I Am a Thief (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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Odette Mauclatt «2icc3..: ecco’ Pierre LOWER cape Ns ages Colonel TGCIOR eis eiees Baron FG8 BMG hin Count Trent. g sie sn ees PR ae nc PEPUNECOUGR ico eae Ge Se ee AY. tae ec eis, KR ae Rie lew hea gas: Madame. Casated oii scjiccscccsss.-. 0s Par Cai ss ac ee A UCTOR EOE oe oil san ee Diamond thieves who do not hesitate at murder to accomplish their aims; rival gangs of robbers warring over the possession of priceless gems; a battle of wits staged between a charming girl secret service operator and a predatory nobleman; tragedy, comedy, thrilling action, startling climaxes and a beautiful love story. This is Warner Bros.’ latest screen mystery thriller, which gives to Ricardo Cortez and Mary Astor the opportunity their admirers have long sought for these popular and talented stars. When the famous Karenina diamonds are put up for auction, two of the bidders are Pierre Londais (Ricardo Cortez) and Odette Mauclair (Mary Astor). Pierre gets the jewels, but Odette, that night, slips into his room where she disturbs an_intruder, who flees. Pierre sees her and accuses her of seeking the jewels. The next day the body of the man she had seen fleeing from Pierre’s room is found in the Seine. Pierre had taken a train for Istanbul. Odette boards the train where she sees other people who had attended the auction, among them Baron Van Kampf, Alexander Cassiet and his wife, and Col. Jackson (Dudley Digges) a pseudo American. Pierre sells the jewels to Jackson, who immediately has them insured through Daudet, an insurance agent who accompanied him. That night Odette gets into Col. Jackson’s compartment and exchanges a set of imitation diamonds for the real ones. She is caught by Baron Van Kampf (Robert Barratt) who PDIGECL ON eee Fa ea a Story and Screen Play by............. Dialoyne Director :«,.i. caine: Photogragnyg by ...:...5. aise Piss Fea ee ch Sa ats geagans At Div eeker scsi abies > pg OE ee incest att eeenaprss Vitaphone Orchestra Conductor sf a: Pane John Wray RRO = See sipey ae Oscar Apfel shina ey Seer oe aR Mary Astor Ue hss. Sheek feats ots Ricardo Cortez fe A aitier eter ere Dudley Digges rem Ora hate cok a ae Robert Barrat Bes Ne SM Irving Pichel MR ee ok Hobart Cavanaugh sy clas Peace ieee Arthur Aylesworth os saaeuitee Ferdinand Gottschalk cps RRR aYP RP Ee Frank Reicher Florence Fair threatens to kill her unless she turns the jewels over to him. She is saved by Count Trentini (Irving Pichel). Jackson, who had stationed an accomplice along the train route, hurls the imitation jewels out of the window to him, thinking to collect the insurance, while his partner kept the jewels. Trentini, who is a secret service official, starts an _ investigation. Odette, also of the service, had turned the real jewels over to him. Some hours later, Odette sees a man rush from Jackson’s compartment and leap from the train. He is picked up dying, and it is discovered that Jackson had been murdered. Pierre is suspected, but the injured man admits he had killed Jackson because he had thrown him the paste diamonds. Trentini arrests Pierre as a thief, and all are gathered in the observation car when Van Kampf covers the crowd with a gun, captures the jewels, and tells the passengers he is going to cut the coupling of the rear car and kill them all by sending the car over a high embankment. Cassiet’s wife throws him a revolver which he passes to Pierre, who shoots at the Baron. Pierre and Cassiet rush to the man and overpower him. The Baron and his accomplices who belong to a different band of thieves than Pierre are sentenced to prison. Pierre and Cassiet are given suspended sentences for their bravery in saving the passengers. Odette, much in love with Pierre, is waiting for him when he leaves the court room. 1s caiece ho ae ee Robert Florey ae Ralph Block and Doris Malloy ehiteie:) Bs er Frank McDonald PIT ee Sid Hickox So eee Orry-Kelly PEROT TS Sa. Leo F. Forbstein “JT AM A THIEF” 100% with Mary Astor — Ricardo Cortez 75% Dudley Digges 60% Directed by Robert Florey 20% A Warner Bros. 40% us. Productions Corporation 5% wa tn cad Picture 25% Page Two Mary Astor Mary Astor was born in Quincy, Illinois, where her father was an instructor in the local schools. Later she went to Chicago where her mother secured a _ position as teacher at the Kenwood Loring School for Girls. Mary entered the same school to study diction and drama. She entered a beauty contest conducted by a motion picture magazine and won an honorable mention in the preliminaries. So she went to New York, got into the finals and came out second. Mary then got work in a New York studio playing in short subjects and finally was selected to play opposite Huntley Gordon. Later she played leads with Eugene O’Brien and Glenn Hunter. Finally she turned to Hollywood where she appeared in a number of outstanding features. Among her most recent pictures are “The Case of the Howling Dog,” “Return of the Terror,’ “Upperworld,” “Easy to Love,” “Convention City,’ “The World Changes,’ “Jennie Gerhardt,” “The Kennel Murder Case,” “A Successful Calamity” and “The Man With Two Faces.” She is now appearing in “I Ama Thief,” which comes to the .............. SCAT ON” Seca piece Ricardo Cortez Ricardo Cortez was born in Vienna but moved to New York with his parents when three years of age. He received his early education there and then entered a brokerage office as a messenger boy. He was always interested in the theatre