Here Comes the Navy (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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MORE STUNTS OUTDOOR BALLY Anchor a large telescope across the street from your theatre with the lens trained on the marquee or 24-sheet. TIE UP WITH ‘LIFE’ NAVY ISSUE LIFE magazine (October 28, 1940) devoted an entire issue to the Navy. Your back magazine dealer can supply you with copies of this issue for lobby display with scene stills or for distribution with wrap-arounds carrying your selling copy. DON’T FORGET THE IRISH! You've got James Cagney, Pat O’Brien and Frank McHugh to sell to the Irish population in town via posters, heralds and direct mail. FOR WATERFRONT TOWNS Local mariner sails his boat along waterfront and among anchored boats with theatre and picture announcement painted on sails or side of boat. Pittsburgh exhibitor staged an army-navy rowing regatta. Men were recruited from local service or reserve corps. Possibly you can arrange a similar event. PUBLICITY . (Lead Story) Cagney, O'Brien Back In‘Here Comesthe Navy A few seasons ago Warner Bros. released a thrilling film about Uncle Sam’s tars starring James Cagney and Pat @O-7B ten called “Here Comes The Navy.” It received the undisputed praise of public and critics alike. Since __ then, world events and the defense program of the American Pat O’Brien people has given this film more meaning and a stronger appeal than when first shown. Realizing this, Warner Bros. decided to re-issue the film and it will start its local run at the Strand Theatre this Friday. “Here Comes The Navy” carries some of the most breathtaking thrills ever witnessed, in addition to supplying plenty of hilarious comedy and a glowing romance. The action takes place aboard the U.S:S. Arizona (this is especially significant since such units of the Mat 104—15c fleet would not be available for motion picture companies at the present time) and at the Naval Training Station at San Diego, California. Cagney and O’Brien have the stellar roles of two virile jacktars who hate each other with intense fury, the more so because Cagney falls in love with O’Brien’s sister, played by Gloria Stuart. They carry on a feud that is punctuated by rapid fire action, winding up in a smashing surprise climax. There is thrill after thrill in the picture, two of the most awe-inspiring scenes being the rescue of a gun crew from a flaming turret and the saving of a man who has been carried aloft clinging to the ground wire of a dirigible. Another never -to-be-forgotten scene which furnishes much of the film’s color shows the entire Pacific Fleet starting its cruise for Atlantic waters on Presidential command. This is the first time an entire fleet in action has ever been shown in a picture. Lloyd Bacon directed the film from the screen play by Ben Markson and Earl Baldwin, based on Markson’s story. Cagney Is Tough Tar In‘HereComestheNavy When “Here Comes The Navy” was first shown a couple of seasons back, it was hailed as sock entertainment with a cast that was synonomous with Cagney and Pat O’Brien as two tars who need little reason to start swinging at one another. Using the U.S. Navy as its background, the film: has gained in importance and interest since it was first shown. Our defense program being the most interesting topic of present day conversation, it was only natural that there should be a popular demand for the return engagement of “Here Comes The Navy.” Warner Bros. have answered that de Mat 105—15c James Cagney mand and the film will be shown locally at the Strand Theatre starting Friday. Cagney was pleased with his sea-going role and it didn’t take much coaxing to get him to explain why. His enthusiasm generally took the following form. “I haven’t enjoyed any part for years as much as that of Chesty in ‘Here Comes The Navy.” He’s a _ hot-tempered rough neck, but he’s a right guy all the way through. “ ‘Here Comes The Navy’ has everything you could wish for in a picture — comedy, romance, suspense, danger and heroism. You’ve probably come to the conclusion that ’m nuts about this picture. Well, I am because I enoyed every moment of every scene that I played in it.” Ben Markson collaborated with Earl Baldwin on the screen adaptation of his own original story. Action director, Lloyd Bacon handled the megaphone for the production. THE CAST Chesty ss (eee ciety re eile Pee i ee ee eee JAMES CAGNEY 5 Sk | ESE Ae I oN TPE ree ee IE RS ee tds tered ne a arte epee PAT O’BRIEN Dorothy 5.36.0 ee ee ee et a eee eee ee ee Gloria Stuart DEOOD Ye Geer or eae EERE ard nen ceca Frank McHugh Glad ys a) roe a ecco ee seen ae eae ee Dorothy Tree Gommoandor Denny... oe ote OR ee Robert Barrat Executive Onficer actions es ee ee eR ke Willard Robertson POOr VC AGOR ies se Br rae te eee tare vote eras amen eee ane Guinn Williams Captain? (oies. 42.5.2. ai. Bch eee eect coke: Me ae Howard Hickman DIOOP YS MOOR et we es Ne rete Bee pes et ere gs slat uae em a Maude Eburne D Wakao Sh od ielpeeealpt Ny cao IY 8S Rete 8 toe eda Ob ERI RD oRaY on AM Ret oa SRE MURS Gi George Irving PRODUCTION Directed by LLOYD BACON Screen play by Ben Markson and Earl Baldwin: From a story by Ben Markson; Photography by Arthur Edeson, A.S.C.; Film Editor, George Amy: Art Director, Esdras Hartley; Gowns by Orry-Kelly: Vitaphone Orchestra conducted by Leo F. Forbstein. SYNOPSIS (Not For Publication) Chesty O’Connor (James Cagney) joins the Navy to get even with Biff Martin (Pat O’Brien), a petty officer with whom he gets into a fight. Chesty is assigned to Biff’s ship and learns that he must take orders from him. To make matters worse, Chesty falls in love with Biff’s sister, Dorothy, (Gloria Stuart). In order to discourage Chesty, Biff is relentless in humiliating him. As a result Chesty is embittered toward Navy life. However his attitude changes and he daringly rescues Biff during a disastrous attempt to land a dirigible. His courageous act wins the admiration of everyone. Running Time 86 mins.