I Am a Thief (Warner Bros.) (1934)

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IT’S ALMOST COSTLESS THIS WAY: Showman-Tested Shirt Tie-Up Showmen throughout the country report plenty of success with the Ricardo Cortez shirt tie-up. If you haven’t used it on his previous pictures, here’s what you'll get on this one: 1. Newspaper ad mats—measuring 75 lines x 2 columns. 2. brilliant colors. Smaller counter eards in black and white—5” x 9” and 3” x 6”, respectively. 16” x 20” counter ecard in 3. Window display card, 13” x 12”, in brilliant colors. 4. Price tags. 5. As much shirt material as desired for publicity or window dressing purposes. Typical Window Trim for Cooperating Store CREATED AU ERIO 16” x 20” Counter Card All items listed will be supFor further information, write: plied free on request. MISS THEA TYLER 210 Fifth Avenue Baffle the Police @ An enterprising showman took our suggestion on a mystery picture and invited the police department down, screened it for them, but stopped the film before the final solution. Then he had the cops try to figure it all out,—and did they have a tough time? Stunt made plenty of space in the papers. especially since the solution is so tough to figure Same gag should go on this picture— out. Personal Plant © All the New York department stores are having loads of success with ads planted in the “Personal” columns. Try one on the picture, something like this: “Bob, I am a thief. The police can’t find me. Meet me at the Strand any time this week. M.” Spot Announcements © If you can promote, or afford to buy time on local radio station, it might pay to spot announcements every hour or so. Have a deep, mysterious Mystery Music © Local bandleaders, at your suggestion, might play that old mystery favorite, “Jimmy Valentine’, introducing it like this: “Since ‘I Am a Thief’ is coming to the .:-... ...: seems Theatre, the a mystery song which we haven’t played in a long time. It’s a mystery how we remembered it. Intro > 9) ducing ‘Jimmy Valentine’. Quiz the Copper @ See the Police Chief about an r | interview on “Crime Prevention,” over local radio station. Do your own interviewing, or let paper’s leading feature-writer quiz the copper. If reporter does it, it gives you additional paper breaks. You spot your announcement at end of program. P. A. System Teaser @ The week in advance of showing, you might use this dramatic method of plugging the picture. After the feature, turn the lights down low, have an apple green spot hover over the heads of the I A a E F i A M 5 E F iT Ke =e =o OP Lobby Suggestion Box @ Show ’em a ballot-box in lobby, part of a contest for best suggestions on methods of punishing thieves, with reform as the end. Cards over, and on box, tie up stunt with picture. Vie-Up Ad Angles © There’s an idea in tieing-up with local safe dealers on this ad slant: “I AM A THIEF, But I Can’t Break Into Camembert Safes.” Same idea may be worked with insurance brokers, angle being: “I AM A THIEF but you needn’t fear me if you’re protected with an equity policy.” Dramatic style ads with picture of burglar shown, will be the very thing. Of course picture and playdate credit will be given. Solution Guessers @ Hand cards to outgoing patrons on opening night, asking them “Did you guess the ending?” “Yes” or “No” answers are dropped into box. This can be followed up with ads and lobby signs, blazing away with “LAST NIGHT 637 people saw this mystery and not one guessed the ending.” Ties in with the challenge in the ad section. Masked Man Bally © Half-masked gent, perambulating thru town’s busier sections will set mysterious tone for your presentation. On first day, use him as a teaser with no identification. Second day, covering same ground, mystery man has sign on his back an A nouncing I AM A THIEF, theatre, and playdate. New York City 1. Hl Clips for Display © Hearst newspapers, thruout the country, ru the American Weekly Sunday Supplement. Center spread has a feature story called “Secrets of the Great Jewel Robberies,’ during September and October. These pages, pasted on compo board, give you a timely front or lobby display. 3 Gag Pillory Bally © An old idea—and a new stunt! Stocks and pillories were used in Colonial days to punish thieves. Half-masked man can be seated, with head and hands in stock in front, inside, or anywhere around your house where he’ll be seen. Snipe “I AM A THIEF” across bottom of stock. Mayfair Theatre on New York’s Main Stem stopped ’em with a similar gag, using compo board prison cell. voice, similar to the shadow, repeat “I am a thief. audience, and through your P. A. system, a deep, Low, flat ballyhoo truck can be used, with pilI am coming :to theliads.....cadelh.. Theatre next eerie voice should whisper, “I am a thief. I am lory erected on it, for man to stand in. If posweek. I defy the police of this city to stop me— coming to this theatre next week. I defy the police sible, two such pillories should be used, one man or find me,” of (name of town) to stop me—or find me.” facing each side. Paper on truck credits you. Page Nine