Honeymoon for Three (Warner Bros.) (1941)

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More Things To Do On Your ‘Honeymoon’ This Costs One Cent! Here’s a direct mail stunt that’s really direct. Spot y p this copy on a penny postcard: A Bride, A Groom, A Honeymoon, it’s fun and many try-it. But when they’re three, I guarantee, it’s bound to be a riot. It’s really swell, I'd like to tell much more but I can’t tattle. So take my tip, just make a trip, drop in and see ’em battle. Manager, Strand Theatre P.S. Honestly, folks, it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in years. Don’t miss Ann Sheridan, George Brent, and a Blonde on a “HONEYMOON FOR THREE.” BEAUTIFUL: BRIDE “CONTEST ...... ‘*All brides are beautiful’... at least that’s what the adage says. In view of this, announce contest to find town’s most beautiful bride. Pix are sent into news paper’s contest editor or displayed in your lobby. HONEYMOON SUITE This show gives you a good chance to work a tie-up with local hotel. Contact manager to feature a ““Honeymoon For Three” suite. People are invited to come up and see the layout. That’s a good way to get folks acquainted with hotel’s de luxe accommodations. In the suite you plant stills and posters. Weekend special is advertised in local paper with credit line calling attention to your show and playdate. GROOM AND TWO BRIDES BALLY A Groom and Bride, that’s old, but a Groom and two Brides, that’s a street bally. It’s easy to do and it’s good for plenty of attention. Groom carries this copy: “I’m not crazy, ’m just on my way to see ‘HONEYMOON FOR THREE’ at the Strand.”’ Theatre men report that local tie-ups with RCA° ‘personal portable’ radios have been extremely successful. Here is the latest in the series featuring Ann Sheridan, George Brent. Jane Wyman, and Charlie Ruggles... Use the stills for window and counter displays. Order set of five ““RCA Honeymoon Stills’”—4.0c from Warner Bros. Campaign Plan Editor, 321 West 44 St, N. Y. C. {4 | Youre On The Air! Announcer (in a whisper): SHHHHHH! Quiet, please. I want to let you in on a little secret. Did you ever hear of three people going on a honeymoon? [ just did. It seems that this writer was engaged to his secretary, but he met an old flame and, boy oh boy, how the sparks fiew. Well, anyway—Uh oh—Sorry, folks, I can’t tell you any more now, but why don’t you drop over to the Strand Theatre and see for yourself? When Ann Sheridan, George Brent and a blonde get together it's a “HONEYMOON FOR THREE” and a riot for everybody. And folks, after you’ve seen ‘HONEYMOON FOR THREE?” you’ll tell everybody about it! CHAIN LETTER BUILD-UP .... Here’s how to use that chain telephone gag that went over so big for ATAHT. Here’s how it works: the president of local woman’s club calls three members, telling them to see the hilarious comedy and asks them to phone three other members who are requested to do likewise. The chain grows by three’s, and pretty soon every woman in town knows about your show. LOCAL OOMPH QUEEN .... Ann Sheridan’s role is that of a faithful secretary to George Brent. Need we say more? Find that local girl with most ‘oomph.’ THREE IN AUTO BALLY .... Open car with tin cans, old shoes, and streamers attached tours the town. Groom and two brides in front seat. It carries “Just Married” sign and “Off on a HONEYMOON FOR THREE. Drop over to the Strand and see us.”’ Put These On The Way To RCA Dealer Tie-ups