and spent all his spare pennies for seats in the peanut gallery. His first chance to play before the footlights came when he got a job as a super in a theatrical spectacle. Then he was given work as fly boy in a Forty-first Street theatre. An advertisement for extras at a Fort Lee studio caught his eye. He applied and got a job. Cortez quickly advanced from extra to bit parts and finally to leading roles. He was Garbo’s leading man in her first feature, “The Torrent.” When the talkies came in he was even more in demand than in the silent pictures, having an excellent speaking voice. His more recent pictures include “The Firebird,” “A Lost Lady,” “The Man With Two Faces,” “Wonder Bar,” “Mandalay,” “The House on 56th Street” and “The Big Shakedown.” His latest production is “TI Am a Thief,” which comes to the Ds na ee Theatres one tas ak A Moment of Suspense From Warner Bros.’ new picture, “I Am a Thief,” the mystery-drama COMING €0 the oo.cecccseceeccccssceres Theatreson: 2...c ee: Pictured above are Mary Astor, Ricardo Cortez and Irving Pichel. Mat No. 26—20c MARY ASTOR—“The Case of the Howling Dog,’ “The Man With Two Faces,” “Return of the Terror,’ “Upperworld,”’ ‘Easy to Love.” RICARDO CORTEZ—‘The Firebird,” “A Lost Lady,” “The Man With Two Faces,’ “Mandalay,” “Wonder Bar,” “The Big Shakedown.” DUDLEY DIGGES—“The Silk Express,” “Before Dawn,” “The Invisible Man,’’ ‘‘Emperor Jones,” “The Mayor of Hell,” “The Narrow Corner.” ROBERT BARRAT—“A_ Perfect Week-End,” “I Sell Anything,” “Big Hearted Herbert,’ “The Dragon Murder Case,” “Here Comes the Navy.” IRVING PICHEL — “British Agent,” “The .Return of the Terror, “Foe Over. Frisco,” “Ym No Angel,” “The Story of Temple Drake.” HOBART CAVANAUGH — “A Perfect Week-End,” “I Sell Anything,” “A Lost Lady,” “Kansas City Princess,’ “Madame Du Barry.” ARTHUR AYLESWORTH — “Babbitt,” “A Perfect Week CORDS End,’ “Gentlemen Are Born,” “6 Day Bike Rider,” “The Case of the Howling Dog.” FERDINAND GOTTSCHALK—T Sell Anything,’ “Madame Du Barry,” “Upperworld,” “Gambling Lady,’ “Female,” “Good bye Again.” FRANK REICHER — “The Case of the Howling Dog,’ “Return of the Terror,” “Hi, = Nellie!’, “Journal of a Crime,” “Captured.” FLORENCE FAIR — “The Firebird,” “Show Kids.” JOHN WRAY — “The Big Shakedown,” “The Rich Are Always With Us,’ “The Death Kiss,” “Central Park,” “The Match King;=Doctor X.” OSCAR APFEL — “The World Changes,” “You Said a Mouthful,’ “I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang,” “Two Against the World.” ROBERT FLOREY (director)— “I Sell Anything,” “Smarty,” “Registered Nurse,” “Bedside,” “The House on 56th Street,” “Ex-Lady.” Dudley Digges Dudley Digges is a native of Ireland where for many years he appeared at the Irish National Theatre. . His first American appearance was in stock in St. Louis. He finally turned from the stage to picture work and has been prominent in film circles, especially since the advent of talking pictures. His more recent pictures include “Massacre,” “The Silk Express,” “The Mayor of Hell,” “The Narrow Corner,” “The King’s Vacation” and “Alexander Hamilton.” His latest picture is “I Am a Thief,” now showing at the .............. Theatre. Robert Barrat Robert Barrat was born in New York City and educated in the public schools. His debut in theatrical circles was in stock in Springfield, Mass. Later he appeared in many noteworthy productions with some of the leading stars of the stage. It was while playing the role of the strong man in the stage play “Lilly Turner” that Warner Bros. engaged him for that identical role with Ruth Chatterton in the picture. Since then he has played in “A Perfect Week-End,” “I Sell Anything,” “Big Hearted Herbert,” “The Dragon Murder Case,” “Here Comes the Navy,” “Housewife,” “Midnight Alibi,’ “Return of the Terror,” “Friends of Mr. Sweeney,” “Fog Over Frisco,” “Wonder Bar,” and many others. His current picture is “I Am a Thief,” now showing at the .............. Theatre. Hobart Cavanaugh Hobart Cavanaugh was born in Virginia City, Nevada, but went to California with his parents at an early age. He attended school in San Francisco and the University of California, after which he went on the stage. He road-showed all up and down the West Coast in “Checkers” which Jimmy Gleason had bequeathed him from the season before. Then he went to New York and was soon on Broadway in such plays as “Trene,’ “Tangerine,” “The Nervous Wreck,” “Danger,” “Kibitzer,” “Remote Control” and “Tomorrow and Tomorrow.” His pictures include “Harold Teen,” “A Very Honorable Guy,” “Jimmy the Gent,” “I’ve Got Your Number,” “Mandalay,” “Merry Wives of Reno,” “Convention City,” “Hi, Nellie!” “Easy to Love” and “The Kennel Murder Case.” Irving Pichel Irving Pichel was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. June 24, 1893. He was graduated from George Pierce Baker’s “No. 47 Workshop” class at Harvard, and immediately afterward joined the Castle Square Company of Boston. He became interested in the Little Theatre movement and quit acting for a time to direct the Toy Theatre of Boston. Pichel built and directed community theatres in St. Louis, Detroit, St. Paul and Minneapolis. In 1929 he became connected with the Pasadena Playhouse and produced and played the title role in “Lazarus Laughed.” His first picture was with Ruth Chatterton in “The Right To Love.” His more recent pictures include “Return of the Terror,” “Fog Over Frisco,” “Viva Villa,’ “I’m No Angel,’ “Oliver Twist,” “British Agent,” and his current production, “I Am a Thief,” now playing atthe vane te ees Theatre.