Honeymoon for Three (Warner Bros.) (1941)

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CURRENT PUBLICITY Still AS 754; Mat 213—30c ANN SHERIDAN—whose luscious loveliness is currently decorating "Honey moon For Three, second week at that theatre. the Strand's comedy hit which is being held over for a Still HF 102; Mat 214—30c CROSS YOUR FINGERS and make a wish that you get to see Ann Sheridan and George Brent in their new co-starring comedy hit, “Honeymoon For Three" currently showing at the Strand Theatre. Still HF 3 Still HF 24; Mat 212—30c THE WIRES BURN—as Ann Sheridan and George Brent make love by phone in "Honeymoon For Three," the Strand's smart new comedy hit, which starts a second week at that theatre on Friday. Rhumba Queen at Work Lovely Ann Sheridan, who does numerous love scenes with George Brent in Warner Bros.’ “Honeymoon For Three,” discovered that she was also to dance the rhumba (her favorite pastime) in the picture. Which is said to have prompted her to remark: “All this and_ the rhumba too!” ‘Oscar’ Winner Lenses Film Ernest Haller, the Academy award winning cinematographer who photographed Ann Sheridan so stunningly in “It All Came Too,” also lensed the red haired star in ‘Honeymoon For Three,” her new Warner Bros. picture with George Brent. “Honeymoon For 3” Stays Second Week at Strand The Strand’s happy new comedy hit, “Honeymoon For Three,” which been pulling in record crowds at the theatre all week, will be held over for a second week, starting Friday. Ann Sheridan and George Brent are co-starred in the racy story of a novelist whose favorite subject is women, and the secretary who finally straightens him out. Also featured in the cast are Charlie Ruggles, Osa Massen, Jane Wyman, William Orr, Lee Patrick, Walter Catlett and many others. Lloyd Bacon directed the production. Earl Baldwin wrote the screen play from the play by Allan Scott and George Haight. George Brent Happy About Comedy Role In ‘Honeymoon’ George Brent has just had the time of his life. It’s not entirely because he was being kissed, soundly and frequently, by Ann Sheridan and Osa Massen. A return to comedy was partly responsible. Brent got that, along with the kisses, in his new Warner Bros. film, “Honeymoon For Three.” He seemed to enjoy one as much as the other Kisses and comedy comprise an appealing combination to any actor, just now, Brent admits. To him it was especially satisfying. In the first place, he’s had a long siege of heavy drama and roaring melodrama. In the second, he cut his acting teeth on farce comedy roles and they’ve always been his favorites. In years of trouping with stock companies, Brent learned every trick of the trade of playing for laughs. He learned the niceties of split-second timing and the intricacies of reaction. He also learned when to mugg and when to play straight. About the time he mastered the multiphased technique until it had become instinct, he found himself a romantic movie hero. He didn’t have much use for most of what he had spent years to learn. In his role of a novelist who finds himself caught between the fire of an old romance and the flame of a new one in “Honeymoon For Three,” Brent again found use for his favored technique. He timed his lines, dodged his kisses (at least some of them) and gauged reactions the way a seasoned boxer slips punches. And he was as happy as a kid with a new baseball bat. NothingMuchEver Happens to Ann Sheridan! Nothing exciting ever happens to Ann Sheridan. She says so herself. She said it one day on the set of “Honeymoon For Three,” the picture coming to the Strand Friday. A few hours earlier she had collaborated with George Brent in setting a new world’s long movie kiss record. About the time the 56.2 osculation was being kissed into the record book, a 15 ton truck arrived in Hollywood, plastered with autographs and life size portraits of Miss Sheridan. It had been driven cross country all the way from Kansas City, Mo. A lot of young ladies would also consider being spanked— and kissed—by James Cagney pretty exciting. Miss Sheridan has had both experiences in the course of her “uneventful” life. Then there was the “oomph girl” coronation in which a jury of -men-about-town and beauty connoisseurs voted Miss Sheridan the young lady with