I Like Your Nerve (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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PEP Inquiring Reporter To guarantee local interest in your run of “I Like Your Nerve” pull an Inquiring Reporter stunt in your lobby the week previous to the showing. good Have a handsome man or a looking young girl question patrons as they enter or leave the theatre asking them “Do girls like fellows with lots of nerve?” Have the answers set up in type and enlarged for use in a large lobby frame, or perhaps a_ special trailer can be made up culminating in the copy “See Doug Fairbanks, Jr. settle the question in ‘I Like Your Nerve’ coming to this theatre next week.” Be sure to use the actual names of the people questioned by the inquiring reporter. This builds up local interest and assures the authenticity of the replies. Enlarge stills (D.F. 42 and I.L. Nerve 37) running flesh tint over both. Doug is white on a purplish tone. Fairbanks, he yellow background. Copy is in black. and title is in vermillion on a YOUTH! ACTION! LAUGHS DOUGLAS Mount still (I Like Your Nerve 8) and follow ad illustration with a flesh tint on face. Color background in light green. Title and cast in purple with cane and hand in white. Run copy black on light green. Enlarge still (I Like Your Nerve 225) and run a flesh tint over faces. Coat is in purple with dress in green. Color background in magenta with title cast and copy in dark green. DOUG : FAIRBANKS: H e turns a nation topsyturvy to win a beautiful girl! Mount stills (I Like Your Nerve 52 and D. F. Jr. 44) in natural tones. D. Fairbanks, Jr. is in purple on a light yellow ground. Copy is white on purple with title panel in light yellow with lettering in purple. Copy panel is light yellow with purple copy. VELVET ... That’s what showman! the talking trailer means to the smart It brings the extra business that makes the dif ference crosses! nrofit and reeord-hrealk:--~ between a fair ~~ ew Be iy The talking trailer is the clinching argument in any ad campaign! Sell “I Like Your Nerve” from your screen and youll guarantee capacity business from the minute the box office opens! FIRST NATIONAL TALKING TRAILERS can be booked at cost at your local exchange Street Stunt Have a good looking young felwith gloves, ete. parade the streets hand low dressed smartly cane, ing out envelopes to all the girls. Each envelope should be imprinted with “I Like Your Nerve” in large type and should contain a copy of the herald imprinted with theatre name and playdate. To distribute the envelopes to the men engage the services of a pretty young girl. If possible have a photograph some local celebrity for use in the of these people taken with picture section of your local newspaper. Page Ten Doug Jr. Matinees Doug Fairbanks, Jr. is a sure-fire attraction for the female contin gent. You can capitalize on _ his popularity through holding special Doug, Jr. matinees at which the first fifty girls purchasing tickets will be entitled to photographs of the star. Advertise this offer in the newspapers, in your lobby and on the screen. It’s a guaranteed business booster and a swell build-up for word-of-mouth advertising. You can secure handsome heads of Doug Fairbanks, Jr. at your local exchange or by writing to Still Department, First National Pictures, Inec., 321 West 44th St., New York City. Lobby Suggestions Warner Bros. and First National have arranged a tremendous national tie-up with Lever Bros., makers of Lux Toilet Soap. Through the endorsement of this product by our stars we have secured the co-operation of thousands of Lux dealers in putting over any picture in which these players appear. Loretta Young is one of the stars featured in the tie-up. Any Lux dealer will be glad to co-operate in window displays or exploitation stunts featuring the fair Loretta. Any stunt should work both ways. The theare supplies passes, display Make this the you’ve ever had. peppiest lobby The color scheme should be as brilliant as possible. . . lively hues of yellow, green, million, etc. Use large, smiling heads of Doug Jr. in a mojority of the frames and the others use love scenes of Doug and Loretta Young. verorange, in In all the frames be sure to supplement the illustrations with snappy copy and ecatchlines. You will find the ad copy in this press sheet well suited to your ecards and stills for the diplays ... ngeds. Remember this is Doug, Jr.’s *Ke ota —etinnliag buy “wenanor adv = Pee pce Bis ego —— a yy piciure. “Chances” tising and indow space. The storé can advertise that with each purchase of a dozen bars of soap they will give a pass to see Loretta Young with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. in “I Like Your Nerve”. Another stunt sure to draw attention is to have the store window filled with bars of soap and stage a contest to see who can his first, put him over in a big way and the fans are eager to see him again. All you have to do is sell them the breeziness, the pep of his vehicle. And the right way to do this is to start in your lobby. Jantzen Tie-Up Loretta Young and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. are features of the tremendous advertising campaign of the manufacturers of Jantzen bathing suits. This company will effect a complete tie-up for you with all the dealers in your neighborhood. Accessories such as window ecards, newspaper sheets ads and even twenty-four are sent free to the stores so that they can properly co-operate with the theatre manager. Be gure Oo “write” Jantzen a aoa 7 Portland, Oregon, attention “of Mr. Castle. Let him know when you are playing “I Like Your Nerve” and he will pass the information on to his dealers. guess the number of bars. You can count on Lever Bros. for the fullest co-operation. They will get in touch with the stores, secure the ad space and attend to the display job. Just get in touch with your local Lever Bros. office or write Mr. Hallowell, c/o Lever Bros., Cambridge, Mass. Here are the names and ad dresses of the representatives of Lux Toilet Soap :-— A ST Cambridge, Mass.— 164 Broadway, At.. Mr. J. W. Silley. New York City— 370 Seventh Avenue, Att. Mr. H. A. Lydlam. Philadelphia, Pa.— 2206 Chestnut Street, Att. Mr. F. B. Pigeon. Chicago, Ill.— 222 North Bank Drive, Att. Mr. E. W. Sargent. Kansas City, Mo.— 210 West 8th Street, Att. Mr. W. R. Kroh. San Francisco, Cal.— 215 Market Street, Att. Mr. F. H. Woodwill. Atlanta, Ga— 313 Bona Allen Bldg. Att. Mr. H. A. Chamberlain Pittsburgh, Pa.— 708 Peoples Bank Bldg., Att. Mr. J. V. Moriarty. Detroit, Mich.—— 622 Book Bldg., Att. ‘Mr, H. A. Matchner. Denver, Colo.— 1708 Sixteenth St., Att. Mr. C, P. Fowler. D Li A NEW SERVICE FOR THE AID OF THEATRE ADVERTISING MEN! A SET OF TEN SPECIALLY-POSED STILLS FEATURING THE STARS AND PLAYERS OF “I LIKE YOUR NERVE”’ IN SCENES THAT ARE PERFECT FOR ILLUSTRATING NEWSPAPER Al AND ALSO MAKE EXCELLENT SUBJECTS FOR LOBBY ENLARGEMENTS. ALL WARNER AND FIRST NATIONAL PICTURES HAVE THIS SERVICE. SET OF TEN STILLS—$1.00 ADS Available at your local exchange. Keep Your Entire Campaign Peppy and Smart!