I Like Your Nerve (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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a FIRST NATIONAL ano WUTAPHON is granted Permission licensed exhibitors to reproduce with proper notice of copyright all LENGTH (VITAPHONE) 6370 Feet RUNNING TIME 70 Minutes SYNOPSIS (Not for Publication) Copyright 1931 by First National Pictures, Inc. All Rights Reserved As Fast As A Kiss In | 2 Larry O‘Brien, happy-go-lucky A WwW in d S T orm | American youth, is in Central = America, supposedly studying busi: ness conditions. He is. jailed for speeding. Lester, a former friend, now an attache of the British consulate, releases him, just as Diane SA Forsythe, step-daughter of the minister of finance, drives by. Smitten with Diane’s charms, Larry schemes to meet her—learns that she is engaged to the aged and rich Clive Lattimer,’ whom she loathes—and decides on the spot to win her. He later breaks vehemently into the Pacheco palace and is more ; vehemently evicted. The Countess Vecchio is giving a ball in Diane’s honor, and Larry gets ~—._ | the chauffeur drunk, changes clothes “= T*90ten drives Diane home, makes | love to her and makes her like it. He forces his way into Lattimer’s bedroom and discovers that the old man is paying Pacheco—who is short in his accounts — a huge sum for Diane. ALL FOR FUN — FUN FOR ALL! LAFFS A-PLENTY! pouce. AIRBANKS 22 qo : with LORETTA mz YOUNG A FIRST NATIONAL & VITAPHONE HIT vi, | He hotfoots it to Pacheco, runs the gauntlet of the guards and makes the minister of finance admit the truth of Lattimer’s charge. Pacheco has his henchmen follow the youth to kill him, but Diane, overhearing, refuses to marry Lattimer unless Larry’s safety is assured. She has her way. She later insists that Larry be invited to the party given on the eve of her marriage. Pacheco and Lattimer plan to have her kidnapped but Larry bribes one of the thugs, and himself kidnaps her from the kidnappers. Larry — disguising his voice — phones Pacheco that Diane is being held for a ransom. Lattimer refuses to give Pacheco the money, but a delegation of citizens, aroused by Larry, visits Lattimer and demand the money, which he pays in panic. Larry turns it over to Pacheco who fixes his accounts with it and Larry. and Diane drive gaily away. A WARNER BROS. THEATRE Cut No. 4 Cut 20c Mat 5c THE CAST LARRY O’BRIEN DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, JR. Wealthy American youth speeding through Central America, in quest of love and adventure—finding both in Diane. LORETTA YOUNG Pretty and petulant stepdaughter of Pacheco, pur sued by the ardent Larry ARCHIE LESTER CLAUDE ALLISTER Liffusive attache of British consulate who frees Larry from jail ANDRE CHERON is tricked by Larry into HENRY KOLKER Minister of finance, step-father of Diane—covers his dishonest dealings by trying to sell her to Lattimer CLIVE LATTIMER EDMUND BREON Aged roue who bargains with Pacheco to pay a large sum for the hand of Diane in marriage BORIS KARLOFF LUIS ALBERNI FRANCOIS Diane’s chauffeur who desertion of her PACHECO Keeper of a wayside tavern Printed in U. S. A. TALKING fi PRCTWRES sirst Nilotsteyetoll Pictures 321 WEST 44th STREET \ Y NEW YORK CITY, U.S. A. ROUTINE STORY (This story explains all the important facts about “I Like Your Nerve.” Release it to all papers several days before.) “JT Like Your Nerve,” the First National picture which comes to the Theatre next is not only notable from the fact that it is the second starring vehicle for Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. — but for the reason that it offers him a role quite different from any he has previously portrayed. The part is a dashing combination of Robin Hood and D’Artagnan—the sort of character which won fame for Fairbanks, Sr. Young Douglas is seen first, as a bespectacled young sap under the domination of a stern mamma, who encourages him in an inferiority complex. He goes in desperation to a ecrystal-gazer, who assures him that his real self is valiant—and