most of what it takes to step up the masculine pulse rate. Faced with all the evidence, Miss Sheridan admitted it sounded pretty exciting. She’d backtrack in memory while loafing and sunning during her Honolulu vacation and see if she could recapture the thrills. Was that all she intended to do on the vacation? Well, that was all she expected to do. Hadn’t she said nothing exciting ever happened to her? Of course not! PERSONALS ANN SHERIDAN— the girl they had to coin a new word to describe ... The word is oomph . . . The girl is red-headed, warm Mat 113—15c hearted, and has a magnetic screen personality ... Hailing from Dallas ,Texas, she attended Teachers College, but destiny in the shape of a Hollywood-sponsored beauty contest put an end to her embryonic career as a teacher... For more than a year she played minor roles . . . Then fans and newspaper and magazine writers began bombarding the studio with requests for more Ann Sheridan and after that it was clear sailing for Annie . . . She is currently romancing on the screen with George Brent in "Honeymoon For Three," and tis rumored he's also the No. | man in her off screen life. GEORGE BRENT—his devil-may-care charm and his "tall, dark and handsome" good looks have made him a top screen favorite Mat 112—15c .. Born in Ireland, he has led an adventurous life . . . Was sailor, sheep herder, and saw action as a dispatch rider in the Irish rebellion ... Came to New York with acting ambitions . . . Was shuttled to Denver where he became a stage favorite, then back to New York where he scored several Broadway successes . . . Left for Hollywood and more triumphs in a long list of hit films . . . Latest of which is the new Strand comedy "Honeymoon For Three." CHARLES RUGGLES—has experienced a great deal since he walked out of his father's drug store in Los Angeles and got Mat 111—15c himself an acting job of sorts with a San Francisco stock company . .. Then came vaudeville, and lots more valuable experience in holding an audience in the palm of his hands . . . Broadway musical comedies followed . . . He was making New York audiences roar with his antics in these when the films went vocal and took over his talents . « Has clowned his way through close to a hundred pictures . . . Latest is the Strand hit, "Honeymoon For Three." OSA MASSEN wasn't interested in being an actress .. . She was a press photographer who wanted to be a film editor. . . So Mat 108—15c now she's in Hollywood acting in the movies . Born in Copenhagen, Denmark . . . At school she did so well photographing student activities that the Norisk Illustrations Bureau hired as a free-lance photographer . . . Visited the Pallatium Movie Studio where she was offered a screen test... A short sojourn in England, making films, then came Hollywood's benign beckon . . . Seems to have an affinity for film honeymoons . . . First picture was "Honeymoon in Bali" . . . Second is ‘Honeymoon For Three" at the Strand. JANE WYMAN—got into the movies strictly on her own inclination . . . As she puts it: "I had a hunch, saw and agent, got a Mat 109—15c job" . . . She makes a pretty bow, however, to Mervyn LeRoy for giving her her first big break . . . Picture was "The King and the Chorus Girl" . . . Born in St. Joe, Missouri, she attended Columbia College of Missiouri .. . Was something of a tomboy .. . Still is, although her. blonde and curvacious loveliness belies the fact ... Her forte is romantic roles with a light comedy angle . . . Latest is in “Honeymoon For Three" . . . In real life she is Mrs. Ronald Reagan. LLOYD BACON—was born into the theatrical profession . . . His father was Frank Bacon, author and star of "Lightnin'," and his Mat 110—15c mother was Jane Bacon, an actress... Born in San Jose, California, he attended school there, then worked in his father's stock company ... Acting in stock companies all over the country, gradually drifting into the directing side of the profession . . . Worked with such veterans as Sennett and Chaplin, then signed with Warners about |7 years ago, remaining with them ever since to direct such diversified hits as ‘42nd Street," "Submarine D-1," "Boy Meets Girl," "Wings of the Navy," and the new Strand comedy hit, “Honeymoon For Three,’ with Ann Sheridan and George Brent. 13