I Like Your Nerve (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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Occ ae o ers. oe a ad GIVE DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, JR. MANY MEN COLLABORATE IN MAKING “I LIKE YOUR NERVE,” SECOND BIG STARRING VEHICLE OF FAIRBANKS, JR. Writer Of Originals, Adapters, Dialogue Writers, Comedy Constructionists And A Host Beside Aid In Work (Short Feature for No. 1 Paper) Motion picture production is a highly specialized work, and there no more could be a one-man screen feature than there could be a one-man battleship or a one-man symphony orchestra. This specialization is to be found particularly in that branch of film making known generally as the writing department, where word-characters first came to life and begin to take on more of a dimension than a name on a printed page. Within the writing department of the major motion picture studios of today are writers of originals, adapters, dialogue specialists, comedy and Hig story: theu-was turnedsosecc constructionists (familiarly known Houstoi Branch, alst a momber ae as “gag” men) and others» whose] pirst National's writing department, specialty is either characterization but a specialist in relating a narra or plot development. It is practitive with a camera. Branch prepared A thousand Puckered Lips Say | Like Your Nerve” to FAIRBANKS# Rec DOUG As a ravishing, lovable rascal in the kind of role you’ve always wanted him to play! “treatment” to meet the unanimity of opinion. Branch Screen Play A First National & Bore Vitaphone Picture PALACE Cut No. 12 Cut 60¢ Mat 15¢ Doug And Joan Sail To Automotive Mikes Are Europe After Filming | Used In Filming Fast “T Like Your Nerve” | “I Like Your Nerve” (Current—Plant 4th Day) Doug. Fairbanks, Jr., looks forward with extreme pleasure to a ten thousand mile trip about Europe but eohtemplated with dread the hundred-mile jaunt necessary in the filming of his new First National picture, “I Like Your Nerve,” the ecurrent attraction at the Theatre. Motion picture location trips are young Fairbanks’ particular aversion. In fact they are the one part ot the business he does not care for at all. The hundred-mile journey toak Doug. Jr. to San Diego, where #irst National filmed several sequences of his new picture. Upon completion of this assignment Doug and Joan Crawford (who is Mrs. Fairbanks in case you had forgotten) boarded train and ship for their vacation trip in Europe. Loretta Young plays lead in “I ike Your Nerve.” The cast includes Claude Allister, Andre Cheron, Henry Kolker, Edmund Breon, Boris Kartoff and Luis Alberni. Wm. McGann directed. “I Like Your Nerve’ Is To Be Made Into Play (Advance Reader) Roland Pertwee, author of “I Like Your Nerve” to be seen at the .... Thestre== ssa next, as the second First National starrmg vehicle for Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., is adapting the piece as a stage play, it being more or less definitely scheduled for legitimate production in the 1931-1932 season. Mr. Pertwee is the author of many novels and plays—among the latter being the phenomenally successful “tnterference.”’ Mr. Fairbanks is supported in “ I Like Your Nerve” by Loretta Young. The picture portrays the high-powered love adventures of a rich young American in Central America. (Advance—Plant 4 Days Before) Automotive microphones, the sort to be carried along in motor ears when the motion picture camera goes traveling, were designed by Vitaphone engineers for use in Douglas Fairbanks, Jr’s new First National picture, “I Like Your Nerve,” which opens Si neo ye aco Theatre next. The new microphones merely are a modification of the standard instrument for sound _ recording, adapted to use en route along the highways, for much of the atcion of “Tt Like Your Nerve” takes place either in the tonneau or the driver’s compartment of one of several speeding motor ears. “T Like Your Nerve” will present a Doug, Jr., more than ever like his famous father, for the story is cut from the same general and fastmoving pattern as Doug, Sr’s early successes such as “Hawthorne of the U.S.A.” “The Molly Coddle,” and “When The Clouds Roll By.” Loretta Young heads the featured east with young Fairbanks and the picture was directed by William MeGann, former cameraman for the elder Doug. You'll Like with LORETTA YOUNG Cut No. 19 Cut 20c Mat 5c STRAND Page Four with LOVABLE LORETTA YOUNG = — New High Speed Film Negative Protects Eyes Of Players (Advance-——Plant 3 Days Before) Kleg eyes, for many years the dread of Hollywood sereen stars, today is an ailment almost unknown. Improved lighting methods whereby incandescent lamps have replaced the older carbon are type of equipment are, in part, responsible for the elimination of the hazard. This new negative, according to Sid Hickox, veteran cameraman who Fairbanks, Jr’s new picture for First National “T Like Your Nerve,” will require only approximately half as much light as now is being used generally. Actors on the sets, therefore, are greatly benefitted not only by the reduction of glare and also by the reduction of heat generated by the light sources. “T Like Your Nerve” comes to the a Fee Theatre]... se next. Loretta Young plays opposite Mr. Fairbanks. photographed Douglas Author Of “I Like Your Nerve” Also Novelist (Current Reader) Roland Pertwee, author of “I Like Your Nerve,” action-packed picture in which Douglas Fairbanks Jr. is starred with Loretta Young as lead, now: showing= atthe is: 24.4602... ©. Theatre, is one of England’s most successful young writers. He has written eight or nine novels, a halfdozen plays, and scores of short stories published in American as well as English magazines. During the war he was with the British heavy artillery forces in France, and many of his short stories which appeared during that period were written while he was at the front. “I Like Your Nerve” is a modern, fast-mov Central American love affair. cally unheard of for one man or one woman to be individually responsible for the story as it is flashed entire tising thaieuinnte odie upon the screen. Pertwee Original For example “I Like Your Nerve” First, National’s new picture for Douglas Fairbanks Jr. which opens next at the Theatre. the screen play; interpreting Pertwee’s situations and characters in age. When Branch had completed his sereen play, a work of two or three weeks, his seript once more went to Pertwee, who for the first time saw his story written down in terms of medium shots, closeups and reverse angles. Pertwee then supplied the dialogue. The script was ready for This story is an original by Roland | work. Pertwee, noted English playwright, author of the stage success “Inter ference” and other dramatic writ-|three or four writers. under contr at the ings. Pertwee, First National In many instances a Hollywood sereen play will be the work of Had Pert act t0|wee not been perfectly capable of : California writing interesting and realistic diastudios, turned through his story as logue, his story, instead of going an original first in synopsis form,|pack to him after Branch had fincovering not more than four or five|ished the screen play, would have ordinary sheets of typewritten paper. | heen handed along to some specialist That sufficed to get over his idea. in that particular and difficult branch The idea having appealed to the|of the writer’s craft. production executives to whom it had been submitted, Pertwee was|why the main {told to develop his plot. He returned! fastur+~ -7 —. TO2. TF delivered a~comprehensive “treatgiven ‘uy NIS oce ment” in which all plot points were That is just one of the reasons title of each screer Ss ee VES Se ee as PORE E> IT Zee where it is due. lee ee = OUT Nerve” = ee" — presents carefully developed and characters| Loretta Young in support of Mr. defined. Following several eonferences during which Pertwee, | Claude story | Fairbanks. Others in the east are Allister, . Andre Cheron, Director William McGann and sev-| Henry Kolker, Edmund Breon, Boris eral production executives exchanged| Karloff and Luis Alberni. William suggestions, Pertwee revised his| McGann directed. In His Second Starring Role Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. in “I Like Your Nerve,” his second starring ing story of a young American in a| picture for First National and Vitaphone. Cut No. 13 Cut 30c Mat r5c