I Am a Thief (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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DRAMA. INTRIGUE. IN A UNIFIED SERIES —am the high priest of thieves! —have made the most beautiful women of Europe my slaves— my accomplices! —defy the world’s master mantrackers to find my trail! —am coming to Syracuse to put your nerves—your wits to the supreme test! STARTS FRIDAY THEATRE Mat No. 10—20c —am the Finger-man of the Devil! —stop at nothing to accomplish my unholy ends! —am the regretted chapter in the life of every woman who has known me! —am coming to Syracuse Friday and I warn you to be on your guard! STARTS FRIDAY THEATRE 144 Lines Mat No. 13—20c —defy the Police of Syracuse! —will arrive in town tomorrow unarmed and without disguise! —will steal a million in jewels from under the very eyes of the law! —will put your wits—your courage —your nerves to a test that only a superman can stand! STARTS TOMORROW THEATRE 146 Lines (Be sure to substitute name of your city in these ads.) Mat No. | 1—20c Page Three