I Like Your Nerve (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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ee _..coming,” Bill McGann sm__....-— the fact that his first directorial as PLENTY OF SPACE — HES BIC! MAN WHO DIRECTED DOUGLAS, JR. IN “I LIKE YOUR NERVE” FIRST TO PHOTOGRAPH HIM, AT KIDDIE PARTY Bill McGann Works And Waits For Sixteen Years To Attain Rank Of Director For First National Pictures (Human Interest Story. Plant in No. 1 Paper) After sixteen years of earnest effort, and careful study, William McGann, a blue-eyed Irishman, is riding the crest of the motion picture wave, with a strong sea and a steady wind behind him, and plenty of breakers ahead. Bill McGann is.a director. ; aoe To appreciate in full the importance of that news it 1s necessary to be close to Hollywood. Outside of the motion picture city film directors don’t matter so much. Within it, however, the director is a man ad-|° mired and respected. Even the stars || call him mister. Unless they call him Bill, or Tom, or Jake. MeGann is the sort who will be called Bill. Particularly is this so in view of signment found him nursing the dramatie comings and goings of an old friend. He guided for eight reels, the destinies of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. in “I Like Your Nerve” coming to the Pheatre.sc. next. Bill McGann and young Doug have been pals for ten years. Doug and Bill Pals There is a sentimental note in their present relationship for McGann used to be a cameraman for Fairbanks Sr. To add further interest and coincidence McGann’s picture with young Fairbanks is one of those lively, romantic and adventuresome stories in which the elder Fairbanks literally leaped to fame. It is the first picture of this type that young Doug has ever attempted. He looked forward to it * 4alight. This chance was— long time in : WaT ie Vira fis fling stubby fingers through his reddish brown hair. “I started pictures in 1915 with Hobart Bosworth. I was an assistant cameraman on a Jack London story as my first job. IT stuck with that until the war came along. When I got back to Hollywood I got a first camera at Fox and photographed a lot of pictures during the next two years. Then I went with Fairbanks. I photographed him in “When the Clouds Roll By”, “The Molly Coddle” and “The Mark of Zorro”. Served in Army “Then I took inventory,” McGann eontinued, “I’d been a cameraman and a camera assistant for about six years, counting time out for the army. As far as the technical end of motion picture making was concerned I know it thoroughly. But I didn’t know the ‘front office’ side of it; story construction, dramatic situations, building for climaxes, and all that. So I decided I’d start all over again, “T hit Sidney Franklin for a job. He was directing for Warners at that time. I became his assistant on a story called ‘Tiger Rose’. And I worked. Let me tell you something about assistant directing. Ill stack it up against any other job as being one of the hardest, most nervewracking, most hour-consuming in any line of business. But you learn a lot, an awful lot, and it’s the only training in the world for a man who wants to try directing.” From 1924 until 1930 McGann at one time and another served as assistant to every director under contract to Warner Brothers and to First National. Less than a year ago, after those six years of night and day labor at a salary far less than he had been receiving as a_ first cameraman, McGann was given his first chance. As a trial for his directing abilities he was put in charge of a picture in which Rin Tin Tin, the trained dog, was featured. Directed Shorts MeGann proved himself on that assignment. From it he went to directing short features and foreign market productions in the Spanish language. He made four of these latter, each of them successful. “T’m the fellow that started Douglas Fairbanks Jr. on his screen ¢areer,” McGann declares. “I directed and photographed the very first work A First National & Vitaphone Hit! he ever did for the cameras. His father arranged it. About ten years ago Fairbanks senior called me up at the studio one day and asked me to bring my cameras up to the John Fairbanks home where little Doug and some other children were having a party. Doug’s father wanted some moving pictures made of the group. Just for fun, while we were working, I suggested to little Doug that he do a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde scene. It was the first time he ever acted before a camera. He told me just the other day that he still had that little clip of film. I asked him to bring it out on the set the day we started work on ‘I Like Your Nerve.’ Tt brought us luck.” Loretta Young is leading lady in “J Like Your Nerve.” Others in the east are Claude Allister, Andre Cheron, Henry Kolker, Edmund Breon, Boris Karloff and Luis Alberni. Roland Pertwee wrote the story. As You Like Him! LORETTA YOUNG TO MAKE THE JOY COMPLETE! ARNER BROS\ A WATHEATRE : Cut No. 10 Cut 40c Mat roc Fairbanks, Junior Comes In “I Like Your Nerve” (Advance Reader) Mana Cette cs ses oi whens of the Theatre announees...., 2.).4-..: next as the opening date for “I Like Your Nerve,” the First National production which is the _ second starring vehicle for Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. The young favorite is presented in a new characterization, that of an agile and adventurous American, speeding through a Central American republic, in violent but merry quest of a lady—played with petulant charm by Loretta Young. Others in the cast are Claude Allister, Andre Cheron, Henry Kolker, Edmund _ Breon, Boris Karloff and Luis Alberni. William McGann directed. Action! Speed! Watch his ‘pep’! He’s wild—but he’s wonderful! A whole army can't stop him when he’s after ~a kiss! What a man! WITH LOVELY Claude Allister Does Clever Comedy Role (Biographical) Claude Allister, who plays a featured role in “I Like Your Nerve,” First National production starring Doug Fairbanks, Jr. with Loretta Young, now showing at the So Theatre, is one of the busiest comedy-character actors in Holly wood. He appeared on the English stage with considerable success before coming to America, but won his greatest fame after he joined the films, appearing in such productions as “Bulldog Drummond,” “Three Live Ghosts,” “Monte Carlo,” “Charming Sinner,” “Trial of Mary Dugan,” “The Next Room” and “Murder Will Out.” been one of the most prominent