Honeymoon for Three (Warner Bros.) (1941)

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WREE'S 4 CROWD ! But ona oe Honeymoon... THEY’RE A _ RIOT! GEORGE SHEAIDAN-BRENT Pack up your troubles and come along... with ™ SHERIDAN GEORGE BRENT w» CHARLIE RUGGLES Screen Play by Earl Baldwin Additional Dialogue by Julius J. and Philip G. Epstein From the Play by Allan Scott and George Haight Mat 105 3% inches (43 lines)—1I5c Vitaphone Shorts Selections TECHNICOLOR SPECIAL adds “‘March On Marines”’ to the auspicious list of important, well cast patriotic shorts. 6002—Technicolor Special—20 mins. BROADWAY BREVITIES re-issues “‘Love’s Intrigue,” old-time Mack Sennett comedy, with all the old favorites. 6203—Broadway Brevity—20 mins. MELODY MASTERS swings with “Skinnay Ennis and His Orchestra,” the band whose radio program is sweeping the country. 6504. — Melody Master — 10 mins. MERRIE MELODIES tells about ‘“‘Elmer’s Pet Rabbit” —‘Bugs’ Bunny—who takes over poor Elmer’s home. 6709—Merrie Melodie—7 mins. LOONEY TUNES films “Porky’s Snooze Reel,”’ hilarious satire in which Porky imitates all the newsreel personalities. 6606—Looney Tune—7 mins. There Should Be A Patriotic Short On Every Program . Show “March On Marines’’—in Technicolor. CHARLIE RUGGLES OSA MASSEN JANE WYMAN © (re"Pstaick | Directed by LLOYD BACON A WARNER BROS.-First Natfonal Picture \W Screen Play by Earl Baldwin + Additional Dialogue by Jullus J. and Philip G. Epstein From the Play by Allan Scott and George Haight WARNER BROS. —}WO-ADS: ON— ONE MAT fe) | | | —= & ee SHEAIDAN-BAENT (SET BILLING HERE) A “HONEY” OF A SHOW! OSA MASSEN : JANE WYMAN os \D AN ° B Roe bieced by LLOYD BACON Mat 207—I% inches x 2 columns (40 lines)—30c ener REw A WARNER BROS. -First Nat'l Picture (SET BILLING HERE) Mat 106—I5c Official Billing WARNER BROS. 40% Pictures, Inc. Presents 5% ANN SHERIDAN and GEORGE BRENT 100% “HONEYMOON FOR THREE” as with . CHARLIE RUGGLES—OSA MASSEN—JANE WYMAN 40% William T. Orr — Lee Patrick 15% t Directed by LLOYD BACON 25% @ Sereen Play by EARL BALDWIN 3% Additional Dialogue by Julius J. and Philip G. Epstem 2% From the Play by Allan Scott and George Haight 2% @ A Warner Bros.-First National Picture 5% Publicity and Exploitation Pages Alternate—Starting with Next Page