches x 2 columns (236 lines)—-30c THE HIT! THE STARS! THE FLEET!... All America Wants to ES gd Hf (a) ; : aM HP See Again! [3 iE i ; SRT -ccoton. roe with iP) GLORIA STUART FRANK MCHUGH piectes ny LLOYD BACON A WARNER BROS.-First nat’ Picture Story by Ben Markson . Screen Play by Ben Markson and Earl Baldwin W Mat 204—1'% inches x 2 columns (38 lines)—30c GLORIA STUART FRANK McHUGH mang! Directed by LLOYD BACON : A WARNER BROS..-First National Picture nm * Screen Play by Ben Markson and Ear! Story by Ben Markso: ind 1 Baldwin Mat 107 2% inches (30 lines)—15c Warners Trailer will get ‘em coming back to see this glorious hit! Book it now —run it early and often! Vitaphone Shorts Selections PATRIOTIC SUBJECTS presents the latest in this popular series of shorts—"March On Marines’’—an impressive story about the Marine Corps starring Dennis Morgan, John Litel and David Bruce. 6002—Patriotic Subjects—20 mins. SPORTS PARADE peeks into a “Diary of a Racing Pigeon’”—with commentary the form of the pigeon’s thoughts. 6403—Sports Parade—10 mins. MELODY MASTERS lets the cameras roll on “Henry Busse and Orchestra”, radio, night club and stage favorite. 6505—Melody Master—10 mins. MERRIE MELODIES goes to the hunt in “Of Fox and Hounds”, a clever satire on the tallyho set. 6707—Merrie Melody—7 mins. LOONEY TUNES checks up on “Porky’s Hired Hand” to find out who’s been stealing chickens. 6604—Looney Tune—7 mins. There Should Be A Patriotic Short On Every Program. . Book Warners! Official Billing WARNER BROS. 40% Pictures, Inc. Presents 5% JAMES CAGNEY PAT O'BRIEN 00 “HERE COMES THE NAVY" 100% GLORIA STUART — FRANK McHUGH Directed by LLOYD BACON Screen Play by Ben Markson and Earl Baldwin From a Story by Ben Markson A WARNER BROS.-FIRST NATIONAL PICTURE