mem Loretta Young Forced To Delay New York Visit (Advance Reader) Loretta Young who will be seen TLOK.. Hb SUNG rs on Theatre in support of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. in his second First National starring vehicle, “I Like Your Nerve” — has never been east of Denver, Colorado. She meant to come after the completion of “I Like Your Nerve” but was delayed on account of rehearsals for her next picture. In the coming picture the lovely Loretta plays a petted and petulant girl of Central America— who is pursued by an audacious American—who finally kidnaps her from kidnappers — and rides away with her in triumph. Henry Kolker Cast In “TI Like Your Nerve” (Biographical) Ilenry Kolker, featured in “I Like Your Nerve,” the First National picture starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr. with Loretta Young, now at the .. Theatre, is one of the veteran actors of the American and English stage. He was born abroad but educated in America and for twenty years played theatres in England, America, Australia, India, Canada and New Zealand before turning to the screen more than fifteen years ago. He has appeared in many scores of featured screen productions, among them being “Coquette,” “Pleasure Crazed,” “The Valiant,” “Love, Live and Laugh,” “The Bad One,” “Good Intentions,” “Way of All Men,” “Du Barry—Woman of Passion,” and “Fast Is West.” Andre Cheron Fine In “I Like Your Nerve” —_— Andre Cheron, featured in the First National production, “I Like Your Nerve,” starring Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. with Loretta Young —now at the Theatre— is a native of Paris and a product of the French stage and film studios. For several years past he has bers of the film colony in Hollywood, and has played in a long succession of feature pictures, among them “Evening Clothes,” “The Love Parade,” “True Heaven,” “Marriage Clause,” “Magic Flame,” “His Private Life,’ “They Had to See Paris,” “Veiled Woman,” “Oh, For a Man” and “Sea Legs.” Mr. Cheron plays the part of Francois, the butler in “I Like Your Nerve.” Alberni Creates Role In ‘I Like Your Nerve’ (Biographical) Louis Alberni, featured in the new First National picture “I Like Your Nerve,” starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr. with Loretta Young, now at the Theatre, was born in Spain and educated at the University of Madrid. After winning success on the stage in Europe he came to America several years ago and his first important part on Broadway was in “What Price. Glory?” Following this Laurence Stallings, author of the play, brought Alberni to Hollywood, and since that time film offers have kept him busy. His most recent work before “I Like Your Nerve” was with John Barrymore in “Svengali” and “The Mad Genius.” Doug, Junior Directed By Friend Of Doug, Senior “T Like Your Nerve,” new First National picture now showing at the Theatre, is described by eritics as one of the most delightful adventure-romanees of the season. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. is starred with Loretta Young. The cast ineludes Claude Allister, Ivan and Henry Kolker. man for Douglas Fairbanks Sr. Simpson, Boris Karloff, Andre Cheron The pieture was directed by William McGann, who for several years was head camera Young Fairbanks And Loretta Young Mates In Whirlwind Comedy “I Like Your Nerve” First National Production, Strand Tomorrow (Advance—Plant 1 Day Before) “TJ Like Your Nerve,” First National’s second starring vehicle for Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., will be seen at the Theatre tomorrow. The personable screen favorite appears as a happy-go-lucky American in Central America—supposedly on business—but in reality on love and adventure bent. Lovely Loretta Young, is the senorita who captivates the irresponsible youth—causes him to quel} a revolution—capsize the citizenry of more than one tropical village as he whirls through in his highpowered car—steal a march on a dis honest minister of finance—highjack a gang of kidnappers—and finally beat them at their own game—by himself capturing the damsel in distress and speeding gaily off with her. “T Like Your Nerve” is a rollicking, action-romance—and the role Doug plays is a combination of Robin Hood and D’Artagnan. It’s a play for all the family. Those in the cast are Claude Allister, Andre Cheron, Henry Kolker, Edmund Breon, Boris Karloff and Luis Alberni. William McGann 4drected. Young Doug Breaks All Traffic Rules In Latest Picture : (Current—Piant 2nd Day) Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. fea tured in First National’s picture “? Like Your Nerve,” showing now at the Theatre, is ready to match his skill as a driver against Malcolm Campbell, Bullet Baker, Odt door Franklin or any other of the fearless fraternity of stunt motorists. Doug’s new picture, “I Like Your Nerve,” calls. upon him for several feats of daredevil speeding. Not qnly does he have to drive several highpowered cars at reckless speed, spin them around corners on two wheels, then through gates, fences, and into bridge railings with nice judgment of camera angles and safety for others as well as for himself. These feats, however, are not as risky as they sound. Before such scenes are made all conditions are carefully considered. Distances are figured to an inch, the weight of the car and its speed are allowed for and calculated in advance, the car brakes are tested and nothing is left te chanee. “J Like Your Nerve” is not a story of an automobile race driver nor iy it primarily a story of recklessness on the highway. It is described as an action-full story of an enthusiastic young American who becomes invalyed in political and romantic intrigues while making a motor tour of Centra} America. Loretta Young supporis Fairbanks. The cast includes Claude Allister, Andre Cheron, Henry Kolker, Edmund Breon, Boris Karloff and Luis Alberni, William McGann 4irected. Cyclonic Love Chase In Young Doug’s Latest (Current: Reader) An ultra-modern method of winning a girl-is followed by Doug Fairbanks Jr. in his new First National pieture, “I Like Your Nerve,” now on the sereen at the Theatre. As a wealthy young American he falls in love with the daughter of the finance minister of a Central American republic, kidnaps her, holds her for the ransom that will enable her father to meet his defaléations, and then wins her in 4 rapid climax of closing action. The gir} of the story is Loretta Young. © —