Here Comes the Navy (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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EXPLOIT IT!... The public today is more patriotic-minded than ever before and is therefore in a receptive mood for this type of picture. Contact all local patriotic and service organizations, Navy Clubs, mewspaper editors and business men to cooperate with you in making the most of your showing. Let’s go! SET TOY SHOP TIE-UPS... Military toys are big this year so tie up with local toy and department stores for window and counter displays of toy battleships, submarines, sailors, etc. Stills and adv. copy complete the tie-up. HOW THE N. Y. STRAND DID IT ... AND ‘NAVY DAY’ CELEBRATION This show is just right for a “Navy Day” or ee AGRLD AND: AIDIN aye ctey HERE ¢ : iy am aan a Navy Week” program. Here’s how: eros BIEN G Mayor issues proclamation. Local merchants tie in with special sales featuring sailor suits for women, Navy Blue men’s suits, yachting clothes, slacks, etc. All stores use naval signal flags to dress up their fronts; window and counter displays of scene stills from the picture. On the marquee, compo “battleship” (illustrated) with red and green lights flashing, signal flags, searchlights adding to effect. Uniformed gobs sent flag messages. On the front, line of miniature battleships passed in review on moving belt. Life-size blow-ups of picture’s stars and victrola record of ship’s guns firing completed display. Parades of bands and naval reserves to theatre. Men went through drill formations. Regulation navy A-boards spotted throughout city. “Here Comes the Navy” 40 x 60 photochrome display on one side and Navy recruiting poster on the other. Battleship float (illustrated) toured city streets. Victrola played naval tunes. Sailor motif is carried through in store ads or co-op page in local daily. Sample catchlines: “Drop anchor, mates, at the Commodore Restaurant”... “Sailor, take the bow for setting the styles.” Contact all patriotic and service organizations for cooperation — mailing campaigns, special dinners, speeches, civic ceremonies. THE FLEETS IN—YOUR LOBBY! Your advance lobby goes nautical. Flags, lifebuoys and other naval paraphernalia will add interest and color. Ushers and doorman dressed as gobs are the final touch. F COMES THE NAVY OBRIEN STUART McHUGH y More Exploitation on Next Page ——