I Like Your Nerve (Warner Bros.) (1931)

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. F ie a Pi HERE'S HOW TO SELL THIS ONE! X. PLOITATION says Play up Doug Fairbanks, Jr. for all he’s worth. Sell him asa dashing daredevil, fighting, laughing, loving! Play up the comedy and action of the story. Remember, the country is laugh hungry! Play up the romance. Doug Jr. and Loretta Young make one of the most attractive young love teams on the sereen. You can’t go wrong on this picture. It’s a natural for the whole family. COLORTONE EFFECT Make Your Screen Presentation Artistic and Colorful EFFECTIVE SLIDE, elaborately colored, created especially for DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS, Jr. in “I LIKE YOUR NERVE” No. N-88 Made in two sizes, 4x5 and 314x4 for Brenograph Fs7 or any standard equipment. Colored positive alone will give excellent results. Can also be used with uncolored nega tive to obtain greater depth. PRICE 4x5—Colored positive only $2.00 —Set (positive and negative ) 3.00 314 x4—Colored positive only 1.50 —Set (positive and negative ) 2.25 Order by number direct from NATIONAL STUDIOS, INC. 226 WEST 56th STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y. Be sure to specify size and send remittance with order, to avoid parcel post and C.O.D. charges. Newspaper Contest Newspaper essay contests on con troversial subjects, especially on matters of the heart, always go over in a big way both for the theatre and the paper sponsoring the stunt. “T Like Your Nerve” provides you with just the right kind of a subject for such a contest ... “Do the girls of today like nervy fellows?” Plant that question on the pages of a local newspaper and you'll have every girl and boy in town getting writer’s cramp in a race to get their opinions in print. Limit the answers to one hundred words with the prizes to include a couple of small cash awards, theatre passes and newspaper subscriptions. The contest should be run coincident with the showing of the film and the announcements should point out that the correct solution may be had in “I Like Your Nerve”. A promise that the pictures of the winners will be run by the paper or perhaps shown on the sereen in a trailer will be an added incentive to the contestants. CATCHLINES Young Doug as a Daredevil Lover! Robin Hood! Agile as : Yow ll Say What the Girl Says When Doug Kidnaps Her From Her Kidnappers: “I Like Your Nerve!!!’ * * He Braves the Arms of Her Country to Steal Her From the Arms of Her Lover—and She Likes His Monumental Nerve! * * Douglas Junior and Dainty Loretta—Screenland’s _.____ _Mest_Levable Lo ers in _ alee * OF * % * 4 AVAILABLE IN 3 STYLES Star banner as illustrated, can be used for any Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. production, size 20x30 _50c¢ each Title banner with name of picture artistically painted on heavy Size 20 x 30 canvas. of Madcap Adventure. Take All the Family to See Young Doug in His Finest—Funniest—Most Romantic Role! You Haven’t Really Known Young Doug Uniil You’ve Seen “I Like Your Nerve”! See the New Doug — Dashing — Debonair — Daredevil — Determined — Delightful — Winning Diane in “I Like Your Nerve’?! 1 i i Post Cards With a breezy title like “I Like Your Nerve” you can lay the basis of a clever teaser campaign through the distribution of post ecards over your mailing list. You can use the regular penny cards imprinted with the following copy. Darling: You’re the freshest person I know. You say naughty things, do naughty things and behave simply outrageously. And after what you tried to do last night all I can say is “I like your nerve.” If you want to know what I mean by that just see Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. in “I Like Your Nerve” at the Strand Theatre. Your sweetheart. To inerease the effectiveness of this post card you can have the copy written by hand, have a cut made and then print it in blue ink. Romantic as D’ Artagnan! | %* % * * ar To nedo ———— I ene ep * a % % _50e each With name of star and title of Size 6 ft. long by 3 ft. deep. Designed for hanging under picture. marquee. eyelets. Price: On strong canvas with $2.75 each Order Direct From MORRIS LIBERMAN faa: You Like Him! Bd =) o-) l=\-1° b Laughs all the way with ‘DOUG. FAIRBANKS” spells*‘Personality’ with acap“P” in | A FIRST NATIONAL & VITAPHONE PICTURE Cut No. 5 Cut 20c Mat 5c NEW YORK CITY Page Eleven