I Like Your Nerve (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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MAKE A PERFECT LOVE TEAM! He’s Wild—But He's Wonderful! DOUG LORETTA YOUNG again teams with Doug Jr. to make this picture the outstanding comedy hit of the season. A First National & Vitaphone Picture TOMORROW BA Cut No. 6 Cut 60c Mat r5c FAIRBANKS = ZD) As a laughing, aN fighting, loving coo ¢ hero who turns a kingdom upside down, outwits an army, foils a kidnapping plot to win a girl he’s never met. WHOOPS! You've got to fight for your women in this country Joan Enjoys Stage Success Of Douglas In Los Angeles (Advance Reader) Joan Crawford, who, in private life is Mrs. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. is having quite as much fun as her young. husband, in watching his suecess on the Los Angeles stage in “The Man In Possession,” of which he is part producer. She often helps zack the tickets in the box office, and has found many other ways to occupy herself while waiting for Doug to shed his make-up at the end of the performance. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. will be seen at the ...... eas Theatre next in “I Like Your Nerve,” his second First National starring vehicle, in which he is supported by Loretta Young. Director Of “I Like Your Nerve” Helps Home Talent (Advance Reader) William MeGann, who directed “I Like Your Nerve,” the second First National starring vehicle for DougFairbanks, Jr. Theatre las coming to the next — is now engaged in shooting “home talent” pictures in towns where Warner Bros. theatres are located. At present tests are being made in several California towns for leading roles in a film called “Sally Comes Home,” written by two First National publicity men, George H. Thomas and Norman Krasna. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., is supported in “T Like Your Nerve” by Loretta Young. Young Douglas Given Odd Jekyll-And-Hyde Memento Of Boyhood (Advanece—Plant 6 Days Before) A strip of film upon which is the photographie record of his very first work as a motion picture actor is in possession of Douglas Fairbanks, Are The memento was presented him by the man who took the picture ten years ago and who directed his latest First National feature pic“T Like Your Nerve,” which opens at: the PHeCAte = ee ee next. ture, The former cameraman, now di | METROE LORETTA YOUNG The kind of a role you’ve always wanted Doug. Jr. to play! A FIRST NATIONAL & VITAPHONE PICTURE OLITAN im DOUG. RBANKS 8 OT es with Cut No. 20 Cut 4goc Mat roc rector, is William McGann, a veteran of the motion picture business, and formerly head of Douglas Fairbanks, Sy’s. camera staff at the time when the elder Doug was making “Till The Clouds Roll By,” “The MollyCoddle” and “The Mark of Zorro.” Young Doug’s first work as an actor was at a child’s party ten years ago at the home of his uncle, John Fairbanks. To make the occasion an extra-important one Doug’s father sent MeGann down to make motion pictures of it and young Doug chose at that time to do an impromptu Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for the cameras. McGann saved the strip of negative. He gave the bit of film to Doug as they started work on their new picture, “I Like Your Nerve,” which is the first featurelength production of MeGann’s directorial experience. Loretta Young plays lead in “I Like Your Nerve,” youthful action romance of the tropics. “Tt LIKE YOUR NERVE” GIVES YOUNG FAIRBANKS DASHING COMBINATION OF ROBIN HOOD AND D’ARTAGNAN Loretta Young Plays Feminine Lead In Second Starring logue sparkling, your players Vehicle Of First National Actor, Now At Strand (Review Featuring the Story) If you like your screen action fast and furious, your dia enthusiastic, and your story a refreshing romance of youth, then the motion picture “‘I Like Your Nerve,’’ which opened yesterday at the Theatre, is highly recommended. “T Like Your Nerve” is one of the most delightful lght-comedy romances of the current film season, and a welcome relief from the sor did, sex-ridden, dramatie fare that has too often been offered in the past. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. who is starred with Loretta Young as the lead, has never appeared to better advantage. In type of story “I Like Your Nerve’ must inevitably be compared by the older theatre-goers with “Hawthorne of the U. S. A.’, “The Americano,” and other pictures in which Douglas Fairbanks Sr., won his greatest fame. Briefly it is the brisk recital of the adventures that befall a wealthy young American who gets kicked out of one Central American country after another—due to his disregard for the laws that forbid fast motoring— and who finally becomes involved in a near-revolution, an ardent love affair, a kidnapping of the girl of his choice and finally a coup whereby he wins the girl, saves her father, and thwarts the villain of the piece. Throughout the picture young Doug earries on to the fullest limit of speed the traditional screen tempo of the Fairbanks family. This pace never lags, rected py--walliaam MeGann, who “for several years was chief cameraman for the elder Doug. The story is an original for the sereen written by Roland Pertwee, noted English short story writernovelist and playwright, who is one of the newest additions to the Hollywood sereen colony. The screen play is the work of Houston Branch, who has written several fine things for the films, among them a story for George Bancroft. The supporting cast in “I Like Your Nerve” includes Claude Allister, Henry Kolker, Andre Cheron, Edmund Breon, Boris Karloff and others—each of them more than able in his part. “T Like Your Nerve” offers a rare event, for the entire family. Famous Balboa Park Is Locale For Gala Young Doug Romance (Advance—Plant 5 Days Before) San Diego, California, recently had a first-hand glimpse of Hollywood and its motion picture production methods. The First National company filming Doug Fairbanks, Jr’s., new picture, “I Like Your Nerve,” to appear at the Theatre studios for a week’s location work at San Diego’s famous scenic preserve, Balboa Park, site of the Panama-California Exposition of several years ago. The “I Like Your Nerve” company was under the direction of William McGann, newest First National director. MeGann ten years ago was cameraman for Doug Fairbanks, Sr. Supporting Doug Jr. at the head of the cast is Loretta Young, while others are Claude Allister, Andre Cheron, Henry Kolker, Boris Karloff and Edmund Breon. “T Like Your Nerve” is a fastmoving story by Roland Pertwee, screen play by Houston Branch, which gives Fairbanks, Jr. an opportunity for a modern version of the D’Artagnan characterization which carried his famous father to his first great popularity. ore reason being perhaps: eee ea GREAT KID Cut No. 14 Cut 15¢ Mat 5c Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. who is winning thousands of new admirers as Larry O’Brien in “I Like Your Nerve,” a First National and Vitaphone picture now at the ___._-A Loretta Young plays opposite him for the fourth time. Doug, Jr. Here Today With Loretta Young In “I Like Your Nerve” (Current—Plant 1st Day) Manager of the Theatre announces with pleasure that the second First National starring vehicle of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., “I Like Your Nerve,” opens its local engagement today. “T. Like Your Nerve” is as dashing an adventure-romance as ever was presented by the famous father of the young star—and he acquits himself with true Fairbanks verve. He is Larry O’Brien, a young American in Central America, who, while there ostensibly on business, makes it a fast and furious quest for the daughter of the dishonest minister of finance. Larry speeds in his high powered car over gates and guards—braves the gold lace officials—quells a revolution—lords it over kidnappers—and captures their prize—a damsel with whom he rides away in fine fettle. Loretta Young is adorable as the girl. Others in the cast are Claude Allister, Andre Cheron, Henry Kolker, Edmund Breon, Boris Karloff and Luis Alberni. William MeGann directed. “T Like Your Nerve” is a picture for the whole family. You'll rave over it. It presents a new Fairbanks. Page Nine