Honeymoon for Three (Warner Bros.) (1941)

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It’s a Honeymoon for Showmen In Exploitation | Honeymoon for 3 Clubs... The papers always make a fuss about the bride and groom, but the real hero of the wedding is usually the best man. He’s the guy that does all the work; he carries the ring, ties the groom’s bowtie, sees that he doesn’t forget the right words at the right time. Well, why not do something about it? Get some well known localites to organize a “‘Honeymoon For Three Club” advocating that the best man get more attention in the future. It’s just the sort of gag that the papers love to handle so get goin’! TIE-IN TRAVEL AGENCIES The honeymoon angle is your lead for cooperative promotions with travel agencies and transportation lines — window displays, counter cards, other tie-in material to boost your showing. GIFT SHOP TIE-INS ‘“‘Honeymoon For Three” should be a picnic for the local gift shops and specialty stores. Use “Gifts For Honeymooners” angle for windows and co-op promo tions to feature your picture. Take These To Local Jewelers A Honeymoon without a Wedding is bad, but a wedding without a ring is impossible. Tackle the local jewelers for special wedding ring promotions during the run of your show. You might offer free tickets to every couple buying a ring through local jeweler. Set this sign in jewelers’ windows with still HT 404—10c: The Ann Sheridan-George Brent Kiss Lasted 56.2 Seconds Can You Break That Record? Yow ll Never Know Until You Own A Good Watch See “HONEYMOON FOR THREE” ! Now! Strand Still HT 404: can also be used as a window plant for contest. Folks are asked to guess how long the longest kiss on record lasts. Answers are dropped in lobby box and closest guess rates free tickets to your showing. (It lasted 56.2 seconds. ) 10 | Honeymooners Name Place ‘*Where did you spend your honeymoon?” sends you off on a hunt to determine where most people in town went on their bridal trips. Blanks, to be filled and dropped in lobby box, carry theatre ad on reverse side. Results are tabulated on chart in theatre lobby. You can give it the contest touch by offering free tickets to those who guess in advance, what the winning spot will be. And it’s good newspaper material too. OH-H-H! THAT KISS! The clinch between Ann Sheridan and George Brent makes screen history—it can do the same for exploita ion. Find: —the girl with the most kissable lips. —the guy the girls think most attractive. —the kinda gal the boys like to kiss best. —the kinda guy the gals wanta be kissed by. Make that kiss heard ’round the town! PEEP AT HONEYMOON FOR 3' Vacant store window is blackened out, leaving a small hole. Copy reads: “A Private Peek At A‘HONEYMOON FOR THREE’.”’ One sheet is displayed inside so that it can be seen through the opening. FOR LONG-KISSING CHAMPS The much-publicized 56.2 second kiss in this picture is your cue to promote this human interest stunt. Notarized statements from local couples who claim they can break the record is the angle for newspaper story. Time for Tintypes Find the best “Shoneymoon” tintype in town. There’s humor aplenty in the old ‘‘honeymoon”’ shots with a paper mache Niagara Falls background. Run your contest as a co-op campaign ___ with a local photog and you can offer a free sitting as a prize for the best shot handed in. Pictures are displayed in your lobby and in the photographer’s window. Winning shot is printed ia newspaper. If you can get shots of some local biggies as they looked on their honeymoons you'll have something the papers are bound to like.