that his prowess over the ladies needs only to be demonstrated. Thrilled with the new idea he speeds to Central America, and, once there, proceeds—with the aid of a high-powered car—to scale walls—capsize guards—crash gates— confront august dignitaries in their secret haunts—all for the love of a young lady—whom he has passed—and determined to possess. He finally succeeds in kidnapping her from kidnappers—rouses the citizens to rout a villainous roue who means to win her by much money—saves the day for the republic—and rides away with the lady—all with a debonair bravado which is altogether delightful. “J Like Your Nerve” reveals new powers in young Fairbanks— and the lady in question is lovely Loretta Young, at her loveliest. Mthers in the east are Clande Allister. Andre Cheron. Henry Kolker, Edmund Breon, Boris Karloff and Luis Alberni. William McGann directed. “ JT Like Your Nerve” was written by the famous English novelist and playwright, Roland Pertwee. It is the gayest and most amusing of romantic dramas—and is guaranteed to give a grand and glorious evening to everybody in the family. Lovely Loretta Be Sure To Play A Vitaphone Short with this feature. Get in touch with your local Vitaphone exchange NOW! Cut No. 15 Cut 15c Mat 5c Loretta Young, who plays the feminine lead “JT Like Your Nerve”, a First National and Vitaphone picture starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. This is the fourth time Loretta and Doug have ap in presents DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, JR._.100% matter contained herein. ape nme Se DOUG. FAIRBANKS, JR. in “I LIKE YOUR NERVE” with LORETTA YOUNG WHO'S WHO DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, JR.— Second starring vehicle—Among his many suecesses are “The Forward Pass,” “The Dawn Patrol,” “Little Accident,” “One Night at Susie’s” “Outward Bound,” “Little Caesar,” “Chances” and “I Like Your Nerve.” Born in New York. LORETTA YOUNG — On the screen in many successes, among them being “The Man From Blankley’s,” “Kismet,” “The Truth About Youth,” “The Fast Life,” “Road to Paradise,” “Devil to Pay,” “Too Young to Marry,’ “Big Business Girl” and “I Like Your Nerve.” Born in Salt Lake City, Utah. CLAUDE ALLISTER—On screen in .“Bulldog Drummond,” ‘Three Live Ghosts,” “Monte Carlo,” “Charming Sisters,” “Trial of Mary Dugan,” “The Next Room,” “Murder Will Out” and “I Like Your Nerve.” Rorn in England. —— ANDRE CHERON—On screen in “Marriage Clause,” “Magic Flame,” “Evening Clothes,’ “The Love Parade,” “His Private Life,” “Veiled Woman,” “They Had to See Paris,” “Oh For a Man,” “Sea Legs” and “T Like Your Nerve.” Born in Paris, France. HENRY KOLKER — Famous on stage. On screen in “Coquette,” “Pleasure Crazed,” “The Valiant,” “Love, Live and Laugh,” “The Bad One,” “Good Intentions,” “Way of All Men,” “Du Barry—Woman of Passion,” “East Is West” and “TI Like Your Nerve.” Born abroad. EDMUND ‘BREON — London stage as “Raffles” and in “The Play’s the Thing.” On screen in many features among them “The Dawn Patrol” and “I Like Your Nerve.” Born in Hamilton, Scotland. BORIS KARLOFF—On screen in “Burning the Wind,” “Little Wild Girl,” “Devil’s Chaplain,” “Behind That Curtain,’ “Two Sisters,” “Phantoms of the North,’ “Sea Bat,” “Utah Kid,” “Criminal Code,” “Smart Money” and “I Like Your Nerve.” Born in London, England. LUIS ALBERNI—Stage in “What Price Glory.” On sereen in “Svengali,” “The Mad Genius” and “I Like Your Nerve.” Born in Spain. OFFICIAL BILLING First National Pictures, Inc. peared opposite each other on the = screen, “Fast Life’’, ““Forward Pass’’, 66 99 “Loose Ankles” being the three preI LIKE YOUR NERVE 75% vious pictures. “I Like Your Nerve’ with is a fast-moving comedy drama in which Young Doug. has a_ fine Loretta Young Sorta ea ee Sai eee 75% chance to display his athletic ability Directed by William McGann 10% as he jumps over fences, climbs balconies, foils a kidnapping plot to win the favor of Loretta Young. A First National and Vitaphone Picture_______ 40% Page One